Animedao is among the most popular online streaming website. The name is so unusual that many users mistype it as Animedoa. This is why the search volume of the keyword Animedoa has increased in the past few years. Here, we will show you what Animedao is and what the best Animedao alternatives are.

If you have used Animedao to watch HD anime online, you may no longer want to try another free anime streaming website. The site is well-organized and lets you want every anime you wish to watch. You can watch the latest movies and series at Animedoa without any restrictions. You don’t need to register or pay any fee. Simply open the website, and you can watch everything you like. However, this site is illegal, and it can get blocked anytime. Plus, the domain extension gets changed regularly. Thus, it would be a smart move to keep a list of the best alternatives to Animedao.


KissAnime is a platform where you can find an amazing collection of anime series and movies that you can enjoy online. The best thing is that it is free. It has a great variety of genres such as fantasy, dragons, mystery, samurai, drama, adventure, and many more. You will also find classic anime from the 90s to the most current of 2021. KissAnime daily updates its content to be as up-to-date as possible and that you don’t miss the next episode of your favorite series. Just like AnimeDao, we have a section called “latest,” which shows the episodes that are being broadcast directly live. When selecting a KissAnime series, it will redirect us to another tab with all the information referring to it, such as its title, synopsis, genres, episodes, views, and creators. In addition, you can comment on the video file once you register on the website.

At the bottom, we will find a small section with all the episodes that the series has and those that will be uploaded soon. We will also find a comments section which you can view to see the opinions of other people regarding the episode. And, as we said, to comment, you can register on the site using your Google, Facebook, or Twitter account, or you can create an account directly from the site. Thus, we can say that KissAnime is one of the best alternatives to AnimeDao to enjoy high-quality anime shows and movies.


Here we have another excellent alternative to Animedao that you cannot miss. AnimeFreak is a totally free platform that offers a wide variety of anime series and movies in both English dubbed, and English subbed anime movies and series. You will find over twenty different genres including, fantasy, samurai, drama, adventure, and more. Its simple but minimalist design leads you to understand and operate the site in a simple way, you can search for any special title in its search bar, or if you prefer, you can search for anime either by genre, year, type, language, etc. In its main section, you can find the anime recommended by the site, which is based on the most viewed, just as we can see the anime that are in the global trend. The public the most requests these animes and that without a doubt you can get lost.

By clicking on an episode of a special anime, a new tab will open where we can see the episode online for free. In that tab, we will find several servers that we can use to view an episode without any problem. In addition, AnimeFreak has the option to download the episode on your device so that you can watch it without the internet later. Something that Animedao and other platforms do not offer is that you can create an account in AnimeFreak, and this will be a type of social network where you will have a profile, and other users can see it. There you can share your favorite series. AnimeFreak will place you in a section among the most active or most prominent users if you are an active user. As we could see, AnimeFreak offers us many things that some platforms do not offer us, so you know, if you like anime, do not hesitate to visit this portal because we assure you that you will love it.


AnimePlanet is also an excellent alternative to Animedao, which will offer you a great variety of anime series and movies totally free. Users can find anime in the original language with subtitles, and some popular anime is dubbed in English. Its content is quite varied for all tastes since we can find old anime and more current anime. It has a great variety of genres, including action, shoujo, mystery, fantasy, mystery, magic, adventure, and several more. Its design is quite pleasant to look at and very simple to use, we can search for any anime that we want in its search bar that is at the top of the site, or if you prefer, you can access the anime directory section. You can also filter results either by selecting a category, the year, the type, the status, and the order, making it easier for us to find what we are looking for.

When entering the homepage of AnimePlanet, we can see that it shows us the latest episodes that have been added previously to the site; in addition, we can also view the anime added today. If we see the section that is on the right side, we will see a bar with all the animes that are currently popular. Selecting an episode in AnimePlanet will open a new tab where we will have the player and several options from other servers in case the main one does not work. In this tab, we can see some news about anime, we can share the episode on our social networks, or finally, we can make a comment. There is no doubt that AnimePlanet is an excellent Animedao alternative for anime lovers and that it cannot be missed from our list of the top similar sites like AnimeDoa.


If you are an anime fan, you must have heard about 9Anime. This is a good option for anime lovers. It is somewhat popular than the previous sites and offers good content. It has a large collection of Japanese anime subtitled in English, and some titles are dubbed in English. Some of its categories are action, animation, art, fantasy, mystery, drama, horror, and others. At the landing, we will notice that its design is quite simple. The navigation system is functional, and you can find the latest anime series and movies instantly. Just like Animedao, we can find the last episodes of the day, as well as the most viewed episodes of the week.

Developers update the site regularly. When selecting an anime video at 9Anime, it will open a new tab with the player where we can see the episode online and for free. Here, we will see the cover of the anime, the title, and a small synopsis of it. If you wish, 9Anime allows you to download the episode so that you can see it later without the need for an internet connection. 9Anime is a simpler option than the free anime websites we saw previously. Thus, you can use this site to watch the latest anime in English audio or subtitles without a doubt.

Final Words

There are many other anime streaming websites where you can watch your favorite anime series in HD. However, we have selected the sites that are very popular among the users. You can use them and have fun. Nevertheless, you need to know that these sites are illegal sites. Thus, we do not recommend using such sites that infringe copyrights. You can use them at your own risk.