Thug Life Game

Games are a quintessential part of our life. Ever since the advent of technology, computer, and smartphones, playing online games have become a norm. Amidst all the heavy-duty and graphics-intensive games that are available on the internet, the Thug Life game is a pretty great alternative from the staple fast-paced games.

However, the issue with the game is that not many people are aware of it. Yes, it is true. It has gained a lot of popularity among gamers and heavy Facebook users but there are still people on the outside who are completely unaware of how to play it and why it has millions of active players on their platform.

If you are an iPhone user and you are interested in playing the game but don’t know how we have all the information for the same sort out for you in this article.

What is Thug Life?

For users who aren’t aware at all, Thug life is a popular online game that is available for interested gamers to play via Facebook messenger. This is typically a board game that focuses on themes of crime, gangsters, and violence.

So, if these aren’t the themes that you are good to work with, we’d recommend that you look into some of the other available options around. The good thing about this game is that it has over 7.5 million active players that are indulging in the game daily.

Besides the basic gangster themes of this game, one good thing is that the game has a very intuitive user experience and gameplay. So, if you are struggling to keep up with the same, we’d recommend that you familiarize yourself first. Also, the game is based on the U.S hood culture.

What are the basic objectives or features of Thug Life?

The main objective or feature of this game is that the player plays as a gang leader. So, you have the entire responsibility to make it out alive in the end and win coins, treasures, and the goal win in the end. The best way to ensure a sure shot win is to have three pivotal features, including tactics, weapons, and fashion muscle.

Since the game is based on the United States’ hood culture, chalking out your territory in the game is quite important. Also, the players have to collect the war chest successfully in the game to ensure that they win the respect of their team members. This is what makes all the difference in the world.

The game typically starts with a few thugs or team members and a handful of the chest to move ahead in the game with your team members. The end game is to acquire the respect goal. The one that acquires it first in the game is crowned the winner, so make sure you sort that out without any questions along the way.

Also, the game does involve the role of cops that will try to catch you and end the game in the process. You aim to avert them and eventually swerve them enough to land your successful win in the end. The team leader can play with a total of 9 players in their team. You can have less than 9 but not more than that.

How to play Thug Life on iPhone?

If you have an iPhone and you want to try out this game, the process isn’t different than what you’d do on an Android phone. That aside, here’s a quick breakdown of all the steps that you should follow:

  • Start by switching on your iPhone 
  • Once it is unlocked, go to the App Store and look for Facebook messenger
  • Download and then install the app on your phone
  • Log in to the app with your Facebook account
  • Once everything is registered, you need to step up your game and search for Thug Life on messenger
  • Check the first option and click on it
  • Click on Play game and start your game from there

The process can seem a little extensive but that is exactly what you’d do if you own an Android phone. The steps are pretty much the same in both cases.

What kind of Cheats and Hacks are popular for Thug life?

Since the game isn’t available independently and only on Messenger, there aren’t many cheats or hacks that you can implement. However, if you want to enhance the valuation of your coins, there is an easy way to do it.

Here’s a quick rundown of the same:

  • Start by downloading and installing the “Cheat Engine 2019 version”
  • Once the installation is successfully done, you need to open the Thug Life app on your messenger
  • From there, write the individual value of the collected coins
  • Click on one of the coins and press down on CTRL+A from your keyboard
  • From there, you can change the value of the coins and increase them

It is a tedious task, so we’d recommend that you always win with your strategies, instead of relying on tricks and cheats.

If you are bored and tired and want some dose of fun and recreation, Thug life is a game that you won’t regret playing. Not only is it quite easy and interactive, but it is also a very fun and engaging game that requires strategizing and brainstorming, which is quite fun, to begin with. Make sure you follow the rules and the tricks that we have mentioned here.


Is Thug Life a paid game?

No, thug life is available on Messenger for free. So, in case you want to play the game, you can easily search for it online and get to work without any hassle.

Is Thug life a safe game?

Yes, Thug life is developed under Facebook, so if you are worried about privacy and security concerns, you won’t have to worry about the same at all.

Can you play Thug life with strangers?

Yes, you can make your team with other players on the platform without having to bring together your team.