Newsdog alternatives

In today’s happening society, it’s extremely important to keep ourselves updated about what’s going on around us. Newsdog is one such app that provides global news to its users for free. It has been in operation for many years until it got banned recently by the Indian government. Owing to security and privacy issues, the central government banned 59 Chinese apps including Newsdog. This is saddening especially for Newsdog users. However, to help people out, we have listed below some of the major Newsdog Indian alternatives which server similar purpose. But before going over to the alternatives, we would look into the reason for its ban in India.

What is the Newsdog App? 

Providing users with a satisfying news reading experience, Newsdog had been giving commendably services so far. You might be wondering Newsdog is from which country. Well, it’s a Chinese app developed by a Chinese company. It successfully catered to the news preferences and requirements of millions. It brings to you the latest news, breaking news, alert news, and trending news on every current topic. It brings news from every field like politics, culture, business, entertainment, and whatnot. You can even choose the topics on which you want to get more news. In this way, Newsdog personalises your news reading experience. Overall, this is a satisfactory app having a simple and clean user interface.

Why is the Newsdog app banned?

Recently, due to rising Indo China tensions, the government of India made an important declaration. The central government has banned 59 popularly used Chinese apps in India, including UC browser, WeChat, Tik Tok, and others. It said these apps seriously put people’s security and privacy at risk. Even Newsdog is violating the guidelines, comprising users’ privacy which explains why is Newsdog banned in India. 

Alternatives of Newsdog 

It’s sad to know your favourite news app can no longer be used. However, don’t get disheartened. If you are looking for the best alternatives for this app, here it is. Below given are 10 alternatives of Newsdog which are as good and useful as it was. Quickly download any of these and stay tuned to the latest happenings all around the world.

  1. Inshorts:

This is widely preferred news providing application which cuts a long article short and posts it in less than 60 words. This makes it easier for readers to know what the news is about without going into the details. Readers can find news related to almost every field like business, entertainment, social, political, and several other sectors. The app gives you options to customise your reading experience. You can choose any of the two languages you prefer, Hindi or English. Using this app, you are sure to get informed about the latest, trending news and information covering every issue worldwide. Not only does this app uploads contents in writing, but also posts related pictures and videos for a better understanding of the readers. This app also lets users choose the fields they are most interested in knowing about.

  1. News Point:  

One of the popular Newsdog alternatives, News Point is considered to be among the top 5 fastest news providing apps. It brings to people fresh, trending breaking news headlines from trustworthy sources covering national and international topics. The app allows people to enjoy reading in a clean, comprehensive format. More than a million people use this app presently and have a satisfactory news reading experience. You can find out credible news on any topic of your choice whatsoever. It further enhances the reading experience for everyone by providing news in 11 different languages. Each piece of information is available in a variety of languages so that everyone can stay informed and updated.

  1. Google-News

Google news is another popular Newsdog alternatives that provide customises and compressive headlines of local as well as national news. It covers the updated and latest news related to every topic. It covers news from more than 75000 publications. The app has various categories of news such as sports, top stories, trending news, weather, and politics. You can click on any category that you wish to go through. The app has a simple UI making it easier for readers to go through. Not only domestic news, but also the app brings to you the latest news from more than 60 countries. Even you can get top news related to celebrities and public figures. If you want to read any news headline in detail, you just have to click on the link given below. You can even post your viewpoint on any public affair on this app.

  1. Dailyhunt

This is another news providing application available in the play store for free. It provides news not only in Hindi and English languages, but also in several others like Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Telegu Gujarati, Marathi, Uria, etc. Hence, a large number of people can use this app to go through the news in their preferred languages. It brings together news from every section of your society. Every new piece of information and news is updated on this app within minutes. It helps the readers stay updated with the latest information about entertainment, business, sports, politics, technology, and automobiles. You can even go through blogs posted by various public accounts and bookmark them for future reading. Daily hunt even allows its readers to share the link of various news to their social media accounts.

  1. Google Play newsstand

This is an application developed by Google. However, this application is only usable by Android users. They can install it and access its services for free. Google play newsstand app allows people to discover information about the topics they are interested in. The app posts blogs, articles, videos, and pictures associates with the trending topics. You can like and follow the various accounts on this app for getting further information from them. You can even comment on any news that appears on your timeline and shares your views regarding it. Similarly, others can do the same and you can interact with unknown readers in the comment section. Using this application, you can stay tuned on every recent issue taking place in society.

  1. BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed allows its users to access fun and informative content about every sector for free. The most trending articles, news, videos, information, and everything will be available here. The design of this app is intuitive and simple, allowing people to use it conveniently. As you open this app, you will notice innumerable categories on its home page. You can click on any category of your choice. Upon clicking you will receive the most trending news about that particular category. You can bookmark some and can, even save them. You can also share the links of the articles or news among your friends and put them on your WhatsApp or Facebook stories. This is one of the best apps to use if you want to spend some fun time. The best thing is that this app puts up fresh content daily, so readers don’t have to go through old news again and again. This makes readers prefer this app more than any other news app.

  1. News Republic

Another news app that lets you enjoy news reading with its simple, elegant UI is the news Republic. You can enjoy international, domestic, sports, Bollywood, and Hollywood news here apart from other topics. This app has a huge user base. With every passing year, its user base keeps on increasing. People love to read its qualities contents consisting of articles, blogs, and every other piece of information. This is just the replacement of your daily newspaper. All you have to do is scroll down to cover all the recent news. If you have finished doing so, you only have to refresh your feed to go through more updated news. Like other news apps, this app too allows people to save, bookmark, and share Their favourite news.

  1. Smart news

Smart news covers the latest and most important news from every major newspaper like Times of India, TechCrunch, NBC news, bleacher report, the verge, quartz, Reuters, and several others. You would find the most relevant and important topics covered in this app. However, to get a further personalised and streamlined information, you can choose topics on which you would like to get further news. You can follow popular news accounts and pages available on the app. You can even be a participant of several public groups where you can take part in discussions and give your opinion simultaneously. You just have to swipe through the screen to read the next news. There are even categorises found on this app like trending topics, recent topics, breaking news, public issues, etc. To make it even easier for people to find out the news they are looking for, the app has a search button where they can search for any topic.

  1. World live news

Similar to other apps, world live news is another popular news app preferred by people. With its quality service, it helps in making people aware of the things happening around them. Not only does it bring to you national news but also covers important international news. There’s no topic which this app doesn’t cover. It brings together news from some of the most trusted news sources, providing people with credible information. There are various channels on this app. You can go through the news collection of any of the channels by simply clicking on them. To access its contents, you only have to create an account. Once that’s done, you can browse through the news section for free. For better illustration of the news, this app often puts up articles, pictures, and videos related to the news.


Last but not the least, we have NYTimes. Just like the other popular news apps, this too covers contemporary topics related to business, art, technology, science, culture, India and abroad. The best part about this app is its comprehensive and precise language, which helps everyone understand the information easily leaving no space for ambiguity. The app has a simple, user-oriented interface. All you need to do is search about the topic on which you want the latest news and the app would give you a list of news related to the searched topic or keyword. Every news related to your chosen fields will be displayed in your “my feed” section. You can even save any news for future reference. For fresh, updated news you just have to refresh your feed.

By now you must have understood how efficient, these apps are. With their variety of features, they would give you unparalleled news reading experience. So now, you don’t have to brood over the ban on your favourite news app. You can use any of these instead! The best thing about these apps is that they all can be accessed for free.


Do these apps charge any subscription fee for accessing their services? 

No, unlike the other news apps, all the above-mentioned apps provide free services, to make sure that everyone stays informed about the things taking place around us.

What are the most popular Newsdog alternatives? 

All the above-mentioned alternatives are famous. But if you want to know the best among them, BuzzFeed would top the list. However, remember that every app provides you with updated news on your preferred topics.

Will these alternatives be banned?

As none of these alternatives is Chinese, none of these will be banned. You don’t have to worry about that.

Do these apps have the same features? 

Yes, as these are all news providing apps, they all have similar features. Some have a few more, while others have a few features less. But they all have the same purpose- to serve people with the recent and latest news.

Are these usable for both iOS and Android users?

Yes, most of them can be accessed by both iOS and Android users for free. However, some are only restricted to Android users.