RepelisPlus is one of the best and attractive websites among Spanish viewers to watch movies and series. It has a large library, which, besides being well organized, can be easily navigated. The entire site is in Spanish, which enhances the Spanish-speaking experience. Repelisplus has in its favor that its content is in very good quality, showing only movies and series in HD. It also has a section dedicated to the latest releases, trends, and specials.

Its popularity has even led it to offer an application for a smartphone running on the Android operating system. This is of great help for those who like to watch movies and series while on the go from their mobile phones. RepelisPlus is undoubtedly among the best free movie streaming websites but there are many similar sites like RepelisPlus that can be explored by Spanish viewers.

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What Are the Best Alternatives to Repelisplus?

Many users have experienced the temporary shutdown of RepelisPlus in the last few years. The policies of government and ISPs have blocked its domain several times but still, it has managed to survive in the market. In order to fill the gap when RepelisPlus is shut down, it is handy to keep some similar sites like RepelisPlus that can be the top RepelisPlus alternatives. Here, we are going to list down some of the best sites to watch movies and series in Spanish for free.


Pepecine is really popular not only as a RepelisPlus alternative but as a reliable free streaming site. Not only does it have one of the largest libraries to find all kinds of series and movies, but it also offers them to its users in all languages, with the possibility of subtitles and in many types of formats.

Another of its essential features is the site’s interface. It’s simple, loads very fast, and is easy on the eye, making users decide to stay longer. To improve the user experience, Pepecine places small information on each movie or series that it owns. In it, she describes a bit of the plot, the director, the main actors, and other things are mentioned.


PelisPedia is really among the great alternatives to Repelispedia worldwide. Its users rate it as one of the best. For starters, its biggest appeal is that it doesn’t include advertising across the web. It is the only one so far that offers such an advantage. The main content of this free streaming website is movies and shows. It does have room for HD films and series so, users get a seamless experience. The site also has a section for news, another for the calendar, and one for news. So, users can know about the title before playing it.


Vidcorn is a long-standing platform. It recently had to change his domain from to, which has left his millions of followers confused. However, its library is still intact. It is very large, with thousands of options in each of its categories. It is also a site where advertising is not excessive or appears on a recurring basis. However, its users recommend having an ad blocker and a VPN. The great thing about Vidcorn is that it always updates its content and that is why it can be the best alternative to Vidcorn. It’s not inferior to the other major content sites and offers all the movies and shows for true movie fans.


It is a website that has gained recognition for the quality of the content they present, but also because it has helped those users who come looking for alternatives to RepelisPlus. Gnula provides a massive collection to its users but registration is required. However, to reward its users, it allows them to download both movies and series that are hosted there.

On the other hand, Gnula has room for all tastes. Television programs are available. It also allows viewing them in their original language or in Spanish or with Spanish subtitles. In addition, it is kept updated with current releases.


This RepelisPlus alternative requires all of its users to go through the registration process and enjoy all the content that it offers. The UI is quite similar to other Spanish movie streaming sites. However, their content is one of the best. The developers are very up-to-date when it comes to series and movies.

The origin of the site is Mexican and much of its content can be in Latin Spanish, in addition to the fact that the web is precisely in this language. When it comes to its interface, Dixmax is very nice, especially because it combines speed and good design. In addition, it offers the ability to filter content searches so, users can find any movie or series in Spanish dual audio or with Spanish subtitles.


This similar site like RepelisPlus draws your attention from the moment you enter the website. Its page is quite attractive, with a content organization that enhances not only the streaming experience but also exploring and finding new movies and shows.

One of its best benefits is that all the content on your website is in HD quality. Also, most of it is available in Spanish. Cliver stays quite up-to-date with regards to new releases. In addition, its low advertising makes it a favorite site for many, avoiding the interruption of ads during reproductions.


It is a platform dedicated exclusively to showing series. So, it is one of the most famous since it keeps updating the popular TV series titles and offering them in Spanish audio or with subtitles. This similar site like RepelisPlus is an excellent alternative for many users not only for content but also for the platform. It is easy to use, showing various filters to find series and episodes. Although it was in several legal problems in 2018, it seems to continue its activity, so there are many who take full advantage of all the good content it has to offer.