70 million security cameras in total are used by businesses in the United States. Surveillance systems are increasingly popular due to their ability to strengthen security with advanced technology that falls within company budget. Thermal imaging, artificial intelligence threat detection, and cloud-based data insight are key ways that businesses are benefiting from the latest surveillance technology.

Thermal imaging

Video surveillance systems are important for a number of reasons: namely, employee safety, loss prevention, and asset protection. With the recent development of thermal imaging, video surveillance is now even more effective and reliable. Thermal imaging senses the heat profile of any object with a temperature over zero. It’s able to retain visibility in the dark and poor weather conditions. Businesses are often vulnerable to break-ins during the night, and thermal imaging technology can strengthen the overall security of the premises, especially concerning perimeter protection and fire detection.

Artificial intelligence threat detection

AI has the power to pinpoint potential security risks before they occur so they can be effectively neutralized. AI threat detection can team up with a company’s unique surveillance system to learn about a wide range of security threats. For example, this technology can learn to recognize individual employees, so if an unauthorized stranger attempts to enter the building, a security alert will be given. Security staff are then able to intervene, therefore saving time and increasing efficiency.

Cloud-based data insight

By 2025, there’s set to be roughly 175 zettabytes of data in the world, and most of this data will be stored in the cloud by both consumers and businesses. It’s therefore essential that businesses have easy access to cloud-based servers to store collected data. Moreover, advanced analytics can utilize cloud processing to analyze the data and generate useful insights in order to benefit business operations. For example, Hanwha Techwin, a surveillance and optoelectronics company, recently started using cloud-based technology to monitor and manage its video surveillance system in real time. With the launch of Retail Insight Cloud, a new cloud-based application, the company successfully uses helpful tools like heat mapping, people counting, and queue management for greater surveillance.

Surveillance technology is essential for businesses looking to strengthen their security and prevent breaches. Thermal imaging, artificial intelligence threat detection, and cloud-based data insight are some of the latest pieces of technology helping businesses better protect both their employees and their operations.