Since the evolution of technology and online services, payment of bills and recharges has become easier and simpler. Within a fraction of seconds, you can pay your bills online. This saves a lot of time. You do not have to visit the place of the service provider or stand in long queues to pay the bills. Payment of bills online also reduces errors and makes payments faster. 

We believe you would have heard about MyCheckFree. It is a popular website that offers free service and lets you make online payments for various bills. You do not have to give separate checks to your service providers to pay your bills. The website acts as a one-stop place for all your bill payments. 

Through MyCheckFree’s electronic payments, you can pay your bills much faster and safer. There are no possibilities for payment errors too. My CheckFree is owned by Fiserv. It is the same company that also CheckFree and more such services. These services are made especially for small businesses. But, MyCheckFree is exclusively created for individuals.

Salient features of MyCheckFree 

As we already mentioned, MyCheckFree comes with many advantages. You can reduce payment errors, make faster payments of bills and secure payments. Now, let us look at some of the best features of MyCheckFree. 

  • The best part of MyCheckFree is the electronic payment method it uses. 
  • On the MyCheckFree site, all your bills will regularly arrive every month, making it easy for you to pay bills without missing any. Users can log in to the account and see all the bills in one place and make payments in a fast manner. In short, MyCheckFree is a single location to pay all your bills.
  • MyCheckFree is a time saver! You do not have to check your mailbox now and then to see if the monthly bill has arrived. Tracking your bills and finances is extremely fast and simple with MyCheckFree.
  • As MyCheckFree is a secured site to pay your bills, you do not have to worry about payment safety. Your payments are well-secured and well-protected. 
  • Payment of bills online is much safer than paying through checks. Hacking and stealing of information are prone to happen through checks as strangers may steal your account number. Mailbox thefts are also possible. But, through MyCheckFree your payments are done online in a secure manner.
  • If you are a new e-payment user, MyCheckFree is a great place to start!
  • You do not have to log in to the accounts of different service providers to pay every bill. Instead, you can pay all the bills on a single platform – MyCheckFree. 
  • This also reduces efforts to remember and store multiple usernames and passwords of different service providers. In MyCheckFree, you can pay all the bills. Managing bills is easy with MyCheckFree. 
  • If you are a person who often switches banks, then MyCheckFree might be for you. You should recreate your payee’s list every time you switch your bank. But, in MyCheckFree, there is no worry about that. You can just update your new bank account details and continue to pay the bills from one place.

How to log in and pay bills in MyCheckFree?

MyCheckFree is pretty easy to access as it comes with the simplest user interface. Anyone with basic internet and English knowledge can access the website and pay their bills. Follow the below steps to log in to MyCheckFree and pay the bills. 

  • STEP 1 – You can log in to your MyCheckFree account from your smartphone or PC or tablet or laptop. Go to your device browser and visit the MyCheckFree site
  • STEP 2 – If you have your Sign-In ID and password, you can use them and sign in to your account. This is the sign-in ID and password that you used while you signed up for MyCheckFree. (If you own a Microsoft account, you can also sign in to MyCheckFree using your Microsoft account.)
  • STEP 3 – If you do not have a sign-in ID and want to set up a MyCheckFree account, click ‘Go Scout! Enrol’ button on the home page of MyCheckFree. 
  • STEP 4 – Once you click that button, you will be redirected to a new page containing ‘Online Payment Terms and Conditions.’ Fill in all the details asked on this page. 

You have to fill in personal information, and security information. Also, read the terms and conditions and a special note about spam. 

  • STEP 5 – You have to follow step 4 and fill in all the required information to enrol in MyCheckFree for the first time. Once you are done filling in the information, you can press Agree button at bottom of the page. 
  • STEP 6 – As you are now a registered user of MyCheckFree, you can carry out your bill payments from now on. 

Do not disclose your MyCheckFree credentials to anyone. Keep it confidential. 

Does MyCheckFree charge fees from users for its bill payment services?

The answer is No. MyCheckFree is free. You can pay your bills online free using MyCheckFree. But, if you have to make payments on the same day, you have to pay a fee to MyCheckFree. Therefore, if you wish to use MyCheckFree services for free, then you should plan your bill payments early before the actual due date or deadline. In case, you are unable to schedule payments and have to make payments on the same day, then MyCheckFree demands a fee from the user.

In MyCheckFree, you can pay the bills of different service providers. This makes you pay multiple payments at once. But, if your service provider is not a participant of MyCheckFree, then you are left with no choice, but to use your bank account to pay the bill. 

We hope you now know a lot of information and benefits features about MyCheckFree. The platform is ‘worth trying’. You can save a lot of time and money with MyCheckFree, as it offers multiple bill payments from one platform.