Activate Global cash card

Do you want to know how to activate Global cash card? Does your company shift from papered cheques to paperless Global cash card? Do you worried about this transition? How to activate the card? How to operate? How to transfer money to a bank account?

 If you have these series of questions in your mind, then read the article below. I am going to share a complete reference guide to the Global cash card. Starting from what is Global cash card to many Troubleshooting problems, here is the full-fleshed guide.

What is a Global Cash Card?

A Global Cash card is a way to go Digital that takes your 100% payroll digitally. The global cash card makes the payments easy. It is the most convenient way to provide wages to your employees and a good alternative to issuing payroll checks.

How to Activate Global Cash card?

You can activate Global cash card by two methods, one is online and the other is by customer care support.

How to Activate card Online?

Step #1: Open the website, or simply follow the link.

Step #2: You will be navigated to s screen with the question “DO you have a card with us?”

Step #3: Press “yes” and the more field will open then.

Step #4: Enter the card number, expiration date, Robot check.

Step #5: Press continue and you will be navigated to another window.

Step #6: Press “Activate card”

Step #7: That’s all!!

How to Activate the card by Customer care Support?

This is the easy method if yo do not know how to operate online. Follow the step below:

Step #1: Simply Call Customer care at 1 (866) 929-8096.

Step #2: You will then be connected to a representative.

Step #3: They will ask you some details, Tell them all relevant details like name, address matching, etc.

Step #4: And Finally, get your card activated in just a few minutes.

These two are the easy methods to Activate Global Cash Card.

What if an Error Occur while activating the card?

There may be any reason if you are encountering an error. Following may be the issues:

  • Missing information – This may be the case when employees’ full information is not added to the portal. So, check employee name, full address including zip code, SSN, and date of birth are entered.
  • Used card: The card may be already used so in this case you have to reset all previous details and enter a new card number.
  • Already Registered User: The person may already be registered with Global Cash Card at a different agency.

How to use a Global Cash Card?

This action will tell you how to use your card. In this, we are covering many issues whose answers may be required by the user. If you have any questions related to deposit or withdrawal of money from the card, enter the section.

How to check your Card Balance?

You can check your Card Balance Online, By using the app or calling customer care.

  1. ONLINE- The online procedure is simple. Open the website, loin to your account and check card balance.
  2. Through APP– Checking balance Using the app is the simplest way. Download the app from the play store or App store. Enter relevant card details ad check all the transactions.
  3. Customer care– Call Customer support (1- 866-395-9200). Tell them some necessary details, Do not give any passwords or ATM PIN. They will then tell you the balance.
  4. Through ATM – One last way is through ATM, But this method is chargeable. $1 will be charged every time.

How to do ATM withdrawal?

You can withdraw money from any Allpoint or MoneyPass network ATM.

 After the first transaction for that pay period, there is a charge of $1.75 for each additional cash withdrawal.

Moreover, You may withdraw money from any ATM machine(out of money pass network) but additional fees are applicable.

Do not do more than 5 transactions in a day(24 hours)

How to Activate Alerts?

The cardholder can activate alerts via email or text messages. Alerts can be activated by visiting online websites or calling customer care support.

How to Change the PIN number?

Changing a Personal Identification Number (PIN) is quick and easy. Cardholders may change their PIN as often as they like, at no cost, by calling Customer Service at (866) 395-9200. Changing PIN numbers helps protect cardholders against unauthorized payment card use.

How to Transfer your Money to Bank Account?

All or some money can be transferred to the existing bank account. This transfer is free of cost if one transaction has already done before this.

What are the benefits of Global Cash Card?

There are many benefits that make you curious about buying the card.

  • Go Cashless – You do not have to take cash anywhere, anywhere! The card can be used o ay shops, malls, stores, etc without any hassle. You just need to carry this single card while going for shopping, office or for any other work
  • Cost Savings: For both employee and employer, the card proved to be a cost saver.
  • Easy Mobile acess: With the app available, the cardholders can easily check balance, get alerts on mobile.
  • Easy Payments: You can easily pay bills online using a Global master card. Using Global cash card system,
  • Expense manager: It is an online interface of Global Cash card that helps you to visualize and manage your expenses.
  • Rewards: Get discounts on shopping, food, movies, etc. The more you use the card. The more you will get rewards.

Which Bank Issued The card?

  • The Payroll Card is issued by B of I Federal Bank or MetaBank under the license from VisaS.A Inc., respectively.
  • The Prepaid Card is issued by B of I Federal Bank or MetaBank under the license from MasterCard Internation Incorporated.

Is it legal to use a Global cash card?

YES! It is the Best Online Payroll solution, very fast and convenient to use.

Can you overdraw from the card?

NO! This is not a credit card. It is simple like your bank account. You can use only the amount of money you have on the card.

Does the card charge a fee?

NO! You do not have to send ay monthly or yearly charges to use the card. It’s completely free of cost. You can use This global cash card anywhere, on ay store, grocery shop, etc.


Hey, friends, this complete guide is going to be very helpful for you. This guide has everything starting from very basic to advance usage of Global Cash Card. I hope now you have a clear understanding of how to use and Activate Global cash card.

Share your feedback. Mention in comments if you are facing any other issues.

Thank you!!