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If you love anime series and movies, then you must know where to find them. With increasing popularity of anime worldwide, platforms offering anime are also increasing. Crunchyroll and CONtv are among the most popular providers on the internet. Seeing this craze for anime, online streaming giants like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix have even started offering anime series. However, these services offer their content on yearly or monthly premium subscription, and that’s why many viewers look for free anime websites. KimCartoon is such a website that offers a great collection of the cartoon movie, anime series and movies.

KimCartoon: Introduction

At KimCartoon, you would find a massive catalogue of cartoon entertainment. The site is very simple and easy to use. On the homepage, you will see the latest released anime movies. There are three main categories at the top, i.e., Home, Cartoon List, and Cartoon Movie. Users can select any of the categories and find the movie title they wish to watch. A short description of the movie and the cast is mentioned on every anime or cartoon movie page.

There is no need to register an account to access all of the content available on KimCartoon. However, users, who want to track their streaming history and Favorite List, can create a free account on the website.

Does KimCartoon Shows Ads?

While writing this article, we checked and tested KimCartoon for various criteria and found that this website doesn’t show ads. Thus, users can enjoy movies and series without any disturbance. However, if in future the site decides to display ads, you can use an AdBlock extension on your browser.

How to Watch HD Anime for Free on Phone with KimCartoon?

You can open KimCartoon on your phone. This site is optimized for mobile phones and offers the same UI and functions. Users can watch HD anime without any interruption. KimCartoon doesn’t offer any app for mobile phones, so users have to depend only on the website. If you wish to enjoy anime HD movies on the go, then KimCartoon could be your best choice. What could you ask for more when you can watch your favourite movie anywhere you want with your mobile data? However, if you wish to watch HD quality anime, then we recommend using Wi-Fi.

What are the Best Alternatives to KimCartoon?

KimCartoomn is not the only website that allows you to watch HD anime for free online. There are lots of other websites as well. If you wish to explore more sites like Kimcartoon, then we have made a roster of some of the top free anime sites to watch online. You can access this website on the mobile phone as well as on a computer and stream your favorite content.


A classic of classics, this site remains current and always brings us the new seasons of each series that are currently being broadcast. Each anime has a brief summary that takes us into the history of the series. In addition, we can find older series since it has a large base of them. On the left, you will have a bar of the anime in broadcast and, in the mainframe, the latest episodes uploaded to the site. Kiss-Anime is without a doubt the best free anime streaming website. If you are looking for a KimCartoon alternative, then this is the one you try for sure.


Rather than watching Japanese anime with English subtitles, if you prefer anime with English dubbed audio, then this can be your best anime streaming site. You will find a large database of the classic to the new anime series and movies on this website. However, the latest episode that hasn’t been dubbed official will not be available here. Thus, you have to watch them with subtitles only, and JustDubs doesn’t host them. Therefore, to watch your favorite anime series, you have to wait until they have an official dubbed version, and JustDubs provides everything for free.


One of the best alternatives to KimCartoon is GoGoAnime and which is updated day by day. This site is completely free, just like Kimcartoon. Recommended for those desperate to quickly see a new episode. The team behind GoGoAnime is very quick to post the new episodes instantly on the website. With a simple UI and a navigation system, it shows you the most recent uploaded episodes and the new anime series. Without a doubt, GoGoAnime is one of the best similar sites like KimCartoon.


With a very attractive layout and interface, this site brings you the most popular anime of the moment and the best news to keep you up to date. However, you need to look for the official site on the internet as there are many proxies and mirror links available on the website. AnimeDao has a massive catalogue, and the site offers everything HD quality for free. You just need to look for the official link on the internet, and you are good to go.


You might be surprised by seeing this name on the list. Believe it or not, it is very easy to watch anime on Facebook. There are many people who post the latest episodes of the anime shows on their Facebook pages and accounts. You just have to navigate to the search option and search for the anime series name with the episode number, and the video results will appear. There is no need to pay any fee, and it’s totally legal as well. You must be logged in to use Facebook.


As we said in the introduction that now the big platforms also offer anime shows and movies. Netflix has many popular anime series and movies. However, since this platform requires a premium subscription, you need to pay the price to enjoy its catalog. Another thing is that should be considered before using this website is that the collection of anime series and movies on this site is not as big as other platforms on this list. Remember that the legal platforms always have a limited catalog as they offer the content whose license they acquire. Nevertheless, you need movies, TV series, and other stuff along with anime in one place, then this could be your best bet.


For a couple of years, the platform has been around being the ideal payment platform for anime lovers. In addition, they have series that you can watch completely free. The application is available for smartphones, tablets, consoles, and SmartTV. You will be able to see the most important anime of the moment and now with its new original series that has been premiering. One of the benefits is that you can watch the chapters at the time of their official broadcast in Japan. This is a legal platform, but many of the popular anime series is available for free. Users can watch them even without registration.

Amazon Prime Video

The Amazon payment platform hosts a very interesting series to its platform. It has a variety of movies and series that you can exclusively see officially here. You will find many famous anime shows and series here. Nonetheless, the availability of every series depends on the country. Each country has a different catalog so. You need to check whether your anime series is available in your region or not. You can also use VPN to access the catalog of other countries.