It does not take much to look back in time and realize how far we have come to be where we are today. With the invention of television, we were able to start watching sports events from other countries live; we no longer needed to read the scores or results in the newspapers, to the point where today in almost every home in the world there is a TV where sports are watched.

True, there are already services that give you television on your smartphone, including, of course, sports. Like the ESPN app, the NBC Sports app, and there are many options. Some are even free if you already have some other service. There are lots of mobile applications that allow players to watch live TV, movies, TV shows, and much more. On App Store and Google Play Store, there is a roster of paid applications where you can watch movies and TV series plus live TV. However, there are lots of free applications in this category, and ThopTV is one of the best free apps to watch live TV for free online.

With this application, you can watch sports from around the world from your mobile phone completely free of charge. Here, we are going to tell you everything you need to know before you install ThopTV on your phone.

ThopTV: What is ThopTV?

This application is the most popular online TV platform where you can watch live TV completely free. Believe it or not, it has about 2900 live channels, and you can watch them all without interruptions or fees.

You’ll be able to watch a ton of sports, from cricket to soccer, to basketball to baseball, all in your pocket. This is possible because ThopTV is an application that works with IPTV (Internet Protocol Television). And beyond having sports channels, it has movies, shows and series, even anime.

Features of ThopTV

You already know what it is and some of the things that ThopTV offers, but there are still many things to mention.

  • One of the most important features of this application is that it offers live coverage channels, and among all of them, you can make your list of favorites.
  • In addition to having 2900 channels, each and every one of these is organized by very specific categories so that you won’t get lost among so many.
  • Users can stream the videos on this website through other video players. Plus, you will find a lot of children’s content for free.
  • In addition, it has a very friendly and intuitive interface, so anyone will know how to use it perfectly without any problem.
  • It is available for free, and you can download it on your Android phones as well as Windows PC.

How to Install ThopTV on Your Phone?

The first thing we must do if we want to install ThopTV on our Android is to configure it so that you can have it. ThopTV, despite being a great app, is not available in the Google Play Store, so there is no point in looking for it there. To do this, you must download an APK file.

First, you must go to the Settings of your device and look for the Security section. There you will look for the option called Unknown sources. You need to check the box and accept the pop-up window. Now just download the APK of ThopTV from the internet.

However, you need to install the APK file from a trusted website. Using trustworthy platforms, you minimize the risk of downloading any fake file or malware file.

Is It Safe to Download ThopTVAPK?

Many people will wonder if downloading this application is safe. We checked several reviews and opinions of the real users of ThopTV and found that it is very popular among them. Still and the question is not whether it is safe to use ThopTV but whether it is safe to download an APK file.

This APK file is completely safe on Android devices. You can simply download the APK file of ThopTV from a trusted source and easily install it on your phone without any problem. There is no risk. However, you need to use common sense before installing this app lots of fake APKs are available on the internet.

Is ThopTV Legal?

Film and television program producers invest a lot of money in making movies, series, and programs; they do so intending to make money. If you use these types of applications to watch their programs, you are taking away from the channels the money they generate with ads or viewers.

In addition, the app transmits copies of audiovisual media for free, so yes, it is illegal. In fact, the distribution of many types of content is punishable by millions in fines. Still, don’t worry, they won’t break into your house to arrest you. The main culprit is ThopTV, as it infringes DMCA guidelines and copyright laws.

Should You Use ThopTV?

Well, it is up to you whether you wish to use this application or not. It is illegal but has many features that even premium online streaming applications don’t offer. Plus, since many users use Thop TV to watch movies and series, we can say that people trust it. Moreover, it’s your call whether you want to use it or not.

Alternatives to ThopTV

If you don’t want to use ThopTV, then there are many similar apps like AthopTV.  You can use these applications to watch an abundance collection of movies and TV series for free. We present below very viable but legal ThopTV alternatives.

Disney+ Hotstar

Disney launched its exclusive content platform relatively recently, and it brings a ton of series and movies that fans of Marvel and other movie franchises will want to see using it. Plus, its collaboration with Hotstar in India allows live streaming of channels and sports events as well.


Without a doubt, Netflix is one of the most popular online streaming services. It is one of the most used online movie and series services in the world. You can find exclusive series, films, and documentaries of all kinds.


HBOmax is another Netflix-style platform, likewise, it has completely exclusive movies and series. Its collection is even bigger than Netflix and Disney+. You can use this app as an alternative to ThopTV.