Ios 16: If You Use A Lot Of Apps, You Should Take A Closer Look Here - It Could Cause An Unpleasant Surprise

Ios 16 If You Use A Lot Of Apps

Apple just released iOS 16, the latest version of its operating system, a week ago. Whoever has it on their phone can look forward to a lot of new features and improvements. What stays the same, though, is the chance that some iPhone apps will pass on information about their users without the users knowing. But an expert says that this can be seen in different ways.

Iphone Apps And Data: Apple Gives Users An Advantage

It’s not possible to stop iPhone apps from collecting information about their users. It’s much more important to at least know about it and be able to make a choice about whether or not to apply for it.

Robert Lowry, vice president of security at BeenVerified and a tech expert, says that Apple users have a big advantage here. Because iPhone and others make it easy to see what information is being collected.

Expert Advises To Pay Attention To 2 Things

Apple’s App Store is where you need to start. The “App data protection” section is meant to show users which of their information is available to the people who make iPhone apps and could be used to find out who they are.

Details Of The Type Of Data Collected

First, search for the iPhone app in the App Store. If you click on the app’s icon, you can find out more about how it handles your data.

“If you scroll down, you can see what kinds of information your device collects and sends to app developers. You can get more information by clicking “View Details” under “App Privacy.”

Example Iphone App Whatsapp

If you look at Messenger in the App Store, WhatsApp will tell you this about how it collects data: “The following data may be collected and linked to your identity.” Here’s a first, not-complete list of the important facts:

  • Bought things
  • information about money
  • Location
  • how to get in touch
  • contacts
  • Content by Users
  • identifiers
  • usage data
  • diagnosis

If you click the “Show details” button at the top right, this gets even longer.

How To Minimize Data Collection On Ios 16

Once you know everything you can about an iPhone app, it should be easier to decide whether or not to get it. It makes sense to make a few more special cell phone settings after that for apps you still want to use. They cut down on how much information these apps collect.

“You can turn on and off special data, like your location, for different apps in your settings. Of course, this means you can’t use some features, but not every app needs to know where you are to work.

Ad tracking is another way that apps get information that you can stop them from getting.