Could Too Many Electric Cars Overload The Power Grid?

Could Too Many Electric Cars Overload

It is completely wrong to think that Amazon might be interested in EA, so not. After all, the online store has already bought a live streaming service for video games called Twitch. Also, Andy Jassy, the CEO of Amazon, thought last October that video games could become the biggest entertainment business in the world.

Amazon has not said anything about the rumours yet. EA also didn’t say much, but it did tell Reuters that it wouldn’t say anything about the rumours.

Since then, USA Today has put out a statement saying they’re sorry they broke the news about Amazon buying EA early.

GLHF, a gaming/e-sports news site and a content partner of For The Win, posted a version of this story on our website earlier today that didn’t follow our rules about using unnamed and unconfirmed sources. This story has been changed.

Whether the rumours are true or not, the takeover won’t be confirmed until either EA or Amazon makes an official statement. And we don’t have this information yet.

Electric Cars: Overnight Charging Could Overload The Power Grid

Researchers have also found this to be true. But a new study led by Siobhan Powell, a researcher at the Swiss Institute of Technology in Zurich, gives people hope. But what might the world be like in the year 2035? At least in the United States, then about half of all car owners could have an electric car. The researchers put this information into an algorithm to simulate the effects on the power grid.

If that happens, the amount of electricity used at night is likely to rise by about 25%. Usually, this isn’t a problem for a modern power grid, but it does cost a lot. Because the sun gives off more energy during the day than it does at night. But if demand goes through the roof at night, it has to be stored during the day in expensive batteries.

E-Cars: Intelligent Charging Can Reduce Costs

If the power grid and how people charge are changed so that most people charge during the day, 700 million to 1.5 billion US dollars could be saved. Researchers, on the other hand, say that there are no worries about power outages during the day or at night.

Still, the results show how important it is to have a smart power grid. On the one hand, people who own cars will be able to charge more during the day because they can work from home or on the go. On the other hand, there needs to be a power grid with different ways to store power. Then electric transportation should be both sustainable and cheaper.