Instagram Keeps Crashing

The world of gambling has seen many changes in the past few years. The advent of gambling on the internet is among the best things that happened to the gambling world. People, who didn’t have access to physical bookmakers, can make bets on any games easily with online sports betting platforms. The online betting services have also attracted new users who don’t have much knowledge of the betting world. Here, things can happen that were not planned and the situation can change from worse to better or vice versa. This is the reason why one should be equipped with proper knowledge of the games and how betting works with them. Along with all this, it is also important to consider some essential tips that can improve the betting experience.

With  Instagram is the youth’s favourite. From teens to sixties everyone uses Instagram to connect to people and explore the world virtually sitting back in their homes.

Millions of users on Instagram offer something to the world either with their thousands of skills like photography, reels, recipes, DIY hacks, financial advice, job-related topics, and many more that is beyond imagination.

Millions get benefited from this information. Last year Instagram has also added a feature of marketing that has helped thousands of people who wanted to start their small-scale businesses. However, despite being such an important app for millions of people Instagram keeps crashing.

Now, if such a helpful app crashes or stops working, it’s normal everyone would get panicked. So, here is a guide to help them with ideas on how they can fix the Instagram crashing problem.

Methods to fix Instagram crashing issue

Few methods are given below to help you with the Instagram crashing issue.

1.    Restart Your Phone

The basic try for fixing Instagram crashes on mobile should be to restart your phone. Not only for Instagram crashing, if any issue is seen in the android phone, but the first try people also do is fix it is restarting the phone. Some may not be aware of the fact that restarting the phone can work wonders, and the method can surprise many.

If you a user is trying to install the Instagram app on their android phone or even if the user is uploading a picture or randomly watching the feeds and the Instagram suddenly crashes just switch off and then restart your android phone.

Also, don’t forget to stop running apps in the background. After restarting your phone try to install the app again. Now, if you see it working it’s great, and if it doesn’t try the below-listed methods too.

2.    Clear Instagram Cache

If you find your phone is not working after restarting it clear all the app data and cache of Instagram. Sometimes if the quantity of cache and data increases the app stops working and it tends to crash. So, clear all the cache and data and see by doing the same if Instagram works. The process of clearing data is:

Go to settings first> Next go Apps> Then go to manage apps and search for Instagram> Clear the data and cache and once the cache has been cleared then clear the data.

3.    Update the system

The Instagram and the Android operating system undergo updates quite often. These updates and upgrades are necessary to continue the app and phone functioning you Instagram is constantly crashing then try to update your android phone and then update the Instagram app. Let’s see how to do it.

  • First click on Google Play store on your phone
  • There are three lines on the top left corner
  • Click on ‘My apps and games
  • By clicking on my app and games play store will list all the apps that need to update
  • Update the Instagram app
  • Your Instagram will be updated

4.    Uninstall the Instagram app

If you are trying to update the Instagram app and it stops or crashes on your android phone then try uninstalling and then reinstalling the app. There are chances that while installing the app might have been corrupted. So, delete the app and reinstall a new Insta app. Follow the below steps to do the same

  • In settings click on ‘App and notifications’
  • Select all the apps
  • Click on the Instagram app and select uninstall
  • After uninstalling the app, again go to Google play reinstall it. The latest version of the app will be installed.

5.    Check the storage

Having low storage in your smart android phone can also be a cause of Instagram crashing. Therefore ensure that you have 20% of free space in your android phone. If your storage becomes full it not only creates a problem for Instagram but other apps also get affected. External messages cannot enter your phone or even the network connection fails to work at times as it also needs some storage to run. So, remember to clear the unimportant data infrequent intervals. To know about your storage space in your android phone follows the steps

  • Go to settings
  • Then go to About Phone
  • Select Storage and check the storage that is remaining.
  • If you find the storage is almost full uninstall the unused apps and files and see whether the stopping issue of Instagram has been solved.

6.    Don’t use the Instagram beta version

If you are using Instagram beta version the hanging or crashing of the app is quite predictable. The beta version of the app often gets unstable and hangs up. To avoid the crashing of Instagram, leave the beta version of the app and update the latest version. To do the same, use the following steps

Google Play store > Search for Instagram >In the bottom Instagram page a “Leave” option will be displayed under the “You are a beta tester” section > Click on the ‘Leave’ button > Reinstall the app.

7.    Factory Reset in Phone

The last try you should give is a factory reset. However, before taking the step you should be aware of the fact that the factory reset will wipe all your files, installed apps, and documents. You won’t be able to recover these files and documents after the reset. Every third-party app will also get deleted.

So, if you can take a backup of the files and documents you don’t want to lose. Transfer these files from your android phone to a PC or hard drive. The inbuilt apps would remain though.

Instagram is the best companion among the youth. So, they can’t afford to crash or stopping of their favourite app. This guide to fixing the problem of Instagram crashing will hopefully help them.


Did Instagram delete my account?

Instagram would never delete your account without your permission.

What does clear the cache mean?

When a browser is being used, it saves some information from the websites in its cookies and caches. Clearing this cache would fix many problem issues like loading, formatting issues on the site.

How to clear the cache?

Settings > Security > Clear history > Clear All.