No Game No Life Season 2

If you are a big fan of Anime movies and TV shows, then you should know about this series. When No Game No Life season 1 released, it was the best achievement because of the stories and visual effects in series make fans crazy about it and they are eagerly waiting for the No Game No Life season 2. But due to the copyright or stealing issue, the makers of No Game No Life decided to clear the entire allegation and released the No Game No Life season 2 soon.

When No Game No Life launched, from the very first day, it makes me crazy about what will happen next. This attraction is because of the story characters that play vital roles, thanks to the No Game No Life season 1 whole team. As per millions of fans are waiting for the second season of No Game No Life season, the same way I am also expecting to release soon. To go for the no game no life season 2, you need to watch season 1. Let us recall you the no game no life season 1 and share your reviews if you have seen this season first time.

No Games No Life Season 1 Recall Memory

The No Games No Life Season 1 was publicized on April 9, 2014, and distributed by Tokyo MX’s AT-X in Japan and by Crunchyroll for the English simulcast in North America. The anime is an anime adjustment of the Japanese light novel arrangement of a similar title formed by Yū Kamiya. The principal period of the anime have an aggregate of 12 scenes, and like other gaming-centred anime, for example, Sword Art Online and Log Horizon it ended up being a colossal achievement.

The account of the anime pursues the life of two kin, 18-year-old kid Sora, and 11-year-old young lady Shiro, the pair has excellent gaming aptitudes and has an unbeaten gaming character named Blank. On their triumph, Tet awards them a chance to go to an existence where everything shows up with games, the world is named Disboard, which has no viciousness, and each contention is settled with games.

One day the couple gets a test from the God of games, called Tet, for a chess rivalry and the two win. To keep their gaming notoriety, the two kin means to overcome the sixteen decision species in Disboard. The two kin at first accepts it as a game and consent to Tes’ proposition.

The Update of No Games No Life Season 2

No Game No Life Season 2

There are different sources which confirm on the internet that No Game No Life season 2, episode 1 will come soon. This series is updated with some new and exciting characters which introduce the story with.  Maybe No Game No Life season2 2019 will be the release year and if it is true, then millions of fans will be exciting. I don’t trust these rumours but waiting for the official news by the company that is behind No Game No Life series. The first season was produced by Animation studio who also introduces the anime movie with the title same No Games No Life Season: Zero released on 2017. Due to this type of plagiarism, the No Games No Life Season 2 will come under the production of MadHouse.

Maybe this is the reason that makes delay in releasing No Games No Life Season 2. The original team needs to be careful with the new upcoming season because the anime market is tough. The anime still had an extraordinary business, and the crowd has comprehensively spread the world over are expecting for another season. The anime didn’t get positive input from the pundits, who censured the condition of the anime adjustment.

According to the news Animation Studio release, the movie story adapted from the light novel series 6th book. From 1st book to 5th book contents are taken for No Games No Life Season 1. It has also been news that The Light Novel is continuing with a new book which might be added by MadHouse for No Games No Life Season 2.

No Games No Life Season 2 Release Date

To write a novel in one day is not possible for anyone. In this case, if the production house is waiting for the light novel book to complete. We will see No Games No Life Season 2 in 2021 or maybe no game no life season 2 episode 1 by the end of 2019. Millions of fans will confirm only when an official announcement will release for no game no life season 2.