If you want the online freedom along with the seamless protection for the mobile device then Browsec is the best extension that works in different web browser software and helps you to protect your personal data from the world. There are many other VPN security tools available online, but with the Browsec you will get access to any content even then the graphical restrictions of the content cannot stop you to reach. You will get the high speed of connection with the smart feature of Browsec where you can enjoy the leading speed of market up to 1001Mbit/s.

You can manage your virtual location with the feature added in Browsec VPN where you can mask your geo-location by using a virtual one. This tool is free where you can use the complete stuff and features onto your device, and the developer does not hide any hidden fees, so enjoy and protect your mobile browsing with Browsec.

Now you can start the Browsec on the following compatible platform with no registration and no hidden fees, so if any website asked you for any payment or indicate toward it then it is not from Browsec.

Browsec For Chrome

Browsec For Firefox

Browsec For Opera

Browsec For iOS

Browsec For Android


  • Access any site, anywhere
  • Enhance your privacy online
  • Protect your data from sniffers
  • Access all of your favorite content
  • Encrypt all traffic
  • Works with any iOS or Android App

How To Install Browsec On Chrome, Firefox, Opera, iOS, Android

It is very simple to install Browsec to your provided field by following the step carefully.

Step #1. Open your web browser in which you want to install Browsec such as Chrome, firefox or opera.

Step #2. Open the web link mention above to the provided field such as chrome, firefox, and opera.

Step #3. When you link is open you will the extension button in every browser example if you are using chrome internet browser then open Browsec for chrome.

Step#4. Now your Browsec is added to your web browser tool and enjoy your freedom.

How To Install Browsec On Android

Step #1. For an Android device, you need to open the play store app and type Browsec VPN.

Step #2. Open the browser VPN and click on Install button it will automatically install the app onto your Android device.

Note: For Browsec VPN APK you can use the above-listed installation link “Browsec for Android”.

How To Install Browsec On iOS,

Step #1. On the iOS device, you need to open the Appstore from the Apple device and type in the search bar “Browsec VPN – Unlimited VPN”

Step #2. You will enter to the official app store Browsec page, from where you can easily install the tool onto your iOS device.

Note: You can also use the above Browsec for iOS link in order to install the app.

Advantages of Browsec VPN Tools

  • Security: Shield your information from sniffers over any systems on the internet.
  • Unknown Browsing: Nobody will know your identity and where you’re from, without asking you straightforwardly
  • Simple Installation: All that you need is introduced in only a single click.
  • Safe Browsing While Traveling: Browsec ensures your traffic all over the place, regardless of whether you’re at home or outside in the world, only you need to associate.
  • Whenever Anywhere: Our administration deals with any PC and on Android or iOS phone/tablet.

Final Words:

You will get many other security tools for internet safe surfing but Browsec satisfied over three million customers that are currently using Browsec security. This record gives the clear idea that this tool works and provide the best safety these days on the internet. If you are new with this tool then read the full article before installing on your specific device. We hope that this article provides you’re the useful information and any question contact us through the comment box.