Nintendo Has Released These Games For Android And Ios: An Overview

Nintendo Has Released These Games For Android And Ios

Before a few years ago, it was unthinkable that Nintendo would make games for Android and iOS because it was more important for the games to be exclusive to Nintendo consoles. Except for Pokemon games, which were made by The Pokemon Company, a company in which Nintendo has a stake. Then, in July 2016, Pokemon Go came out and got people all over the world really excited. Even though Nintendo’s share of the company and sales is small, it was still a warning not to ignore these platforms.

So, the goal of this article is to give an overview of Nintendo’s games for Android and iOS, including what has come out so far and what is planned for the future. But Nintendo probably won’t make a lot of apps for Android and iOS. If exclusivity didn’t pay off, the Nintendo Switch, which came out in 2017, would not have sold more than 10 million units.

Super Mario Run: The Popular Side Scroller

Super Mario, which is still considered one of the best games ever, is available on almost every system. With both Android and iOS versions of Super Mario Run. In December 2016, the app was only available for iOS. In March 2017, it was also available for Android. In Super Mario Run, unlike many other games, there are no “microtransactions.” Instead, you can buy a “in-app purchase” that lets you do everything. Super Mario Run is a side-scrolling jump-and-run game that looks a lot like the SNES game Super Mario World. The game turned out to be a big hit!

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp: Build Your Own Campsite

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp doesn’t have a typical goal. Instead, you have to start from scratch and build a campsite while doing different tasks. In this game, there are a lot more microtransactions than in Super Mario Run. Still, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is also very popular. Over 10 million people have already downloaded it from the Google Play Store alone.

Fire Emblem Heroes: The RPG Game For Smartphone And Tablet

The Fire Emblem series of strategy RPGs from Nintendo has been around for more than 25 years. With the release of Fire Emblem Heroes in February 2017, this journey can now be played on phones and tablets.

Here, you have to show how good you are in battles, call on characters from the Fire Emblem world, improve your skills, and help the heroes reach new heights.

What Is Planned For The Future?

Nintendo will keep putting out more game apps for Android and iOS in the future, but it’s more likely that these apps will make money, but their main purpose will be to promote Nintendo’s own consoles and games. This year, “Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” which can only be played on Nintendo consoles, won the DICE Award. So, the focus will stay on exclusivity, but apps for Android and iOS will come next.