Showbox Apk

There are many android apps available on the internet that let the users watch movies and series for free in HD quality. However, despite being illegal they enjoy a huge success among the users. You just need to install the app and you will be able to stream movies and series without any problem. ShowBox APK is a trusted mobile application to watch movies and series online. Little by little this app has become the favorite of users. This is one of the most popular apps for its easy download and installation. This app allows you to watch the best movies in streaming, in addition to being able to watch the best television shows.

Even with this application you can download the series and download the movies, so in case you want to take a trip to the beach and disconnect, you can watch your favorite movies and series without being connected to the internet. Nonetheless, there are many similar applications like ShowBox APK. Here, we are going to show you what are the top alternatives to ShowBox APK.

Sony Crackle

This ShowBox APK alternative will let you watch Hollywood movies, series, and television shows for free on all devices. It has an extensive catalog. You can also create your list of favorites. Plus, you can get viewing recommendations from Sony Pictures Studio. It is a free and legal application, you only have to register to use it, of course, this will not prevent you from seeing the advertising. This app offers you the ability to start viewing content on one computer and continue it on another at the exact point where you left off, without any problem.


It is one of the best applications to watch movies and series from any device you have. You can download and install this application from Android, IOS, Smart TV, and even on your own computer. This app is completely optimized to be installed on a smartphone, so it will be very useful when you feel that you are getting bored on the journey to your destination, you will be able to view many of the suggestions that this application recommends. Snagfilms is a complete tool, which will definitely help you if you are a fan of movies and series. However, you won’t find the latest movies and series here Documentaries and independent movies are the main attraction here.


This application has a large number of users, on its platform, you will be able to find a variety of content since it has series, films, documentaries, with which you will surely spend many hours entertaining. Besides, it gives you the option to download the content so that you can view it when you do not have an internet connection. Also, you can open several user profiles, the best thing is that Netflix offers you content related to the series or movies that you watch every day, all this is thanks to its advanced algorithm.

You only have to download the application on your device, it should be noted that Netflix is ​​an application that you can find to install for free, remember to be able to see all the content that this App offers you will have to pay. You need to opt for its monthly subscription plans. It can be budget-friendly as you can share money and your account with five other persons. Thus, this can be one of the best alternatives to ShowBox APK.

Titanium TV App

This app will allow you to enjoy the best series and movies in the best HD quality. You can enjoy it on any device you have, even from your own mobile. One of the features for which this application has become famous is that it has the subtitles function. So, you can check how the movie title would be. It should be noted that this app that is used to watch movies and series also allows you to watch your favorite TV shows.

The process of downloading and installing this application is very easy, so in a matter of minutes, you will be able to enjoy a large thumbnail of movies and series. Titanium app is a great alternative to Terrarium TV, so it can also be the best ShowBox alternative in 2021.


If you want an application that is quick to install, this will definitely be for you. Cinema HD APK is an application that stands out in its speed, if you want to watch series and movies easily and quickly this is your app so that you can learn all the information about this ShowBox APK alternative on its official website that can be found on Google. The application can be downloaded on Android phones and tablets easily. The process is simple and easy. Plus, the collection of films and TV shows title is really massive that you will find from the classic ones to the recently released.

CatMouse APK

Few applications allow you to view HD content and it is for this very reason that you will find the best ShowBox APK alternatives. One of them is CatMouse APK, which is an app that is characterized by only having movies and television series in HD. It is compatible with many operating systems including Smartphone, Smart TV, or even on a computer. The installation of this application is very simple, so you can enjoy high-definition content quickly and for free. This is among the most popular applications to watch TV.

MX Player

MX Players is very popular in India and other Asian countries. It is basically a movie player like VLC, but it also offers a wide variety of movies, television shows, and series. The functions that this application has are many, among which are: You can create your own playlist, so you will not miss any episode of your favorite series. It has Chromecast support, excellent content and in high quality, you can watch various movie titles and series.

Tubi TV

This is one of the best and legal applications, where you can watch movies, series, cartoons, news from the world of sports, national series, foreign series, and much more. Its app is available for Android and iOS. This great company gives you the possibility to watch current and trending television programs. It may not have the latest movies and series, but it has a great collection of curated movies and series.


This is one of the mobile applications that have the most functions, it offers the possibility of using Chromecast. In addition, it has a very personalized menu, unlike the others. Since it allows you to organize movies and series by country of production, year, and genre. This ShowBox APK alternative is one of the most used mobile apps, so its developers give it a lot of technical support, it transmits quality movies and series. The application carries out many updates periodically, this means that users can watch feature films, television series, and new films that are available.