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The complete form of PESP is Plaksha Entrepreneurs Support System. PESP finance is the three-month in-residence incubation program for Plaksha graduates and Plaksha alums to start their entrepreneurial ventures.
Guided by eminent startup founders and experienced mentors, the program is a launchpad for budding entrepreneurs.
Faculty in the PESP come from institutions such as MIT, Stanford, the University of Cambridge, NTU Singapore, IIT, and IISc, among others.

PESP Student Portal:

There are two ways to log into the student portal by going to the following link

Sign Up on the website:

In this, you have to provide the user information as given below:

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Address
  4. Mobile Number
  5. City
  6. E-Mail
  7. State
  8. Username
  9. Zip
  10. Password
  11. Verify the Password
  12. Country
  13. Cultural Identity
  14. Birth Date (DOB)
  15. How did you hear about PESP
  16. Click on the “SUBMIT” button

Login to the website:

There are two steps to follow:

  1. Username
  2. Password

PESP Finance Login:

You have to go to the following link to log in or sign up for the portal

PESP My Nagad:

PESP my Nagad is a management system for vendors. It is a dedicated portal to register with Nagad Ltd. as a vendor/supplier. Nagad LTD operates Nagad brand.
Vendor Management System is aiming to lead the country’s booming DFS revolution. DFS stand for Digital Finance Service. Nagad is a venture by the Bangladesh Post Office that facilitates the day-to-day financial transaction need of the people. Nagad is a very dynamic and secure digital financial service. Nagad enables customers’ daily financial transaction needs like cash-in, cash-out, sending money, mobile recharge etc.

Points to remember for PESP:

⦁ Plaksha founders Access: Leading venture partners and experts of the country
⦁ Resources Access: Workspace, seed funding and mentoring.
⦁ Attractive financial support: Upto RS 3 lakh for selected startups incubated at Plaksha.

PESP Offers:

⦁ Mentoring by the country’s leading entrepreneurs and investors.
⦁ Access to the InfoEdge Center for Entrepreneurship at Plaksha.
⦁ Exposure to world-class research labs and faculty at Plaksha.

PESP Contact Details:

⦁ E-mail – ID:
⦁ Mobile Number: +91 1724126260, +91 1724976900
⦁ Address: Alpha, Sector 101, IT City RD, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 140306


What are the admission dates?
Application Start Date: 23 November 2022

  1. 23-11-22 to 13-1-23
  2. 14-1-23 to 14-4-23
  3. 15-4-23 to 2-6-23
  4. 3-6-23 to 28-7-23

Is Plaksha recognized by ACITE?
The Private Universities, as per the law, do not require AICTE approval.
Our academic programs are designed and developed by an Academic Advisory Board from leading global Universities and are benchmarked to international standards.

What type of degree will you offer at the end of the program?
It will be a four-year B.Tech degree program.

Do students have to choose the B.Tech major at the time of admission?
We will ask the students to indicate their preferences. However, students can apply for a switch at the end of the first year.
The first year is intentionally designed to be almost entirely familiar between degrees, so students can be exposed to different options and make an informed choice.

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