Pokemon Go IV Calculator

What is Pokémon Go IV calculator? If you are a Pokémon trainer, then you need the powerful resource that can determine the overall CP, Attack, defence, HP, and competency of your Pokémon in battle.  In this way, the Pokémon Go IV calculator helps you to calculate the real power of your Pokémon. As a Pokémon trainer, this article will help you with the method, and some tips for Pokémon go calculator before placing them into the battle.

Every Pokémon has the IV (Individual Value) that divided into three stats Defense, Attack, and Stamina. Pokémon Go IV calculator provides the actual result of your Pokémon, which shows how active your Pokémon is. To check or confirm that you’re Pokémon has high IVs which mean that your Pokémon is active. It will help you with the decision to place your Pokémon into the battle.

Using Pokémon Go IV calculator, you will know full information and hidden value of Pokémon, even before you can catch one of them. Calcy iv type of Pokémon Go iv calculator app also provides some of the Pokémon value calculating features. If you wish to use the app version (officially available on Google Play Store), then share your experience in a comment.

What does Pokémon Go IV calculator calculate?

This Pokémon Go level calculator tools give you the result of IV (individual value) for your Pokémon CP, HP, Dust, Powered, Att/Def/HP, Best, Lucky. It helps you understand the current strength of your Pokémon before placing into the battle.

Let you explain with an example if you have battled with Mewtwo (Psychic Pokémon species) how weakness is Bug, Dark, Ghost. And you have Kricketune (bug type of Pokémon). Then you can start a battle with Mewtwo; it is your strategy to win the game. But before use Pokémon Go IV calculator to check the strength of your Pokémon. And for that this tool helps you to get the range of IVs, Does Kricketune have good stats or not?

In this way, you will get the accurate Pokémon IVs based on the information available in online Pokémon website tools. Sometimes the range of your Pokémon CP & HP values can be quite significant as a multiple IVs.

How to Calculate Pokémon Go IVs from the tool

It is effortless to find out the actual strength of your Pokémon by input the current information for IV calculator.

Step #1. Open the Pokémon Go IV calculator online tool in a new web browser.

Step #2. With the link, you will directly enter to the IV calculator tool page, where you choose your Pokémon to calculate.

Step #3. Now you need to enter the CP, HP, Dust, Powered (yes/no), tick Att/Def/HP, Best (option), tick lucky.

Step #4. Click on “Calculate” button, and you will get the combinations of your Pokémon IV to calculate results.

In this way, you can figure out the range of possible VI combinations for your Pokémon. If you have no idea of the best Pokémon in Pokémon Go, they start with the following,

1#. Chansey:


  • Category: Egg
  • Type: Normal
  • Ability: Serene Grace, Natural Cure
  • Weakness: Fighting
  • Evolves from: Happiny
  • Changes to: Blissey

2#. Rhyperior:


  • Category: Drill
  • Type: Ground, Rock
  • Ability: Lightning Rod, Solid Rock
  • Weakness: Ground, Fighting, Ice, Water, Grass, Steel
  • Evolves from: Rhydon
  • Height: 2.39 m

3#. Tyranitar:


  • Category: Armor
  • Type: Dark, Rock
  • Ability: Sand Stream
  • Weakness: Fighting, Ground, Bug, Water, Grass, Fairy, Steel
  • Evolves from: Pupitar
  • Height: 2.01 m

4#. Dragonite:


  • Category: Dragon
  • Type: Flying, Dragon
  • Ability: Inner Focus
  • Weakness: Ice, Fairy, Dragon, Rock
  • Evolves from: Dragonair
  • Height: 2.21 m

5#. Mewtwo:


  • Category: Genetic
  • Type: Psychic
  • Ability: Pressure
  • Weakness: Bug, Dark, Ghost
  • Height: 2.01 m
  • Weight: 122 kg

6#. Machamp:

  • Category: Superpower
  • Type: Fighting
  • Ability: No Guard, Guts
  • Weakness: Psychic, Flying, Fairy
  • Evolves from: Machoke
  • Height: 1.6 m

7#. Metagross:


  • Category: Iron Leg
  • Type: Psychic, Steel
  • Ability: Clear Body
  • Weakness: Ground, Dark, Fire, Ghost
  • Evolves from: Metang
  • Weight: 550 kg

There are the best and strongest valuable Pokémon which I ever experience if you agree or disagree then share your point of view.

Final Words:

This article will bring out the best way to get your Pokémon VI results and give you the confidence to place your Pokémon into the battle. It is possible only when you get the real strength of your Pokémon. So we discussed all the points related to Pokémon Go IV Calculator. If you think that this article provides useful information to identify your Pokémon IVs then share with your friends and family, also don’t forget to share your experience to calculate IVs in the comment box.