Shein alternatives

Have you looked into your wardrobe recently? Is it time for an upgrade? Or maybe a special occasion deserves some new clothes? What if you want to buy new clothes simply because you want to? You can satisfy your fashion needs at Shein. Here you will find anything you want in the latest fashion. While customers have loved shopping at Shein but that isn’t the case any longer as the app has been banned in India. In such a situation people are looking for alternatives. We have a full list of alternatives ready for you, but before going into that, let’s learn a little more about Shein.

What is Shein App?

Shein is the best online shopping UK website. One can find various fashionable clothing and accessories there. There are tonnes of categories to choose from. This includes kids’ clothing, women’s clothing, and men’s clothing. You will find shoes along with other accessories there as well. So if you are looking for adding more to your wardrobe or changing it, then this app will certainly help you do it. It is truly a one-stop destination for all your fashion needs.

The app is very easy to use. All you have to do is download and then install it to use. You will find that after you get registered there are a set number of coupons that you can use to continue shopping on the app. If you visit the app regularly then you will get coupons and also offers. All your orders will get delivered to you if you just add them to your address. There are options for cash-on-delivery as well along with other options for payment.

Why is Shein banned?

Shein is one of the other 59 apps which has been banned by the Indian Government. The ban has been made after security concerns were expressed regarding these apps. The ban was put into effect by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.

Alternatives of Shein

After the ban of Shein, it’s time to look for other alternatives that will satisfy your fashion and shopping needs. But for any other site to be a worthy alternative, it must offer the same features as Shein at least. It will certainly be better if the features or choices in the app or platform are more than what people are used to at Shein. So keeping all that in mind, here are some worthy alternatives of Shein.

  • Myntra

Myntra is one of the most well-known apps for getting shopping done. It offers a lot of varieties when it comes to the clothing which fashionistas will certainly love. If you love clothing from the big brands then you will find it here as well. For now, the app is controlled by Flipkart. If you are wary of downloading any apps which aren’t Indian after the ban was put into effect, then you can rest easy with this because this e-commerce platform is based in India. Apart from various clothing, you will also find classic and new footwear here. Not to mention the wide variety of accessories you will get to choose from that will match with your clothing. This platform has clothing for all age groups and sizes. If you are looking for plus-sized clothing then you will get it here as well. Want clothes for kids? Yes, that’s available too.

  • Koovs

Koovs is one of the websites like Shein UK. It isn’t as famous as Myntra but it is a platform which many have heard of. If you want a great clothing line to choose from but one that comes with reasonable pricing then this is the site to go for. You will find all the latest collections here and there are tonnes to choose from. Whether it is a new style of clothes you want or shoes, you will get it all. Dress in jeans and t-shirts or flowery dresses. You will get whatever variety you want here so that you can get clothes that will suit various occasions. It is said that this brand has over a hundred privately labeled brands. Apart from clothes and shoes, you will also find watches and jewelry here. So if you want something which matches the clothes you bought then you will certainly find it here.

  • LimeRoad

LimeRoad isn’t a shopping app that is known by all but it certainly has a lot of variety in its clothing line that will surprise you and make you wonder why didn’t you use it earlier. But then again the site isn’t even a decade old since it was launched late 2012. When you log in you will find accessories, apparel, and more in here. Want something new or classic? You will get it here. Want a matching pair of shoes for that occasion you are planning to go to? You will get it here. Whether you want heels, flats, or sports shoes, you will tonnes of colours and varieties to choose from. The best part of this site is that it comes with a unique scrapbook feature. Here you will be able to create personalized fashionable looks by making use of your fashion sense. Then you can share it with others. This will help you get the look right for you and you can get the right accessories needed for the job.

  • Ajio

Ajio is a lifestyle and fashion brand which is pretty well known. It is a digital extension of Reliance for fashion needs. Since it is an Indian website so you can use it without any worries. It is a relatively new platform since it was created just in 2016. It may be a young and new site but there are tonnes you can find here. The site mainly focuses on personal and unique styles that offer fresh perspectives and views. So if you are tired of the same old brands and styles then try out Ajio’s selection. You will find something new, fresh, and unique. If you are going to a party then it will certainly make you stand out among the sea of the same set of clothing. They have women’s wear, kid’s wear, and men’s wear too. What’s more, is that you will find that there’s plenty of tech accessories and gadgets that you will find here too. If you need stylish watches or maybe a new phone, you will find it here.

  • Jabong

Jabong is also a well know fashion website in the Indian market. In 2016, Flipkart acquired the platform using the Myntra brand. Once you log in here you will find tones of fashion accessories. You will find that the portal sells unique apparel that will spice up your wardrobe and give you something very unique to wear. But buying apparel isn’t enough. You can choose the footwear you want to wear along with other beauty products too. This is a website like Shein for home decor purposes too. So with this, you will have a full set and step out in style. Feel something missing even with gorgeous apparel and nice footwear? How about some nice smelling fragrance? You will find that too in Jabong and there will be plenty to choose from.

  • Nykaa

Nykaa is a well known and respected fashion site. At first, it was mainly known as a wellness shopping one-stop destinations. This was because it used to sell makeup and beauty products. But now it sells fashion accessories and apparel as well. So now when you will log in you will find everything you have ever wanted to complete your clothing and makeup set in one place. Think that a shiny short dress won’t go without some gold makeup and eyelashes? Just come here and get all that you need. Step out in style and have fun. You can also rest assured since it’s a Shein alternative India based brand so there’s no threat of data theft or ban.

  • The Label Life

The Label Life isn’t something casual shoppers would have heard of. As such it is a very underrated fashion site. Here you will get the raw materials needed to make your dream dress. You will also find the products needed to complete your designing, merchandising, and marketing work. If you have checked various sites and still haven’t found that dress you like then just get the raw materials from here and get working to create your dream dress. Bring to life your new ideas and help kick-start your career. For people who like designing their clothes or who love putting their spin on things, this website must be a boon. But if you aren’t too keen on making things yourself then know that you will find ready-made unique and branded clothing here. You will get it all here at a very affordable price too.

  • Craftsvilla

Bored with Western styles and want to try something ethnic? Then Craftsvilla is just the site for you. This ethnic e-commerce site has more than 25,000 artisans who make unique designs. It sells more than 4-million products. So you will certainly not run out of things to wear or choose from. Every design will be unique and you can choose for various occasions. Whether you want a dress for your Diwali celebrations or for that fresher’s party, Craftsvilla has got you covered.

  • Zivame

Zivame is associated with lingerie and that’s what it offers. It is online lingerie selling retail platform. You will find clothing in most of the other sites, but getting good and premium lingerie isn’t easy. The problem is also with the quality and less variety on offer. But that’s not the case here. You will be able to get comfortable lingerie in here which will feel good on your skin. But that’s not all that this site has to offer. You will find comfortable and yet stylish loungewear and sleepwear in here as well. The designs range from western to Indian so that you can choose what you want to wear. Everything found here is affordable as well so you can be comfortable without feeling like you are emptying your pockets for it.

  • Max Fashion

When talking about underrated fashion sites, Max Fashion is one. You get some great clothing which will be perfect if you call your style casual. Casual doesn’t have to mean Western all the time. You will be able to get some great Indian wear to choose from as well. They also have great accessories to choose from. These will certainly go well with your style. If you love to wear denim then know that you have come to the right site. They have a great collection of denim and you will get plenty of variety to choose from. Get all of it without fully emptying your pockets.

Overall, these sites are safe and you can use it without worrying about data leaks or bans. All the sites like Shein in India are India based so you will be supporting national artisans and their work by purchasing from these sites as well. Use them as alternatives for now at least and get your shopping fill.


Will Shein be back again?

There is always the possibility of it being back again. But for now, it’s advised that you follow the ban and stay away from the app. Use the alternatives given here to choose the clothing you need.

Can these alternatives get banned?

There is always the threat that it can get banned, but because all of these apps are Indian run or India based on the possibility of that is low. Moreover, these apps haven’t been accused of stealing user data stealthily. So you can certainly rest easy and use the site which suits you the most.

Is the clothing in these sites affordable?

These sites sell everything from branded to unique clothing. There’s high-end products but also high-quality affordable ones. You will have to search within the price set you want and then choose the one which works for you.

Will these sites deliver the ordered products at home?

Yes, whatever you order will be delivered to the given address. You can choose whether you want to pay through cash-on-delivery or use any other means.