Apps Like DU Cleaner

Though most of us don’t maintain your phones daily, cleaning the device once in a while is necessary for its proper functioning and longevity. A lot of people preferred to use the DU Cleaner and clean master app for cleaning the junk and unnecessary files and cache data and increase their phone’s storage. Unfortunately, these apps have been banned now by the Indian government owing to some privacy issues. No doubt people are clueless as to which alternative booster app is to be used for decluttering their devices now. We have brought to you a comprehensive list of all the major DU Cleaner alternatives which you can rely on. But before proceeding to the alternatives, we would have a quick glance at the DU Cleaner app.

What is DU Cleaner? 

Using the DU Cleaner app, you can clear your android handset’s cache and other junk files in seconds. These unnecessary files take up a lot of space, preventing the phone’s performance capability. This app helped users to get rid of the unnecessary files and keep your phone’s internal storage free. The DU Cleaner is extremely easy to be used. All you need to do is open the app, click on clear files and wait for a few seconds and your work would be done. Another benefit of this app is that it eliminates the APK files which are installed on your device but you don’t need them anymore. In short, this app consumes only 5 MB but is great for keeping one’s phone clean.

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Why is the app banned? 

Unfortunately, this widely preferred DU Cleaner app has been banned by the Indian government recently, leaving a lot of users disheartened. The Indian government has banned it on grounds of being threatening to the integrity and sovereignty and security of the Indian nation. To elaborate, these apps have been found to collect user’s confidential data, which is extremely unethical and immoral. However, no need to worry. We have listed down the alternatives of the DU Cleaner app which are non-Chinese and completely safe.

Alternatives of DU Cleaner

Below given is a list of the 10 best DU Cleaner alternative apps which people can trust. All of them are advanced and easy to be used. They offer innumerable features, allowing users to not only clean the cache files, but also do a lot of other things. Read below to know about each of them in detail.

  • Phone Master

This is the best non-Chinese cleaner app that people widely use nowadays. It’s one of the most reliable apps that offer a lot of features that can simply amaze you. Besides cleaning up all your unwanted and junk files present in your device, it boosts up the functioning of the device, giving you amazing user experience. It effectively cleans all the irritating and uninvited files and data within seconds. Furthermore, it saves your battery life, making it durable and long-lasting. It automatically detects the apps which are taking most of your phone’s space or exhausting your phone’s battery. Also, when it comes to its features, it acts as a CPU cooler, keeping the phone always cool and free from viruses. This app has a premium version, to which you need to subscribe if you want to avail of its premium services.

  • CCleaner

Another popular cleaning software for Android users is CCleaner. This is by far the best Android phone cleaner app which lets you clean all unnecessary files and folders like app cache, browser history, download folders, clipboard content, etc. You can uninstall unused apps together using this app. CCleaner also comes with a storage analyser feature which gives you an account of how your phone’s storage is being consumed by several apps on your device. Besides, this app is even equipped with a phone cooling system, keeping your device’s temperature low, enhancing its functioning to the optimum level. This app is available for free but is powered by ads. If you don’t want these ads to intervene, you can subscribe to its premium version and avail several interesting features and options.

  • Norton Clean

Besides cleaning your device and decluttering it from residual files created by uninstalled apps on your phone, it also cleans obsolete data and Android packages. Using this app is an extremely hassle-free process. The app also automatically identifies the unwanted files which are consuming space unnecessarily and deletes them itself. Even if you want to select a few files and apps and delete them from your phone, this app would do so efficiently within seconds. This app is entirely advertisement free and provides services for free to all android users. The best feature of this app is that it analyses the storage of your phone and identifies the apps which are eating up more RAM of your device. You can get a detailed report on the battery consumption of your phone’s app as well. Thus by performing all these functions, it lets users stay informed about their device and take necessary action to keep their phone in perfect state.

  • SD Maid

SD Maid is another booster app for Android users which is also an alternative app for Clean Master. It is the most in-depth storage booster app that you would find in today’s market. In addition to cleaning cache files and folders, this app also allows users to clear logs and other junk files unused by the system. The file automatically detects junk files and removes them frequently from your device to allow your phone’s optimum functioning. This also ensures your battery’s longevity, allowing you to work on your phone for a longer duration. The best feature is the app comes with a feature that detects duplicate files, documents, music, and everything from your phone. Similar to other cleaner apps, this too is available for free but has a pro version, which is only accessible to subscribed users. SD Maid is continually being upgraded by developers, providing better services to users day by day.

  • Avira Optimizer 

THE next RAM cleaner app on the list is Avira Optimizer. This is again for Android users, which clears away all junk files, cache folders, and duplicate files present in your phone. It keeps your phone’s storage free from all unnecessary things, allowing your phone to function smoothly. This app offers a separate clean private data mode, using which you can clear your private browser’s history, texts, call logs, and clipboard content. Also, you can boost your phone’s battery by shutting down all background apps which consume your phone’s charge and hence enjoy a better gaming experience. You can also get a detailed overview of your phone’s functioning, how much space is consumed, space free, battery consumption, etc. One additional feature present in this app is the advanced built-in smart lock, which lets you lock various apps in your device. Besides doing the basic functions, it cools down the RAM and CPU and is equipped with an effective antivirus system.

  • Tenorshare iCareFone Cleaner

Another excellent speed booster app designed for iOS users is iCareFone. It mainly is a device cleaning app that helps you free your storage by cleaning all unnecessary files. ICareFone is extremely easy to be used. It protects user information, securing your privacy to the utmost. It is also equipped with a robust AntiVirus system which keeps the device free from malware. It even allows people to back up the necessary information. It can automatically locate temp, junk, and duplicate files and clean them frequently. The best features one can avail from this app are ace clean, ace boost, quiet notification, CPU cooler, and battery saver.

  • iFreeUp

Specially designed for iPhone users, this app comes with about 30 different cleaning tools that enhance user’s experience. With a plethora of advanced features and functionalities, this app is one of the best iPhone cleaner apps in recent times. It does a lot more operations than just simplify purifying your device of all junk files, cookies, temps, logs, duplicate folders, etc. With its robust features, this app can be used by devices with huge storage like 8 GB, 16 GB, etc. Its user interface is easily navigable. It even allows for quick transfer of files from iOS handsets to desktops. It also ensures your privacy by protecting data leakages.

  • Safe Security

Available in 27 MB, the safe security app clears all junk present in your device, be it an Android tablet or phone, without taking much time. Using this app is extremely easy. Though this isn’t as popularly used as the other cleaner apps, it’s worth mentioning. It clears your device in one of the most effective ways and boosts its speed. It scans all unwanted junk files, folders, pictures, and duplicate files present and thoroughly cleans your device. After the cleaning, it displays the results. It shows the amount of storage free and your phone’s battery consumption rate. It also displays figures related to the performance of the RAM. With all its seamless features and functioning, it allows your device to provide users with fast and smooth performance. It also is equipped with modern antivirus to keep your device protected besides keeping its storage free.

  • Avast Cleanup

One of the most reliable alternatives of the DU Cleaner, the avast cleanup app is again for Android users. The app scans your device thoroughly and deep cleans all junk folders that consume extra space on your phone. It cleans your internal storage, allowing the apps to function effectively, without lags and issues. The further keeps your phone cool, boots your battery, and RAM. After every cleaning, it gives you an account of the number of junk files decluttered and the present internal storage available in your device, battery power consumption, etc. The app automatically analyses all the unnecessary files, videos, photos, documents, etc which you don’t use but is keeping your device’s storage occupied and cleans them within seconds. The app is of 154 MB, slightly larger in size, but is an excellent one.

  • iClean Master

We understand how irritating it feels when you constantly run out of storage in spite of cleaning your cache files one by one. With the iClean master, you won’t face this issue again. The app guarantees automatic cleaning of junk files, keeping your phone’s storage free. Insufficient storage doesn’t let you download your desired apps, click pictures, and record videos. A few apps even become inaccessible due to insufficient storage. To get rid of all these issues, iClean master is here for iPhone users exclusively. This app is available free of cost-effective and fast results. With one click, this app scans through your device, detecting all the junk files present and deleting them in seconds. It enhances your phone’s battery life, RAM, and productivity.

These are a few of the most effective and robust phone cleaning apps that you can use. All of these have diverse features and functionalities, allowing you to clean and declutter your device efficiently thereby enhancing its performance. However, apart from these above-mentioned apps, one can also prefer to use the Indian cleaner app for Android devices. So download any of these apps now and expand your phone’s internal storage and its battery life!


Why is the DU Cleaner app banned? 

The Indian government has found the functioning of the DU Cleaner to be harmful to the privacy and security of the nation. Hence, to protect the safety and integrity of all Indians, the central government has taken this crucial step.

What are some of the best DU Cleaner alternatives? 

We have already mentioned the best ones. Some of them are Safe Security, iClean master, Norton clean, RAM cleanup, etc.

Are all the alternatives available to Android and iOS users? 

No, not all the apps are accessible to both users. Some are exclusively android booster apps like CCleaner, Avast cleanup, etc. while some are exclusive for iOS users like iclean, iFreeUp, etc.

Are these accessible for free? 

Yes, these apps provide services for free, but they have a premium version that provides extra facilities. If you are to avail of the premium features, you can subscribe to the app with extra charges.

Are these apps equally effective? 

The basic functioning of these apps is the same. They all help users get rid of the junk, unwanted files on their devices, thus keeping them safe and improving the phone’s performance. Now,  a few of these can be more advanced than the rest.