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Want to create your first Roblox game in the studio using free Robux?

Roblox Studio is a very popular tool that is ruling over millions of hearts of Roblox lovers. The main reason behind this popularity is that a player can create and develop his own game as per their requirements.

Roblox Studio acts as a huge help while making structures using bricks, tiles, and other stuff. But this process sometimes becomes complicated as importing 3D models and textures are not as easy as it seems. But the process gets simplified as long as you get comfortable with it. You don’t have to worry about the process as we are here to help you in creating your first Roblox game in the studio.

How To Create Your First Roblox Game On The Studio?

Roblox is famous for its game creation platform. You can not only play your games in fact you can create and share your creations too. Follow this quick guide to create a new Roblox game in the studio and get free Robux too.

 #1 Create an account

Creating an account is the very first step for anyone wanting to build their own Roblox worlds by typing in your search bar.

#2 Install Roblox Studio now to create your first Roblox game

After making your account on Roblox, Now you will be logged in. Now get ready to download and install Roblox Studio.

  • Open Roblox Website and click on the Create button which is usually present at the top corner of the website.
  • You’ll see a prompt to “Download Studio.” Click it.
  • Once Studio downloads, open it and run the program.
  • Move towards My Creations tab and hit on Games if it isn’t already highlighted there.
  • Press enter while keeping your cursor on Create New Game
  • Pick the settings and templates for your new creation.
  • Click Create Game and you are done.

Now it’s your turn to make your game in the public mode as only then other players can see or play your game.

If later on, you feel that, you want more customizations and editing then also you can proceed for its edition process under the Edit tab under the Games list.

#3 Build an obstacle course

Now you can build an obstacle course or “Obby”. An Obby is a game where the player may get obstacles and chases to complete the run. To do so, open the editor and complete the editing process.

How to Earn Free Robux?

#1: In case you can spend your hard-earned money then Go to the Store to Buy Robux.

#2: Play more and more games so that on completing tasks you can win complimentary Robux as rewards.

#3: Become a Builder’s Club Member.

Converting Robux using the Developer Exchange

You can use your earned free Robux in other games, to purchase catalog items, or you can eventually cash out for real-world money using the Developer Exchange Program.

Wrap Up :

This is all about How to create your first Roblox game on Roblox Studio. Also, we have mentioned how to get free Robux. Robux is an in-game virtual currency by which you can purchase a variety of items as per your desire. So it’s important to know how to get free Robux.

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