Area 51 IPTV provides a large number of channels package at the little cost. Area 51 provides more than 1000 live channels and the best part of it that all channels are available in HD quality. You will be surprised by knowing the rate of monthly subscription cost of Area 51 IPTV is $7 per month, which is the cheapest rate according to the channels package. So anyone can afford Area52 IPTV. You can also enjoy the streaming of Area 51 IPTV on your android smartphones by installing the Area 51 IPTV app, you can also install applications like Showbox and Mobdro in your android device and enjoy the streaming. If you are a kodi user then there is kodi addon which you can install on your device.                         With Area 51 IPTV, you can watch most of the sports channels especially for Hockey (NHL), Baseball (MLB), Basketball (NBA) and Football (NFL). You can subscribe Area 51 IPTV by choosing the monthly, 3 months, 6 months, and 1-year plan. Area 51 IPTV gives the option of the monthly payment that is good for the subscriber. If the service of streaming is not suitable for the user, then they can switch to the other streaming service by the end of the month.  Area 51 IPTV provides the feature of pay per view for the sports program. Area 51 IPTV also provides an adult section which you can restrict by creating a password for security reason. You can install Area 51 IPTV as on many devices as you want but you can get access to channels from two devices at one time. If you need to additional connection, then you have to purchase it on your requirement.

The major channels of Area51 IPTV are belonging from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, Spain, Poland, India, Pakistan, and Arab. The top movies, TV show, news channels, music channels are also available on the Area 51. So Area 51 IPTV is including everything in HD quality to get and attract customers. Before you start Area 51 IPTV, we prefer you to download and install best VPN for the security of your device. VPN secures your data, privacy and it protects your device also. You can install any VPN of your choice, just make sure it supports on Area 51 IPTV. There are many VPN is available on the internet which are paid and free, I suggest some name of good  VPN for Area 51 IPTV are IP Vanish, Express VPN, Cyber Ghost, Hide My Ass.


  • The best feature of Area 51 IPTV is that they provide 1000 channels with HD quality.
  • Its offers a lot of sports channels like NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB and more.
  • The best payment system like Month-to-Month is too good.
  • Feature of Pay per view of sports events.
  • You can use Area 51 IPTV on chromecast by using VLC video player.
  • Area 51 IPTV offers you the support of an external player.
  • Available as an application, so the user can use Area 51 IPTV on their Smartphone also.
  • User can protect Adult section by creating password.
  • User can pay bill online because the online portal of Area 51 IPTV is available.
  • You can record live streaming on Area 51 IPTV.
  • Area 51 IPTV comes with the remote control friendly interface.


                For install Area 51 IPTV on your fire TV, firestick and android device, you have to follow the mentioned steps below. Before we started, first make sure you have these requirements.

  1. As I tell you that you have to install VPN on your device and create an account on it, for secure your privacy and your device form any kind of risk.
  2. You have an account of Area 51 IPTV, if you not create yet go to the page of Area 51 IPTV and create an account.
  • If you are using fire TV stick, you need OTG cable.
  1. Install downloader on ANDROID BOX or NVIDIA SHIELD.
  • Once you have all the requirements, simply go ahead and follow these steps.

Step #1: Connect your VPN to protect your device.

Step #2: Register for Area 51 IPTV account (if possible, always using secure payment site for Area 51 IPTV).

Step #3: Turn on the option of “unknown source” from your device.

Step #4: Now, install downloader.

Step #5: Now type in your URL box (remember, not in the search box), the app will start the download.

Step #6: Now go to the file manager and install the application and create a shortcut to the home screen if you want.

Step #7: Launch the application and enter your username and password (when you register the Area 51 IPTV Account), done! Now you are all set to enjoy the service.


                There is a one requirement to use Area 51 IPTV on Chromecast, which is that you have VLC player as your default video player. If you don’t have VLC player, just installed on your Chromecast. After installing VLC player follows the steps are below:

Step#1: Launch VLC player and locate the chromecast icon from the top right corner.

Step#2: now you have seen a different type of chromecast device like “LIVE TV”, “ON DEMAND” OR “SERISE”. You have to choose one of them and, once you choose you are all set to go and enjoy Area 51 IPTV on chromecast.


Step #1: First, “Launch KODI”.

Step #2: Click on the “Setting” after that click on “File manager” and select “Add source

Step #3: In the add source dialog box, select “None”.

Step #4: Now Type Repo URL as and press done.

Step #5: Give any name to the repo, for example “AREA 51 IPTV” and click ok.

Step #6: Now go to the home page and go to the “Add-ons” menu item.

Step #7: Click on the “Open box” icon, which are located under the Add-ons heading.

Step #8: Select install from zip file option and then select Area 51 IPTV (or any other name that you have provided in the step#5).

Step #9: Click on “UFO Repository” and wait for the UFO Repository add-on enable.

Step #10: That after Click on “Video add-ons” and then “Area 51 IPTV”.

Step #11: Before installed the application you have to go to the “SYSTEM SETTING” app and turn on the option of “UNKNOWN SOURCE”, otherwise you cannot installed the Application.

Step #12: Now you can see the “INSTALL” option, click on it and wait for the Area 51 IPTV Add-on installed message.


                So the conclusion for Area 51 IPTV is that this service is the best in compares others because Area 51 IPTV provides lots of facilities include movies, TV shows, live sports programs and more in HD quality at the cheapest rate according to others. And here we discuss the installation process of Area 51 IPTV in every supported device, so write your streaming experience of Area 51 IPTV in the comment box.