If you are a movie freak, you must be knowing about the legal and illegal movie streaming sites that have come up in recent times. At present, the internet is flooded with innumerable such sites that enable people to stream movies, web series, videos, trailers, and various other types of content. The legal ones, however, require subscription charges for accessing their contents. On the other hand, sites like Toptech360 allow people to stream and download content for free.

Toptech360 is one of the popular pirated movie streaming sites that people highly prefer nowadays. People love it for its huge collection of movies and Various other types of content like web series, documentaries, short films, trailers, videos, etc. The site’s well-classified collection of contents make it easier for people to find out their Desired movies in no time. We have discussed Toptech360 below.

What is Toptech360? 

Toptech360 is a pirated movie streaming site that delivers the latest films and videos free of cost. The site brings together contents from different sections and genres like thrillers, documentaries, science fiction, romance, comedy, and whatnot. In short, there isn’t any dearth of entertainment on Toptech360. It also hosts movies in different languages to allow people of different cultures to enjoy films in the language they prefer. For instance, there are English, Punjabi, Marathi, Hindi, Malayalam, Gujarati films available on this site. The site is always kept updated with the latest content.

Interestingly, there are very few ads one has to come across while streaming content on Toptech360. Thus, with this site, one can get uninterrupted entertainment, free of cost. We have listed below some of the amazing features of Toptech360 that have contributed to its growing popularity.

What are the features of Toptech360? 

Toptech360 has become popular among movie freaks for definite reasons. Its plethora of features justifies its popularity. Within a short time, the site has earned more than millions of traffic. We would now closely look at its features that have so greatly enhanced people’s movie streaming experience.

  • User-friendliness

The site takes into account people’s movie preferences and comes with a list of customised movie suggestions. It asks every viewer for their review and even allows them to request their desired movies.

  • Fewer advertisements

It has been already mentioned that the site has very few ads. Hence, users can enjoy streaming movies without frequent interruption. Frequent interruptions frustrate people, which severely reduces their interest to continue watching movies online. Hence, Toptech360 addresses these issues and has made sure people don’t face any kind of inconvenience.

No registration required

The site doesn’t require people to register or subscribe to it before accessing its contents. There’s no hassle involved. Neither do you have to create an account, nor do you have to make prior payments?

  • Simple UI 

Perhaps the greatest reason behind its popularity is its smooth interface. People love to browse through this site as it’s extremely navigable and easy to be explored. It’s a completely user-friendly site, which is why it attracts huge traffic every year.

  • Categorised contents 

To make it easier for viewers to find their desired content, the site has various classifications. Classifications based on the language, genres, year of release are found. You can otherwise search for your movie in the search box.

  • Movies available for downloading

If you aren’t interested in streaming movies online, Toptech360 has made downloading movies possible. You can download it in any format of your choice, be it 1080p, 720p, 360p, etc.

What are the best alternatives to Toptech360? 

If you are looking for better alternatives to Toptech360, we have you covered. Below enlisted are some of its alternatives that offer similar services.

  • Torrentz2

Developed in 2016, torrentz2 is a popular torrent search engine that people highly prefer to date. This search engine brings results from various other sites, offering you innumerable links for your searches. It has more than 60 million torrents and has more collections of movies and other content than many other torrent sites. If you are looking for links to some films, you are sure to get them here.

  • iDope

Another popular torrent search engine that’s user-friendly and reliable is iDope. It provides direct magnet links to various torrent sites. Also, you can find links that allow you to download your desired movies directly. It has a massive database of over 18 millions torrents. Coming with a clean UI and mobile version, it is earning more and more traffic every year.

  • LimeTorrents

Having more than 9.7 million torrents, LimeTorrents is another popular pirated search engine. Here, you can get torrents for several content like TV shows, movies, games, applications, music, and so on. The search engine is highly reliable and user-friendly. It is connected to superfast servers that allow people to download movies real quick.

  • Torlock

This search engine mainly focuses on providing links for the latest tv shows and series. Torlock is a well-developed search engine, extremely dedicated to delivering top-notch links. It makes sure users have access to only genuine content. The links available on this platform allow people to stream or download their desired contents in HD quality for free. Neither do they have to register nor do they have to pay charges.

  • The Pirate Bay 

The Pirate Bay is certainly the greatest torrent site that operates globally. The site has been providing services for 15 years, offering people the latest movies, web series, documentaries, short films, tv shows, and whatnot. Though blocked and banned in several countries, it continues to function through proxy sites. It is extremely reliable and provides an uninterrupted quality experience to people.

  • Zooqle

This site is comparatively new to the rest. Though newly introduced it has successfully attracted the attention of movie freaks in a short time. It hosts innumerable movies and content in various languages, coming from various genres in HD quality. It’s especially popular because most of its contents are rare and are hardly found anywhere else.

  • 1337x

The site has been functioning for 11 years now. It has extended commendable services to people across the globe. It is reliable and prompt. The site has very few ads and is extremely user-friendly. It offers a plethora of Torrent files and links to various movies, web series, documentaries and so much more. It’s one of the top 100 torrent sites operating at present. The site is most preferred because of its updated contents and their high quality. It offers content in several formats like 320p, 480p, 1020p, allowing viewers to download or stream them as per their choice.

  • Demonoid

When it comes to reliability, Demonoid is one such site. This is a population BitTorrent tracker that was developed in 2003. The site wasn’t functioning for some time but has now resumed operating. Now, the site has over 10 million users and hosts more than 80,000 torrent files in various forms. No matter you are looking for movies, books, applications, tv-series, serials, etc. You are sure to get them here in HD quality.


Another popular torrent website that still functions in recent times is RARBG. The site was developed in 2008 and since then it has been gaining traffic, demand increases. It has been blocked and banned several times, but every time a domain is blocked, another domain is activated to continue its functioning. As per the latest reports, RARBG is provided torrents files and magnet links more than most other torrent sites.

  • Extra Torrents 

Last but not least is Extra Torrents, another similar pirated site that has been functioning for years. Lots of these sites have been blocked and hence stopped working. However, Extra Torrents continues to function, bringing the latest content to its viewers. Like all other torrent sites, it too brings movie, tv shows, award functions, music videos, etc. In various formats for free. Viewers can stream and download content as they like.

Toptech360 as you can see is one of the most preferred pirated movie streaming sites for a reason. Investing your time in this site is completely worth it. With its great variety of contents, it’s sure to deliver a top-notch experience and entertainment. However, if you are willing to enjoy a safe form of entertainment, we would suggest you visit the legal movie streaming sites. They are a safe and secure source of entertainment unlike torrent sites like Toptech360. We would also like to mention that we don’t intend to promote piracy or support any kind of piracy business.


Is Toptech360 a legal website?

No, as is already mentioned, it’s an illegal site that hosts pirated content. Here, you can find an innumerable amazing film, videos, and web series

Does Toptech360 provide free services? 

Yes, the site offers services for people. People can simply visit the website, scroll through its collections, and stream or download any content of their choice, anytime for free. Neither does it require any subscription charges nor does users have to register themselves.

Does Toptech360 host south Indian movies?

Yes, here you can find movies from all corners of the globe including south Indian movies. Also, the site hosts dubbed versions of several original films.