Apps Like Virus Cleaner

With the advent of technology and international sharing, it is easy to use all the tech-oriented software easily. Playstore provides a common place where you can grab all the essential apps from all over the world. The Chinese apps are gaining a lot of popularity due to its adequate availability and the features provided. India is one of the largest in population, acquired some of the apps on a large scale. In recent times, the cross border rift between India and China has quite deteriorated. The Indian government has taken a stringent step by banning 59 Chinese apps, which are quite popular. Because the Chinese apps are liable to share all the user details with the Chinese government.

One of the apps among those 59 is the Virus cleaner, which is an antivirus solution that helps the smartphone to prevent any kind of lagging. It dedicatedly offers a regular cleaning process that makes it quite efficient for the user. When the government imposed the ban, there was a bot of unrest in public, but after getting all the desired information about the ban issue, it was not accepted. The reason which made it quite clear that national interest is at the topmost priority is data theft or data collection without any consent. In addition to that, the Chinese apps are liable to furnish all the data to the government in case they ask for it. Preserving the security of the citizens is the foremost priority of the government. They have taken an apt step that is much needed for making our data safety more reliable.

Though it is quite clear that the habit of using these apps has been evident and people want to get an idea about the alternatives to use in place of Virus Cleaner, this excerpt will provide all the information regarding the best alternative to the Virus Cleaner.

What is the Virus Cleaner?

It is very important to get our fundamentals clear about the banned app i.e., Virus cleaner.

Virus Cleaner is an optimally advanced antivirus cleaner for Android phones. It is an antivirus engine that comes free and provides powerful features for your smartphone. The features it offers are quite optimal and have all the essential security measures included in this. It is developed fro providing different functions such as phone junk cleaner, battery saver, notification cleaner, super speed booster, WIFI security, and RAM booster. With this, you can keep a check on all the essential things in one go. The core is working on this app helps to clear the lagging issue, which generates due to trash and cache present in the smartphones. It is equipped with a cache cleaner that can keep a check on the accumulated cache. It removes them continuously. This is among the capable antivirus cleaner app that makes the best use of the smartphone by providing support for virus removal, phone booster, and Ram cleaner.

Why was the Virus Cleaner banned?

For any country, national security matters the most. When it is clear that the apps originated from the Chinese are liable to data sharing to the Chinese government, then it becomes quite essential to stop this. Though this is the suspected cause, it holds firm ground. The cross border rift ignited the flame in India, and the government has taken a decision that saves them from any type of data security issue. Along with this app, 58 other apps are also banned by the government to restrict the reach of China to India’s massive population.

For the users, it is quite a situation that needs to address. First, they felt a bit odd as they were quite used to using these apps as it was among the best virus cleaner and antivirus apps that provide ultimate safety to your smartphone. But, as the tie passed, they are now compatible with the other alternatives present in the play store. Here we are providing some of the best alternatives and their information.

Best alternatives to Virus Cleaner:

The need for the alternatives for virus removal app free download is very important as they provide your phone’s safety. With the excessive use of technology, the susceptibility towards getting viruses in your device is maximized. These apps keep a check on all the activities and provide a much easier option that clears the cache and all the Viruses. Due to the ban, one of the best virus removal apps has been banned from the play store i.e., Virus Cleaner. It is due to the Chinese origin of the same. Here we are providing some of the credible apps that work as well as the Virus cleaner. Some of the apps from this list are quite good as compared to the banned one.

  1. McAfee Security & Power Booster

It is essential to opt for a renowned brand of antivirus that provides effective functioning. The McAfee is an antivirus protection app that helps you check for malware and viruses on your phone. The best part of this app is the automatic removal of malware and Virus. The leak sensitive operation, it continuously works on is way efficient. It is the top alternative for the Virus Cleaner as it is comparatively advanced. The security lock feature is the best among all as it provides secure data. You can also get anti-spyware features and theft prevention easily.

  1. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

The features provided by this brand of antivirus make it very crucial for the contemporaries. It dedicatedly helps in removing viruses and works as a great antivirus app. If you want to provide your smartphone with an ultimate safe cleaner and antivirus app, then this can be your go-to solution. The USP of this antivirus is that it prevents infected apps from installing. It automatically blocks the malware or the links that are susceptible to the Virus. With this, you can get control, security status that enables you to get all the phone insights.

  1. Norton Security and Antivirus

It is a free app that is capable of providing optimal safety to your smartphone against viruses and malware. It dedicatedly keeps you aware of the probable risks, as it detects the viruses and removes them automatically. It is exclusively designed for protecting Android devices. The privacy it provides is apt for users who find it very essential to keep their data safe and secure. It keeps a check on all the apps present in your phone for susceptible Virus attack. The process of this virus removal app download is quite simple and easy.

  1. Sophos Free Antivirus and Security

Sophos Mobile Security acquires top position for malware protection of android enabled devices. It is free of cost. The features of this app make it quite efficient. The best feature of this app is the tracking down of a lost device and password protection for almost all the apps. It keeps a check on the lagging issue of your phone and notifies you for those apps that may compromise your privacy. It is a famous brand that mainly works in the genre of cybersecurity software. The vast use of this antivirus makes it credible for the users.

  1. Avast

It is one of the renowned brands that provide antivirus tools for almost all devices. This alternative of Virus Cleaner is the most appropriate one as it comes with a firewall, anti-theft measures, call blocker, etc. it also helps you to lock or erase the data remotely in case the device has been misplaced. Apart from the cleaner, the charging booster is the USP of this app. It can scan and remove malware regularly. It also provides useful details about the installed apps. In addition to this app is from Prague that makes it quite suitable for Indian users

  1. Bitdefender Antivirus

It is the preferable antivirus and cleaner solution for smartphones. The USP of this app is the small size it acquires. It is among the best in class that provides practical advantages. The concern of users like continuous background work is not present in this app. It gives unparalleled detection of malware and hassle-free operation. It can be the best in class as it offers minimal hassle in operation.

  1. Avira Antivirus Security

If you are finding an antivirus or virus removal app for the iPhone, then Avira provides an apt answer. It is not just an antivirus solution but also helps in clearing all the susceptible causes of lagging of your phone. The USP of this app is the anti-theft protection that makes it quite efficient. The additional feature of a VPN is attractive and helps the user to get all the essential functions that can be possible with the VPN only. For Ios users, it has a specific function that helps to get the information whenever there is an update available. It keeps cleaning the cache memory that is the major cause of lagging. Apart from these, the additional features make it an apt alternative for Virus Cleaner.

  1. Quickheal Antivirus 

It is the best alternative as the government has launched a program with the help of quick heal to provide antivirus for smartphones in India. It is the most efficient one as it helps to get a grab over all the virus attacks and lagging issues on the phone. It is one of the best Virus cleaner apps for android. There are additional features also included in this antivirus as it provides optimal scanning at regular intervals.

It is very important to get the idea of all the alternatives for the Virus cleaner app, as the people who are using it keeps a check on similar apps for optimal safety of their phone. After the ban, the need for alternatives is massive, and the applications mentioned above are much better than the virus cleaner is different aspects. Keep exploring them and find a suitable one as per your need.


What is the reason behind the banning of the Virus cleaner app?

The reason for the ban of almost 59 apps by the Indian government is national security. The apps from china are liable to furnish all the details of the users to the Chinese government. The ongoing cross border rift emerged as the last nail in the coffin for different apps. The Indian government banned those chines apps because of the sole purpose of saving fro data theft and other concerns.

How can we keep a check on the virus’s proximity to our phones after the ban? 

There are other apps available that are capable of providing optimal safety to your phone. You can count on them. The major concern lies in the origin country from where they belong. The above-mentioned antivirus and cleaner apps are apt for smartphone users and provide adequate safety against the mobile Virus.

Are there any possibilities of the above apps getting banned?

It is evident that, if any rifts occur with the origin country, then it is quite possible that the respective apps can get banned in India. For the time being, these apps are safe. You can use them without any stress and get optimal functions until further actions of the Indian government.

How can we download and install all the apps mentioned above?

The apps mentioned above are easy to find. You can either download them from the play store or opt for apk files directly. There are some apps available that charge specific fees or membership if used for different devices. Most of the apps are free to download. You just have to take care and check for the origin country to keep yourself away from any hassles.

What is the differentiating factor of the apps as mentioned above from Virus cleaner?

Though virus cleaner was a popular app, the alternatives provided are apt and has all the functions. Some apps are quite excellent and offer useful functions. Keep a check on the reviews and the different set of specifications.