best Selfiecity Alternatives

With the emergence of smartphones, people got more indulged in not just clicking pictures but also editing them. Selfie city was one such app that allowed the users to take a selfie and then, beautify them with the help of different effects and filters. But, recently the Indian government had to take a very rigid decision of prohibiting these apps from working in India. This decision was taken by the government as a result of the clash between the two countries at the Galwan Valley. Keeping aside this app, 58 other apps are also included in the list. Since this app was very popular amongst the users, a lot of people have been missing it and ultimately are looking for an alternative for selfie city in India.

What is Selfie City App? 

Selfie City an app which comprises a number of effects and filters that can beautify your pictures to their best. You just need to strike your finger across the screen to change the filters, or you can just launch the filter menu from where you can choose your desired filter. Prior to clicking a picture with this app, you can choose if you want to take a single picture or you want to create a collage. It offers many other exciting features to the users as well. And it can be said that because of these features, this app was so popular and was downloaded by so many people.

If you want to make a collage, you can make your own compositions and add a maximum of nine photos and add different effects to the collage. In the menu bar provided below, one can discover all kinds of various options for clicking selfies. You can enable the option of beautification to remove all the blemishes and fine lines from the picture and you can even fix a timer that can capture a picture automatically. It is an app that is used for photography and offers numerous filters. It can also be used for collage making.

Why is the Selfie City app banned? 

In accordance with the Indo-China clash which took place near the Galwan Valley, the government decided to take this firm decision of banning a total of 59 apps in which Selfie city is also included. The government of India released a statement mentioning that it will prohibit the functioning of all these applications on each and every device. This decision was taken in order to prevent the usage of apps that locate your data and pose a threat to your privacy. The decision was taken back in the month of June 2021. However, this major decision taken by the government has left a large number of people in despair and they have started to search for alternative Indian apps for Chinese app selfie city which can provide them the benefits they used to get from the former app.

Alternatives to Selfie City 

Here is great news for all those who are saddened by the sudden ban imposed on the Selfie City app. This part of the post is going to deal with the best alternatives that can be used as a replacement for the Chinese app Selfie City. The alternatives are as follows:

  1. Selfie Cam 

The first option, to begin with, is this app which enables the users to take selfies and also lets you edit them. Once you start working with this app, you are really going to enjoy it a lot. It allows you to perform many functions such as taking a snap, adorning it, and lastly, it lets you share your pictures on other social media platforms too. This app provides the user’s control which is in the shape of a rotary dial which assures that the images can be edited by the users just with the use of easy taps using a thumb. It is overloaded with many tools from hipster pictures, stickers, frames, and a lot more which targets at proving the best adornments for their pictures.

 When you are connected to the internet, more features will be automatically added by the app. It is the most ideal app one can use for clicking both selfies and normal pictures. It makes use of the advanced technology of face detection, which lets the users decide on the amount of edit needed on specific parts of the face.

  1. Selfie Beauty Photo Editor 

This app is another great option that has a lot to offer its users. It does not just let you click selfies but instantly offers you options to edit them too. If you want to edit the already clicked pictures on your phone, then you can open this app, go to the photo gallery of your phone, select the photos you want to edit, and choose from the filters offered there.

 Another feature of this app is that once you have made a setting, it remains as it is and automatically gets applied on the pictures you click which means that you need not change the settings every time you click a picture. There are many other editing options such as smoothening the skin tone, applying blush, eyeshadow, lipstick, and other makeup steps to make the face look more visible.

  1. Makeup plus 

The next option we have is this popular app which stands apart from the rest because of the multiple features offered. It is one of the best apps to face edits and unrealistic makeup. This app actually uses the face recognition method and detects each and every flaw all over the face, which makes it easy for the users to decide the parts which need extra focus. This app has a very basic user interface which makes it very useful for the users to use it. The most unique characteristic of this app is the AR nature selfie and the advanced technology of unrealistic makeup, which make your pictures look as real and beautiful as ever. Additionally, it offers numerous retouch tools too.

  1. Picsart

Picasrt can also be an ideal alternative to the selfie city app. This app offers the users to edit images, creating a collage as well as drawing apps, and sharing them on other social media platforms. It allows the users to click and edit photos, draw on pictures, and share the pictures with other people of the Picsart community as well as different websites such as Instagram and Facebook. It can be used by both android, IOS and Microsoft users. It also offers uncountable filters and effects for your pictures and different kind of frames for creating the perfect college. All the crazy lovers of picture editing must give it a try.

  1. Poster Labs 

The best thing about this photo editing app is that it accurately changes basic photos into dashing and spectacular pieces. This app is a complete package numerous templates that can change your simple photos into drop-dead gorgeous photos which will look alike the pictures clicked by professional photographers. It doesn’t need a lot of expertise in the users to work with this app since it has a very basic application interface. It also offers a lot of unique filters that take your basic pictures to an altogether different level. You can even create different collages with suitable frames in this app.

  1. ReTouch Me

As the name suggests, this app is best at giving a retouch, be it to your face or your body. It can serve many other purposes such as editing group pictures or working with collages pictures. However, this app can be used more precisely for selfies since it is just the best at it. It has an advanced system that allows the correction of photos and helps the users in getting the most suitable face and body. The retouching feature of this app can be used to make many other changes to a body. It has a highly advanced editing technology that produces photos that look no less than professionally clicked photos.

  1. Indian Selfie Camera 

This app is a selfie clicking app which is India-based. It is capable of making your simple selfies appear even more artistic. This app uses a lot of filters and effects to enhance the beauty of your images. It offers a lot more features and can be used with the help of very basic knowledge. It has a very powerful camera that can capture realistic selfies. The camera of this app is very silent, which doesn’t make any sound while capturing a picture. It is a great app which can be used absolutely for free without having to pay any charge.

  1. Parfait 

Are you looking for an app that can provide you with the best editing tools? If yes, then your search has to stop right here. This app lets the users click similar pictures sequentially either as selfies or groupies with the help of the back camera and choosing the spots on which more focus is needed to make the picture look flawless. It can really help you in magnifying your pictures more than your expectations. It also shows you random tutorial videos which are about the usage of different editing tools. When the editing is in process, you can even remove the pictures or add more according to your preference.

  1. CreamCam 

Creamcam is an app that allows auto-editing features which are capable of enhancing your selfies in a different way to make them look more stunning. This editing application is developed to obtain a flawless picture in just a fraction of seconds. If you download the most recent version of this app, you will get access to even more exhilarating features which includes video editing too. Although, the most important outcome you can get from this app is picture editing. Alike some other apps, this one also uses the face identification technology for flaw detection and then automatically works on such spots. It inculcates many other features too, which makes it so popular.

  1. Facetune 

The last one on the list is this app which is over packed with a lot of different features. It is definitely worth a try. With the help of this app, you can edit the pictures you click normally with the help of your phone camera. When edited by this app, your pictures look more intense and sharp. It is very fun to work with and the users can definitely enjoy using this app. It has a lot of makeover tools, retouch tools, filters, effects, and a lot more which can beautify your pictures to a great level.

Henceforth, almost all the best Selfie city alternative Indian app which can make your photo editing session even more fun and interesting has been talked about in this post. Each one of the apps can be reliably used and they ensure the protection of every single personal detail you share on the app. They don’t transmit your data to any other outward location and store them as safe as possible. As responsible Indian people, we must abide by the move taken by the government and we should uninstall these apps from our devices as soon as possible.


Can this app still be used after the ban? 

As you know the government has already restricted the working of this app in our country. Thus, even if you have it in your device till now, it is not going to work at all.

What is the best India based app which can be used as an alternative to Selfie City? 

The best India based alternative to Selfie City has to be the Indian Selfie Camera app.

Do all these apps charge any subscription fee? 

Basically, none of these apps can charge you any fee for availing the basic functions. Some are completely free, whereas some can charge you a cost if you want to use their premium features.

Can all these apps be downloaded to both android and IOS devices? 

Almost all of these apps are available for both the Android operating system as well as the IOS. But, the IOD version can be of a bigger size than the android version of the same app.