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The MyeClass is an Educational Website that provides different things to Students. It includes various Courses, Contact Details, Pro Courses, and Visual Search Engines. This website will help your Child to Nurture, Engage, & Achieve. This Website is for North East India. They also provide School & Attendance with the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and LMS (Learning Management System).
They have made the website for engaging with developing, Supporting, and Dealing with all the Modern Technologies like RFID based on Auto Attendance System. It is for every individual in the School, which includes Students, Staff, Embedded Systems, and Related Applications.

MyeClass Academy:

We have provided you guys with the Link for going to the Page of Mye Class Academy. It is a Different Process or Task in the Taskbar: About Us, Courses, Visual Search Engine, Sign Up, Sign In, Terms Of Use, Contact Us. The Mye Class is the only Learning Platform built for Indian Teachers; with the help of the website, teachers can teach their students anytime and anywhere. The Teachers can also use their Courses and Teach their Students. It is also called a Unique Blended Learning Platform.

MyeClass Training and Workshops:

Mye Class Training and Workshops are used for the Category of Courses; My eclass training and Workshop Courses are here. This website contains all the Books, PDFs and other Important Materials needed for Studying and Updating the Courses. With the help of these materials, the Teacher can change the Course and Increase the student’s learning. There are various pages for the Training and Workshops.

MyeClass Lite:

There is various Course listed on the Mye Class with a Lite Version so that it does not take up more Space. This My eClass Lite course is only available for One Teacher, which is extended for upto 50 Students. But there is one limitation which is that it can contain No Content and No Technical Support.
These Courses can also be used on the website, meaning they can not be used for Commercial Purposes. Copyright Issues and Plagiarism is the Issue which the Teacher fights. We have provided you with the Link for Mye Class Lite.
This facility only empowers teachers from Govt and Private Colleges and Schools in India. The Website is not available for the following categories:

  • Institution
  • Training Institutes
  • Coaching Center
  • Private Tutors

MyeClass Courses as Pro:

The Mye Class Courses as Pro is being used for and Under the LMS (Learning Management System). Here we have provided you with the Link for the complete My eClass Courses as Pro. The Teacher can be available for any of the following:

  • Individual Teacher for Additional Number of Classes
  • Institutions
  • Training Institutes
  • Coaching Centres
  • Private Tutors

MyeClass Contact Details:

  • Email Address:
  • Telephone Number: 123234456
  • The Users can fill out the Contact Form and send a message.


I have provided you with this Article’s Guide for the MyeClass. I hope that the Article is helpful to you Users. Furthermore, If you have any doubts about topic or other Articles, you can let us know in the Comment Section.

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