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Amazon itself mainly provides the Firestick. They are the primary producer of the Firestick Remote. The Firestick is used to control your Movies, TV Shows, Games, and Apps. There will be a Directional Button for Up, Down, Left, and Right, then with it, there will be a Select or OK button in the Middle for Selecting the Content Item, Functions, or Category. But there can be an issue if your Firestick Remote Blinking Orange.
If it is Blinking Orange, your Remote is not Paired with your Fire TV. Then Restart your Fire TV device and wait for one minute. After that, Users will need to Pair their Firestick Remote with the Fire TV by pressing and holding the Home button on the remote for 10 Seconds. This process will
let your Firestick Remote Pair with your Fire TV again.

Firestick Remote Not Working:

If your Firestick is not working, you can use your Fire TV either because the Firestick Remote can only control it. We have listed some techniques you can use on your own to fix it. The list is provided to you below:

  • To fix an Amazon Firestick Remote, try to Reset the Remote or Your Device.
  • Second, users will need to ensure that the Path is transparent so that the Firestick and Device can Connect Successfully.
  • Third is that the User can change the Batteries of the Remote or Unpair and Repair the Remote, which can also help the User to connect and work successfully.

Fire Stick Remote Blinking Orange 3 Times:

If your Fire Stick Remote is Blinking Orange 3 Times, then any third-party application is incompatible with your Fire Stick. The Fire Stick Remote uses its Light to indicate to its User whether it is working correctly or not in the Process of Connecting and Using it.

Firestick Remote Blinking Orange Fast:

If your Firestick Remote is Blinking Orange Fast, then it means that the Device is currently Seeking and looking for permission to connect to a device. The other name for this process is called Discovery Mode. The Firestick Remote should stop blinking Orange as soon as it finds and establishes a Connection.
But many things can extend the process of establishing the connection mode and cause an error. In the below-listed format, we have given reasons causing the Firestick Remote Blinking Orange Light:

  • Incompatible Third-Party App
  • Distance Between the Fire Stick and Remote
  • Internet Connection
  • Battery

Amazon Fire Stick Remote Blinking Red Light:

The other mode of Red Lights gives different indications.

  • The Red Scan Light means Barcode Button is pressed on the Remote Control.
  • When the Light is Blinking Eight Times, the Wi-Fi setup has Failed.
  • When it has Red LED Light, it means that Battery is Low or Empty.
  • The LED Light is Blinking after every 30-40 Seconds, which means the Device is updating.

Firestick Remote Blinking Blue:

The Firestick Remote Blinking Blue indicates that your Remote is ready or prepared to take your Voice Command. Your Remote Device can, however, start “Listening” whenever the Users hold the Microphone button down instead of Requiring a wake work to activate it. It usually flashes the Blue Color Light whenever you press the Microphone Button.

Amazon Fire Stick Remote Blinking Green Light:

The Amazon Fire Stick Remote Blinks Green Light when Green when it needs to show that your Remote is now in Troubleshooting Mode. Then the Users will need to press any button on the Remote. The Fire Stick Remote Flashes Light indicates the Specific Color to help you Identify the Issue.

Firestick Remote Blinking Orange And Green:

The Firestick Remote Uses the Orange Light Blinks then, which means it is stuck in Discovery Mode and Trying to connect. To fix this issue, you will need to Factory Reset your remote by pressing the Back Button, Menu Button, and the Left Navigation Circle button for at least 10 Seconds.
The Firestick Remote Uses the Green Light to indicate that your Device is Turned On and ready to Pair with your Fire TV. The Green Colour Light is turned on before any Images appear on the Device. The Green Light is indicated on the Remote.


I have provided you with this Article’s Guide for the Firestick Remote Blinking Orange issue. I hope that the Article is helpful to you Users. Furthermore, If you have any doubts about Firestick Remote Blinking Orange or other Articles, you can let us know in the Comment Section.

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