Film Characters Who Could Benefit from CBD Oil

So many people are talking about the many benefits of CBD oil in recent years. Not only is it easy to use and affordable, but it can also be found most everywhere, even at your local gas stations and drug stores. The result has been that millions of people are discovering how CBD oil can help improve their daily lives.

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Here is a look at five famous movie characters whose lives could have been improved if they had access to CBD oil products and the benefits they provide. By seeing what these products could do to benefit these famous characters, you can gain some insight into how they may be able to help you, even if your problems are not quite as dramatic as what you see in the movies.

  1. Darth Vader from “Star Wars”

The “Star Wars” series is one of the most popular and influential film series in history. George Lucas released the first film in 1977 and they are still being released today. Since then, there have been sequels, prequels, television series, video games and theme park rides that all celebrate the phenomenon that is “Star Wars.”

The villain of the first three films is Darth Vader. His deep voice and evil actions made him a scary figure to many people and he was celebrated as one of the great bad guys in film history.

Darth Vader wore a protective suit and mask to help him breathe after he was severely injured in his younger days. Big body has been disfigured and he is unable to breathe on his own as a result of this.

There is no doubt that Darth Vader suffers from chronic pain as a result of his injuries. CBD oil shows great promise in helping people deal with chronic pain. That is because it interacts with the part of the brain that controls the way we feel pain.

Maybe, if Darth Vader had access to CBD oil, he would have been less evil and more able to reconcile with Luke Skywalker and Princess Leah. Maybe the history of the universe would have been different. Or maybe people dealing with chronic pain like Darth Vader could benefit from CBD oil as well.

  1. Rocky Balboa from “Rocky”

Sylvester Stallone’s story of an underdog street fighter who miraculously got a shot at the world heavyweight title during America’s bicentennial celebration won the respect of filmgoers everywhere. It won the Oscar for Best Picture in 1976 and gave Stallone’s career a huge boost.

Rocky didn’t win his big fight with champion Apollo Creed, played by Carl Weathers, but he became the personification of the underdog that so many Americans love to root for.

At the end of the film, Rocky takes an awful beating in his fight with Apollo. His face is distorted and his eye is swollen shut from all of the punches he took in this titanic 15-round battle.

Studies show that CBD oil has great promise as an anti-inflammatory. Rocky may have been able to get relief after the fight if he was able to use CBD oil lotion and creams. They may be able to reduce swelling and inflammation which Rocky obviously needed after the beating he took from Apollo.

  1. Ron Kovic in “Born on the Fourth of July”

“Born on the Fourth of July” was a powerful film about Vietnam War veteran Ron Kovic and the disillusionment he felt after being injured and paralyzed in the war.

Because of some of his difficult experiences in the war including killing villagers he mistakes for the Viet Cong and leaving a crying baby alone to die, Ron suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD.

It took him years to recover from this and regain any sense of normalcy in his life.

But CBD oil may be able to help people suffering from PTSD because of the way that it interacts with the centers of pain and emotion in the brain. Studies indicate CBD oil shows great promise in helping people in this way.

Ron Kovic’s recovery could have been aided and sped up by CBD oil products like the ones sold by Penguin.

  1. Ray Charles in “Ray”

“Ray” is the biography of singer Ray Charles, one of America’s most beloved 20th century musicians. Jamie Foxx won the Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of Charles and the film was a big success.

One big problem that Charles had in his life and in the film was a heroin addiction. It eventually affected his music and his relationships and he had a difficult time suffering through a painful withdrawal from this dangerous drug.

According to preliminary studies, CBD oil products may be able to reduce the pain and discomfort associated with drug withdrawal. It may be able to reduce the body’s craving for the addictive narcotics as well.

If Ray Charles had access to CBD oil products, his withdrawal from heroin addiction may have been quicker, easier and less painful.

  1. Rose in “Titanic”

James Cameron’s “Titanic” was a blockbuster film that won the Oscar for Best Picture in 1997 and re-ignited interest in the tragic sinking of the world’s most luxurious ocean liner which took place more than 80 years earlier.

The heroine of the story, Rose, played by Kate Winslet, comes from a wealthy family that has fallen upon hard times and she now needs to marry a rich man she does not love for money. On board the Titanic, she meets and falls in love with Jack, a poor artist who opens up the possibilities that life has to offer for Rose independent of marrying into money.

The thought of marrying Cal Hockley, her fiancée, was not appealing to Rose and her mother’s demands that she did so made her feel anxious and like she was not in control of her life.

CBD oil has shown great promise in treating people with anxiety in preliminary studies. If Rose had CBD oil available, she may have been able to handle the situation in a better way.

If CBD oil can help these fictional characters with their problems, imagine what it might be able to do for you.