Free Movie Apps

Whether you are a movie geek or not but you might be familiar with the trend that is going in the world right now which is the online streaming of movies and TV shows. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, HBO Max, and there are many online streaming apps but hey charge a monthly or yearly subscription fee. Although, there are many free movies streaming websites on the internet where users can watch movies and TV shows without any worry but they run lots of ads and there is no reliability of their existence. That is why we are going to offer you the best free movie apps that are also legal and provide HD streaming experience.


One of the best free movie apps to watch movies for free is YouTube. There are thousands of movies posted on the video-sharing platform. There are lots of channels that provide free movies as well as original web series. For example, Paramount has enabled its own space on YouTube where it hangs some of its classic films to see them without cuts or cost.

YouTube also offers its own TV series but they are anchored with YouTube Premium. The free movie collection at YouTube is really great and you will find all the classic and not-so-new movies around here.


It is among the best legal free movie apps where we can watch free movies and a series or documentary. You may not find all the latest movies and TV shows here but the classic movies and TV shows are really great here. The quality of the videos and the navigation with amazing UI is really enticing. This free movie app can be installed on the Android app and can also be used on PC with its website.

Ads are comparatively very less than other similar free movie apps like PopcornFlix. But yes, you would be feed one or two ads before playing a movie or a show. So, happy free streaming on Popcornflix.


It is another free movie app similar to Popcornflix. In it, you will also find free movies and, in this case, a lot of documentaries. While we are not talking about the latest releases, this portal has some classic movies that are worth it. In any case, the quality of the image and the sound is better, and that is something to think about. Their connection is not limited to the English language as viewers will Spanish, Latin, French, and many other movies for free movies. The ads may appear before playing any movie but that is the price of the free streaming experience.


Viewster is also among the best free movie apps for mobile phones, smart TVs, and also for gaming consoles. One of its added values is that you don’t have to create an account. You simply access their catalog and you can watch their movies in streaming for free.

As in the previous cases, the problem may be in the catalog but at Viewster, it is not about poor quality movies or bad movies, but you will not find the latest news either. Let’s say the catalog is a bit indie, but it has very interesting things. In fact, you can watch regional series or movies, or a lot of Korean cinema. We insist that the catalog is not bad, but let’s say that it is not very commercial either.

Open Culture

Open Culture is not a free movie app but it’s a website that offers you a free movie catalog to watch. However, this website goes one step further as they define themselves as a database since in addition to movies you can find books or courses that are also free. In reality, the system works as they claim themselves as a catalog. They don’t actually own the movies, nor do they store them. They present you with the catalog, and if they want to see one of their films, for example, you click and it takes you to the place where you can see them.

The catalog of films is not very extensive and most are from the 1950s backward, so it is an option if you like classic cinema. With regard to the book catalog, something similar happens, it has mostly classic books in English.

Sony Crackle

It is the most popular free movie application that is being used to watch movies and series online. Crackle is owned by Sony and unsurprisingly has a wide selection of TV series and movies with excellent sound and video quality. It does not need registration and is free of advertising. Available for both Android and iOS.


Tubi TV is one of the most downloaded and popular free movie apps to legally watch movies and TV series online, whose catalog is classified by genre, which is updated weekly by adding new movies, with high-quality video and sound. It has advertising that appears from time to time. It is an American free online streaming service so; you got to enjoy many popular hit movies and shows.

Free Trial Months of Paid Streaming Services

Most streaming platforms have a free subscription month during which you can enjoy their entire catalog of movies, series, or documentaries. Obviously, this is part of their commercial strategy so that you “get hooked” and then you don’t want to leave them and pay the corresponding subscription. Nothing happens if you don’t, it is not mandatory. The free month does not cheat.

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, Apple TV+, and many other mainstream online streaming services offer free trials for a month. So, these are the best free movie apps to watch movies and TV shows and if you want to enjoy paid apps for free then free trials are the best.