Which Is The Latest Iphone 2022? Models In Comparison!

Which Is The Latest Iphone 2022?

Want to know which iPhone is the newest? In this article, we look at some of the most recent gadgets. We will also show you which of the previous versions are still available and if they are a good choice for you.

Current Market: Which Is The Latest Iphone? 

Apple released their newest iPhones in September 2022. In the official model overview, there are now five models: the iPhone 14 Pro (Max) and iPhone 14 (Plus), as well as the iPhone 13, iPhone 12, and iPhone SE from the third generation. In this section, we tell you.

  • A look at the models that are available now.
  • A personal opinion on whether or not you should buy these.
  • The cheapest price to buy the model in question.

Iphone 14 Pro (Max) – Top Model For High Demands

The iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max are the latest top-of-the-line models. Compared to their predecessors, they have a screen that stays on all the time, a camera with four times the resolution, and the ability to make satellite calls for emergencies. If you have a serious car accident, the new accident detection system will also call for help.

The “Dynamic Island” on the front, which is a pill-shaped recess for the front camera and can show information in real time, is also very interesting.

You should get the iPhone 14 Pro (Max) if you want a zoom camera, like a higher camera resolution, want the longest battery life, and want the newest design (“Digital Island”) with Always -Want to try On-Display. But the RRP for this pro experience is about EUR 300 more than for the iPhone 14.

Iphone 14 (Plus) – Current Model With Optimized Camera

Unlike the iPhone 13, the iPhone 14 comes in two sizes: the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Plus. It has a better camera, better video stabilisation, and emergency call through satellite, just like the Pro models. It can also detect an accident.

It also has a slightly longer battery life than its predecessor, and it comes in purple and light blue.

You should get the iPhone 14 if you want a better camera and video stabilisation than its predecessor and if the new accident detection and emergency call function via satellite are important to you. But keep in mind that the second one is currently only available in the US and Canada.

Iphone 13 (Mini) – Previous Model With Only Marginal Differences

Interestingly, the models aren’t too different from the model that came after them, the iPhone 14.

There is no action mode to make videos more stable, and the camera isn’t as bright as it could be. But it is only somewhat less bright because the camera takes great pictures even when it is dark. You also can’t use satellites for accident detection or emergency calls.

If you like the iPhone 14 but don’t want the better camera, video stabilisation, accident detection, and satellite emergency calls, the iPhone 13 is the right choice for you. We think that the iPhone 13, which costs about EUR 100 less, is the best iPhone for the money right now.

Which Current Model Suits You?

You might be wondering which of the new models will work best for you. Even though there is the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Pro, there are also older models that will get cheaper over time.

iPhone 14 Pro: Don’t want to miss out on the latest design with an always-on screen and take a lot of photos from far away? Also, do you want to print photos and care about how long the battery lasts? Then you should choose the iPhone 14 Pro.

Want a high-quality camera and video on your iPhone 14 but don’t need a zoom camera? Do you also care about accident detection and SOS via satellite? Then you pull out your iPhone 14.

iPhone 13: Are you looking for a high-end smartphone that gives you the best value for your money? The iPhone 13 doesn’t lose much compared to the iPhone 14, so it’s priced very well. We think this iPhone is the best!

iPhone 12: Do you care about the price and want to save even more? Then you might want to get an iPhone 12. But keep in mind that the battery is much worse than the iPhone 13, the screen is darker, and it works less well in low light.

You don’t care about the newest design, do you, iPhone SE? Then, the iPhone SE is the cheapest iPhone on the market. It works just like the iPhone 13, but it only has a camera and a shorter battery life.

When Is The Next Iphone Coming?

Every year, Apple comes out with a new version of the iPhone. The group from Cupertino has chosen September for many years. After that, the devices can usually be ordered right away, and they are then sent out step by step.

So, you can expect the new iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro to come out in September 2023. The latest rumours about the next generation of iPhones usually start soon after the current one comes out.