Diese Android-Apps Sind Ein Must-Have: Besser Geht's Nicht

Apps Are A Must-Have

Some Android apps are essential and should be on every Android device. Samsung, Google, and others already put useful apps on Android phones and tablets, but some very important ones are still missing. In our summary, you’ll find some of the best apps for your Android device.

Android-App-Must-Have: Diese Kategorien Gehören Dazu

This list of must-have Android apps is split into five categories to give you a better idea of what they are all about:

  • Messenger
  • Mail
  • browsers
  • virus protection
  • navigation

#1 Messenger Apps

Having one or more messenger apps is a must-have for Android apps. WhatsApp is the most well-known and most used messaging service. There will be a lot of people in your group of friends who use WhatsApp. There are also strong alternatives to WhatsApp, like Telegram or Signal. The last one is probably the safest of the popular messaging apps. Another safe but paid option is Threema.

  • Whatsapp
  • Telegram
  • signal
  • “Trema” (3.99 euros)

#2 Mailing Apps

In many ways, your Android phone has taken the place of your PC. You also always have your e-mail inbox with you. “Gmail” is a great programme for sending emails. The clear app is great because it has many useful features, like a built-in calendar and planner. You can also put messages and contacts into groups. You can also use K9-Mail, Blue Mail, and MyMail to keep track of all your email accounts.

  • gmail
  • K9 mail
  • blue mail
  • MyMail

#3 Browser Apps

Google Chrome is probably the most well-known browser. Nearly 90% of Android users use Chrome to browse the web. The app is also very useful because you can use your Google account to sign in. Still, there are also other very good options. This definitely includes “Firefox Klar,” which is not only a safer browser app but also a very fast one. “Opera Touch” has a user interface that is perfectly suited for mobile browsing, and “Tor Browser” cares a lot about its users’ privacy.

  • Chrome (Google)
  • Yes, Firefox
  • OperaTouch
  • Browser Tor

#4 Antivirus App

Android apps that are must-haves in terms of virus protection cost money. Unfortunately, there is no free app that can protect you as well as a paid one. Prices for antivirus apps vary a lot. Some of the cheaper apps can be bought for less than ten euros, while others will cost you more.

  • Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus (8 euros)
  • McAfee Mobile Security (25 euros)
  • AVG Antivirus for Android (8 euros)
  • Antivirus and Symantec Norton Mobile Security (17 euros)

#5 Navigation Apps

Who among us hasn’t gotten lost? There are apps that help you find your way around so you don’t get lost in the city or on your next road trip. We all know about Google Maps, but you should look into some other options. Here WeGo and Magic Earth, for example, are both free and can be used both online and off. You will also be offered a great and useful app from TomTom, which is a given. But the TomTom app is also very expensive.

  • Google Maps
  • Here WeGo
  • Magic Planet
  • TomTom GO Mobile costs 5.99 euros per month or 19.99 euros per year to subscribe to.

Conclusion: Must-Haves Belong On Every Smartphone

Obviously, the five categories you’ve been given don’t cover all of your needs. But you already have the most important Android apps with these five. These seven news apps are for you if you always want to know what’s going on. Even pharmacies have cool apps that are almost like health for your phone. If you care about your information, you should get rid of these Android apps right away.