Sports Betting

Sports betting has always been a successful gambling industry but since the introduction of online sports betting sites and apps, it has become more popular. In the next four years, the sports betting market is expected to grow by $144.44 bn. With the online platforms, a punter from any corner of the world can place bets on any game easily from the device in his/her hands. Even if sports betting is always speculative, you should play on the chances. You should be properly organized and educated about the games you want to place bets. Here are some of the significant things you should consider before betting.

Analyze betting info before Placing Bets

Various statistics can give you an outlook on the outcome of a game and they should be the basis of your research prior to making a bet. The most important indicator is, of course, the table. It not only shows how successful the teams or an athlete have been in the season so far, but it also gives you lots of additional information, for example, who scored how many goals or how often they drew. Tables can often be divided into a “home” and “away” table.

In addition, you should also look at cross- season statistics. This is particularly helpful if there have been many encounters between two opponents in the past. Sometimes teams have a real fear opponent who triggers them regularly. The betting providers incorporate all of these aspects into their odds and betting tips that’s why it is important to choose a reliable and trusted betting service provider. Therefore, you should deal with the statistics in a disciplined manner beforehand.

Important betting info:

  • Table (including all data such as goal difference or home and away strength)
  • Market values ​​of the teams
  • Direct comparison from previous games

Pay attention to the general conditions

Statistics may give you a basic impression of the balance of power between two teams or athletes. But beyond that, numerous other framework conditions determine victory and defeat. Sometimes a change of coach brings a breath of fresh air to a team, sometimes the loss of a key player weighs heavily. So, always pay attention to every news related to the game and players. Even the weather can benefit a particular team’s style of play. The court surface is of great importance in tennis. To enumerate all factors would go beyond the scope and ultimately you need both experience and a certain feeling for cause and effect in the respective sport.

Important influencing factors:

  • Shape curve
  • Injuries like muscle hardening
  • Burden of players
  • Team mood (are there riots, change rumors, or a change of coach?)
  • Expectations (Is a team under particular pressure? How was it dealt with in the past?)
  • Weather

Money management

No matter what goals you have when betting, in any case, you should plan a fixed budget for sports betting. How much money you want to hold in your hands is entirely up to you. However, never put money that you otherwise need to live. As a beginner, you should also bet with fixed bets that do not exceed one to two percent of your betting budget. The more risk you take, the smaller your bets should be. You must know how to manage your bankroll in any business or work you are engaged in.

Value betting

The principle of value betting is widespread among experienced sports betting professionals. They try to determine the probability of a correct tip themselves and then compare this probability with the odds of a betting provider. If there is a large difference between the two ratings, the odds of the betting provider appear to be set too high or too low.

There are many approaches to how exactly the tipster calculates his subjective probability and from what difference to the odds, he should make the bet. Most value bets are in the range of betting odds between 1.60 to 2.50 (betting odds from the betting provider) and exclude tips on clear favorites.

Do you want to know if a bet is a potentially profitable value bet? Then, taking into account all the information available to you, ask yourself how likely you think your bet will be. Set a percentage. Players can use a formula of multiplying odds with the probability in percentage divided by 100. If the result is greater than one, one should place the bet and it is less than 1, it’s better not to bet.