FuboTV is an online streaming service that delights you with live TV channels over the internet. It can also be considered as a substantial alternative to the cable TV. FuboTV initially was created to cater to the viewers’ sports interest, however, with time, they have expanded their channel roster and now they have major networks like AMC, A4E, USA, and many others. In many parts of the country, FuboTV offers live local NBS, CBS, and FOX broadcasts. FuboTV supports most of the important streaming devices that included a DVR with the base package without any additional costs. People have given positive feedbacks in FuboTV review and they think that FuboTV is the best available streaming service that offers live events in 4K resolution. To get the first-hand experience, you can take the FuboTV (free trial) of one week. Their live delay is about 15 seconds, which is praiseworthy. We have come up with the good-to-know features of FuboTV in this article.

FuboTV Plans

Once the FuboTV trial period is over and you still want to continue with the services, you can subscribe to any of the plans mentioned below.

  • The standard FuboTV

The standard package of FuboTV costs $54.99 per month. If you opt for this package, you would be able to watch on two screens parallelly. You would also get 30 hours of cloud DVR storage. Some of the channels that you would get are A&E, E!, Food Network, Lifetime, MotorTrend, Tastemade, and 78 other channels. In many parts of the US, the standard packages of FuboTV offer live local NBC, CBS, and FOX. You are also entitled to see the sports channels that are specific to your areas like AT&T SportsNet Southwest, NBC Sports Chicago, NBC Sports Washington, and many more.

  • The Upgraded FuboTV

Under the upgraded category, there are 2 sub-divisions. They are as mentioned below:

The Family package of FuboTV

This plan costs $59.99 per month and it includes the following programs:

  • You will get all the features and channels that come with the Standard package.
  • Allows three simultaneous streams together.
  • The FuboTV DVR storage is increased to 500 hours.

The Ultra package of FuboTV

The cost of this plan is $79.00 per month, which includes the following aspects.

  • You get to enjoy all the features and channels of the Standard package.
  • You get three simultaneous streams.
  • The FuboTV DVR storage is increased to 500 hours.
  • You qualify for the FuboTV extra channel add-on.
  • The plan includes the FuboTV sports plus channel as an add-on.
  • Also includes the Showtime

The mobile experience of FuboTV

Downloading and signing in to the FuboTV app on your mobile is quick and simple. The app is sleek-looking and is complimented for its dark theme with white and orange highlights. When you create a FuboTV free account login, you have to permit access for your current location. The main view of the app attracts its viewers by showing a series of featured sports events that are scheduled for the week. They portray their content on large and beautiful thumbnails. At the bottom, you can an option to switch between the sports section and the other shows, movies, guides, and My Fubo. You will get all the recorded content and scheduled recording under My Fubo section. The profile icon of the app leads you to a page when you get an option to get connected to your Facebook and Google account to send your data. FuboTV is can be accessed by android smartphones and tablets, iPhone and iPad, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast, Samsung Smart TVs, and Xbox One. Using the app of FuboTV is easy and it allows you to stay connected to the entertainment on the go.

What is FuboTV Cloud DVR?

FuboTV has a cloud-based DVR that is included even in the base package. They handle everything at their end, which implies that no other extra equipment or device is required. For your better understanding, some of the features of cloud DVR are mentioned below.

  • With the cloud DVR, you can record most of the live programs either before or during the time they are aired. It would be better to record the program while it airs because you would then be able to cover the entire program from the beginning.
  • The shows that you have recorded earlier can be watched on DVR using FuboTv’s website, iPhone and iPad apps, Roku, android smartphone and tablet apps, and Amazon Fire TV app.
  • The DVR provides a storage capacity of 30 hours and you can store the shows as long as you are subscribed to FuboTV.
  • FuboTV allows you to expand your DVR capacity to 500 hours and that can be done by subscribing to FuboTV cloud DVR Plus by paying an extra cost of $9.99 per month.

Features of FuboTV

Various features of FuboTV would delight you. We have mentioned some of the interesting ones below:

Excellent web interface – FuboTV has one of the best interfaces available on the internet. It is compact and clean so that every user can access it with ease. The interface has a mix of white, black, and grey color with intermittent orange accents for extra emphasis. The top menu of the interface is categorized into five sections Sports, Movies, Series, Recordings, and Guide. You will find the account setting and help center at the upper right-hand corner of the page. The list on the default page consists of shows like Live Now, popular movies, Live now, and other hubs for a sports league.

Streaming quality – The channels on FuboTV stream at a resolution of 720p. The on-demand contents on FuboTV are available at 1080p. The picture quality is consistently smooth and you won’t face any problems while watching a program. Some of live video streaming services of FuboTV support 4K resolution. You will often find that NCAA basketball scheduled for 4K broadcasts. To stream 4K content on your device you should be connected with high-quality internet (at least 25Mbps). Your device should also be able to support the 4K resolution.

Channel guide – The channel guide of FuboTV looks more like what you would expect to get from any cable package. The home screen organizes the content based on the category. FuboTV gives you more than sports. The live video streaming services can replicate the experience of a cable subscription. FuboTV has a magnificent lineup of over 90 channels for sports, news, and other entertainment. You can get rid of your cable subscription without a doubt and never bother to subscribe to it if you own a FuboTV subscription.

FuboTV Alternatives

  • Fox Sports Go

FOX Sports Go is considered to be one of the best alternatives to FuboTV. This is a popular app loved by millions of users all across the world. With this app, you can start streaming at any place and any time you want. This app is launched by FOX Sports Interactive to enable users to live to stream their favorite sports events. You can download the app on your cellphone and directly watch all the sporting events right from your phone or tablet. It has many unique features like replays on-demand. With this app, you cannot only stream live sports but also allows you to watch major events like FIFA World Cup.

  • Vevo

Vevo is an app that allows you to watch popular music videos from your favorite celebrities like Katy Perry, Shakira, Beyoncé, and others. With this app, you can stay updated on the most recent news about the music world. For a music lover, this is a must-have app. It also allows you to create your playlists so that you can listen to them whenever you want. The app also suggests videos based on the type of videos you watch. It will also give you updates on all upcoming music concerts. With this app, you will also discover new groups based on your musical choices.

  • Mubi

This is yet another popular app that can be called the best alternative to FuboTV. This app not only allows you to stream movies but also download them so that you can watch them later. It suggests you hand-picked movies every day. The app is available for free. All you have to do is sign-up and start watching your favorite movies on your phone or tablet. You can also rate, review, rate, share, and follow films. This app is specially curated for movie lovers and comes with many innovative features that you will like.

  • truTV

The next best option we have is truTV. This is a great app for watching TV shows. This app is launched by TruTVnetwork and is used by millions of people all over the globe. They have a huge collection of seasons to keep you entertained. You can start watching seasons on your phone whenever you want. It also allows you to watch season premieres. With this app, you are never going to miss a single episode of your favorite show. It also gives you special details about the crew and actors.

  • Stan

Stan is the perfect choice to keep yourself entertained. With this app, you can stream different shows for hours. This app has also won awards for its great web service. If you are someone who loves to watch shows in your leisure time, then you should consider downloading this app. You will also find a collection of hit movies. It comes with many incredible features that make it a better choice than the others. All you have to do is download the app on your mobile phone and you are good to go.

If you are looking for a breakthrough from your expensive cable sports packages, then FuboTV would be quite beneficial for you. It is one of the best streaming platforms as it offers live events in 4K resolution. With a nominal amount, you would be able to enjoy much entertaining content with the help of FuboTV.


What are the compatible devices where I can watch FuboTV?

FuboTV is compatible with Amazon Fire TV and Fire Tablet, Android mobile devices, Android TV, Apple TV, Chrome, Chromecast, iOS mobile devices, iPod touch, Mac computers, Roku devices, Samsung Smart TVs, and Windows computers. You can use any of the compatible devices to live stream and view on-demand content from FuboTV. You just have to download the FuboTV app and sign-in using the website to start streaming.

What should be my internet speed to access FuboTV?

The speed of the internet would primarily depend upon the device that you would use. For tablets and smartphones, 3Mbps internet speed is sufficient. If you plan to catch all the action on the web, you would need a speed of 5Mbps and above. For connected devices like Roku, internet speed should be 10Mpbs. You would require the maximum speed of 25mpbs if you wish to enjoy the content in 4K resolution. Please be aware that only limited events like some of the FuboTV premier league are available in 4K.

Can the recordings be watched from any device?

Yes, you can watch the recordings from any device of your choice. This is because the recordings are stored in the cloud and that can be accessed from any device. Having said that, you should also keep in mind that if the original broadcast was subject to devise restrictions, the restrictions would be levied to the recordings as well and you would have to watch on that particular device.

What is special about FuboTV?

FuboTV is considered as one of the best-looking steaming services that doesn’t have any “soft” images to plague other services. The wide variety of channels, 4K resolution, and Cloud DVR makes it even more special than the others in the market.

Does FuboTV accept PayPal?

As per the information received to date, PayPal is not an accepted form of payment. You would be able to find more about FuboTV PayPal support on their customer service page. You can check if there is any updated information regarding their PayPal support.