Post pandemic, the education system of most countries witnessed a sudden shift from direct classes to online classes. Both teachers and students have now adapted to this shift. But, at times, things get difficult as the universities or colleges struggle to manage online classes. 

As almost everything has been digitized now, there are sites exclusively being created to manage online classes and courses. These sites will be purely beneficial to both students and the management, as all course details will be available in one place. This saves a lot of time and effort. It will also make students’ lives easier. 

Minnesota State University in Mankato is a popular private university that offers various courses, certificate programs, degree programs, graduate degrees, professional degrees and undergraduate degrees to students. Apart from these courses, the University also offers numerous distance education courses and online programs. Students from different regions can choose and engage in one of these programs to complete the degree at their desired speed. 

The online courses are formulated in such a manner that the students will be completed benefit by them. The students can access course materials, resources, libraries, teaching professionals, and more online. Minnesota State University is using D2L Mnsu, an online site to manage students and online classes. 

In this article, we will look at D2L Mnsu Login­. D2L Mnsu is the software used by Minnesota State University to manage online classes. The learning management software will allow students to access online courses, submit assignments, attend classes, have conversations with fellow students and professors, and check their grades. 

Requirements to Access The D2L Mnsu Site

­To access Minnesota State University’s D2L Mnsu site, you need to have the following requirements.

  1. A device with a stable internet connection. You can use either a laptop or smartphone or tablet or PC to log in to the site. Internet connection must be stable and uninterrupted. A slow internet connection is not recommended as pages may fail to load or courses may be difficult to access.
  2. You need your star ID and password to log in to the D2L Mnsu site and view courses and other services.
  3. A good working browser that supports the D2L site. Google Chrome is highly recommended. 

Now, let us see the steps to log in to the D2L mnsu site.

How to Log In to the D2Lmnsu site?

Follow the below steps to log in to Minnesota State University’s D2L mnsu site and avail the courses and other resources for students.

  • STEP 1 – From your device browser, go to the official site of D2L Mnsu This site offers a login page.  
  • STEP 2 – You will see the Minnesota State University Mankato D2L login page. The Welcome page will look like this. 
  • STEP 3 – You will see the ‘Sign on with StarID’ link as shown in the blue-coloured box. Click that. 
  • STEP 4 – If you have your star ID and password, you can use the credentials to log in. If you do not have the star ID, get it from your university. Ideally, you will be provided with the star ID when you enrolled in Minnesota State University and registered for the classes.
  • STEP 5 – After you have logged in, go to the My courses tab/widget. You will be able to view all the courses under the widget. 

You have successfully logged in to the D2L site of Minnesota State University Mankato. You can now start using the portal to avail all the courses, talk to your fellow students and professors, check your grades, and do more. 

Quick Solutions in Case You Face The Below Issues

  • In case, if you had missed any deadline for your work or assignment or quiz or if you cannot understand the assignment instructions, you can always feel free to get in touch with your professors or instructors. Make sure your instructor has also registered for D2L Mnsu and uses D2L for course programs.
  • If you are unable to log in to D2L or if your courses do not appear even after you have logged in, then Contact the D2L helpdesk mail ID. Here is the mail address: You should also check your course starting date. If you are a new user, wait for 1-2 days before starting the course, as the course may take 2 days to open after the registration.
  • If you face any technical problem while connecting to D2L Mnsu, you can check the technical requirements needed for D2L. You can also see if the browser and operating system you use is supported for D2L. If your issue is not solved, feel free to contact the IT helpdesk. You can contact them at
  • To learn how to use D2L tools, read the D2L tutorials available on the internet.
  • To get access to the materials or resources for your assignment, go to Library Services for Distance Learners in Minnesota State University Mankato site.  

We believe you have got all the info you needed to log in to the D2L Mnsu site. Students can use the site to access study materials, courses, talk to professors, clear doubts, view their grades, and carry out all education-related activities. The site has made online classes management easy for Minnesota State University Mankato.