Hago Play alternative

Developed by Hago Games Inc, Hago was a very popular application in India until it was recently banned by the government. Given how addictive this application was, people are now looking for alternatives for them.

This is a multipurpose game that not just provides with weekly battles and competitions, it also lets you network with people from across the world and get to know them better. It allowed people to engage in conversations and simply have fun and quality time.

But, with the ban of the application, finding good alternatives for the Hago Play app is what you need to do now. We have made the process easier for you and sorted out some of the best picks.

What is Hago Play?

Hago play is a gaming application that lets you face weekly challenges and even network with gamers on the platform. It allows you to chat with people on the application and get to know them better.

Aside from that, the platform also hosts exciting weekly battles with cute games that further allow you to enjoy your games too. Developed by the Hago Play Inc, this allows you to play endless games and even have some interesting chats with people you connect with.

Why was Hago Play banned in India?

Hago Play, along with several other Chinese applications, has been banned in India by the government authorities.

The step was taken in retaliation to the attack imposed by Chinese troops on the Indian Army. The authorities also wanted to secure the privacy and data of the Indian citizens from the Chinese developers and government and hence the bans were sanctioned.

Best Alternatives for Hago Play

With the basics out of the way, now is the time we further discuss the alternative Indian for Hago Play. Let us take a look at some of the best ones.

  1. Movie Star Planet

The very first option on the list is Movie Star Planet for individuals who want a taste of real-life stardom. This allows you to create movies, scripts, characters, and everything around that realm and then share the same with your friends and with other users of the game.

Like Hago Play, even this one has a range of chat rooms that you can get into and meet new people. This allows you to make and design your avatar and decorate your own space, something similar to a movie.

The application is available for download on the Play Store and lets you have something to pass your time with.

  1. Habbo

When talking about any alternative of Hago Play, Habbo is a close second. This is a role-playing app or game that lets you dress up and then chat with people across the world. It lets you create a pixelated virtual world that you look forward to.

Aside from the chatrooms, this also has separate live events that individuals can take part in. Over time, the app has built a community with over 3 million users. If you are someone who enjoys pixel art graphics, you are going to enjoy this one.

Like the previous one, even this one lets you design your avatar and doll them up the way you want to. This allows you to unleash your creativity and share it with like-minded people.

  1. Our World

Next up on the list is Our World, an online virtual world game that lets you design your avatar in the desired looks and dresses. The application is developed by FlowPlay Inc. and lets you explore the beauty of the virtual world right through the phone.

As for the available games, it features a diverse genre of games including puzzles, furniture, pets, hairstyles, fashion and so many more. It also has several cute hanging out spots and centres that add a level of realism to the game.

You can interact with other users and set up your quests that you can further explore.

  1. WoozWorld

As weird as the name of the game is, it is just as exciting, if not more. This supports four different languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. This is specifically a fashion virtual world that allows you to join the groups of fashionistas and exchange creative thoughts and ideas.

You can choose from a plethora of stylish clothes and then never get bored with your life again. It has a separate chatting feature that allows you to talk and converse with other users on the app, which again is quite fun and interactive.

The app is available for free, so you can download it in case you are missing playing Hago Play now.

  1. Lady Popular

Next up on the list of the best non-Chinese Hago Play alternatives is Lady Popular. Even though this does seem like an easy game to play, it is not. The levels get challenging as you get higher but they are just as interesting. You get to implement your fashion style in real-time and enjoy it too.

The avatar that you create for yourself is customisable and that too to great extents. You can customise it based on your likes and dislikes. This doesn’t have separate chat rooms, so that is one downside to this application.

But, if you want to explore your fashion sense and just have fun in your spare time, this is the best application to download.

  1. Avakin Life

Avakin life is a very underrated application. But, the more you use it, the more it grows on you and that is one of the main reasons why it is considered such a steal. This lets you have a real-time gaming life experience, creating your avatar and space with 3D animation.

Unlike the previous one, this one supports separate chat rooms. You can use them to talk to people and have fun interacting with them. It also lets you exchange ideas and learns from some of the OG users about the best things on this application.

If you like simulation and virtual application games, this is hands down one of the best options that you can check out.

  1. Decisions

If you have not seen ads for this game pop up on your phone, you are likely missing out. This is a highly interactive game that allows you to create your scenarios and choose the outcome of the story that you make yourself.

Developed by Games2Win.com, this brings you a very interactive and immersive gaming experience that you wouldn’t mind spending hours on. This features several stories including several genres of romance, thriller, and even fun and lighthearted comedy.

It is also available in multiple languages, making the game even more interactive. Even this one allows you to customise your characters the way you want it.

  1. Stardoll

As the name suggests, this application gives you a taste of what real stardom feels like. If you have always been inquisitive about the same and wanted to try new things out, we’d suggest you do take a look into this one.

This is a fashion, fame, and friends game that lets you dress up and design your avatar, MeDoll. It has separate sections to make posts, view comments, and has separate space for messages too. You can also connect with more users by sending them friend requests.

All in all, the game is extremely intuitive and engaging. If you like fashion-related games like this, you can give this a try without further questions. It is available for download on Play Store.

  1. The Sims Mobile

Sims is a very unique way of representing your personality in a virtual world. If you are tired of consistently being wired up with unnecessary fashion games, this is one alternative to Hago Play that you wouldn’t regret installing.

Developed by Electronic Arts Inc., this allows you to customise your own Sims according to your likings and the available resources. There are also several personality traits that you can choose from. They also have separate professions that you can look through and apply to your Sim.

The game is completely free to download and is available on the Play Store.

  1. Line Play

If you go “kawaii” seeing all the cute things around you, this app is meant for you. This is a lot different than your standard alternatives and is a staple for anyone who is into fashion and beauty. This is also an amazing platform to engage with more users and make more friends talk to.

The app has over 6 million downloads and lets you unleash your life the way you want to. It also allows you to work with your friends and design their avatars the way you want. The app brings you endless possibilities to look into have fun using them.

The app is available for free on Play Store, so in case you have been looking for some good alternatives, use this one.

  1. Life Quest 2

Next up on the list of the best alternatives for Hago Play is Life Quest 2. This is a fashion and lifestyle game that you will love spending your time playing. This is a very intuitive application with 12 different life quests that you can master and play.

It comes with a lot of resources that allow you to experience games of rags to riches and even have challenging quests that allow you to earn real cash. It also allows you to enjoy your virtual work life, which again is a reason why this is such a popular game.

This is a lot different than the plethora of casual games that are available on the internet. It is also available for both iOS and Android platforms.

  1. Hollywood Story

Hollywood Story is likely one of the best alternatives for Hago Play. Not only is it studded with some of the best star cast and fashionistas, but it also lets you become an actual Hollywood star the way you’d want in reality.

This has separate avatars that you can play around with and design according to your likings. From the designer dresses to your brand of perfume, this app lets you do a lot of things. It also hosts several parties that you can be part of.

If you are looking for some good applications to spend your time playing, this is your safest bet. Make sure that you do interact with more people to enjoy the game the way it is.

Hago Play was a very in-demand application in India, especially because of the interactive gameplay and the networking it provided. It allowed you to make new friends and interact with more users on the platform. Always ensure that you check out these alternatives we have mentioned and install the one that best suits your interests.


Is Hago Play going to make a return?

With the ban imposed by the Indian government, likely, the game is not going to make a comeback anytime soon. It is considered to be done for the well-being of Indian citizens, especially with the protection of personal data. So, if you are waiting for this application to make a return, it won’t.

Do the alternatives for Hago Play make your real money?

Not every single one of them would. It is unlikely for any of these apps or games to make your real money. So ensure that you are super careful while playing these games. For the most part, they are for your entertainment.

Are the alternatives available for iOS and Android both?

Yes, the majority of them are available for both iOS and Android. The interface is a lot more interactive and intuitive, letting you enjoy the games and have fun connecting with new people on the game as well.

Are the apps free?

Yes, the apps are completely free and not chargeable. In case you do find a similar app that is costing you money except for the ads, you should uninstall it and look for a different alternative that is free of cost.

Do all these alternatives have chatrooms?

The majority of the alternatives that we have mentioned have chatrooms in them. But, there are a few that don’t. But, given how similar the UI and UX of these apps are, you wouldn’t mind not having the separate chat rooms too.