Jio Giga Fiber

As we all know that, Reliance industries introduced the 4G service in India by Jio, now after three years Jio is one of the largest cellular company in India with having more than 340 million subscribers. The chairman and the managing director of Reliance Industries Limited Mr. Mukesh Ambani announce about the jio’s broadband service call “Jio Giga Fiber” at the 42nd annual general meeting of Reliance Industries Limited. And now after 5th September Jio Giga Fiber is available to use. The price of this service is also less at 30 to 40% according to the other cellular companies. The best part of Jio Giga Fiber is the internet service speed, the base speed of Jio Giga Fiber is 100Mbps and the top speed of the Jio Giga Fiber is 1Gbps. The monthly tariff plan of Jio Giga Fiber starts with the RS 699 and go up to RS 8499. For using the service of Jio Giga Fiber, first you have to register for Jio Giga Fiber. Now you think, how to register the Jio Giga Fiber and what is the other special thing which Jio Giga Fiber provide with their plans and service, so don’t worry, I will tell everything about the Jio Giga Fiber like how to register for Jio Giga Fiber, what is the plans of Jio Giga Fiber and another thing that Jio Giga Fiber provide with their service.

Plans And Other Things About Jio Giga Fiber

                With the registration of Jio Giga Fiber, you can get the facility of free HD or 4K with the set-top box which Jio Giga Fiber provides you, it’s depending on the plan which you have chosen. Jio Giga Fiber provides facility of landline connection with the service of unlimited voice calling across India on another landline number as well as mobile phones. You can make a video call to other Jio user across India by a set-top box of Jio Giga Fiber; with the help of “JioCall App”. The First Day First Show offer of Jio Giga Fiber is too good because in this offer the premium Jio Giga Fiber Subscriber can watch movies on their TVs on the same day as when movie will release in theater. This feature will available in mid-2021. If you want to Subscribe Jio Giga Fiber, you can make a one-time payment of RS 2500, it includes the security deposit of Rs 1,500 and non-refundable installation charge of Rs 1,000 which is also a good plan for a new subscriber.

                As I tell you that the monthly tariff plan of Jio Giga Fiber starts with the RS 699 and go up to RS 8499 like Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, platinum, Titanium, so how can you choose the plan? I will give some information about the plans of Jio Giga Fiber below and if you want to see more information about it you have to visit the official site and choose your Jio Giga Fiber plan.

Jio Giga Fiber

I hope, you are understood about the details plan that we are explaining. Now choose your plan and get and enjoy the facility of Jio Giga Fiber.


                The registration for Jio Giga Fiber service started in August. If you are confused about how to register Jio Giga Fiber than follow the steps and register to the Jio Giga Fiber.

Step #1: First, you have to visit the official site of Jio Giga Fiber to the registrar.

Step #2: Now enter the address of that area; where you want to set up the broadband connection.

Step #3: Fill the All required details like, Address proof, ID Proof, Mail ID, Mobile Number, etc.

Step #4: After filling all details you get an OTP on your number or mail ID for verification, enter the OTP on-site to submit your Registration.

Step #5: Now you have received a Call from Jio to set a meeting for physical and other information verification.

                 Now employ come from Jio to your address which you enter in the registration form and verified your information and conformed your Jio Giga Fiber Broadband connection.

Final Word

So here we discuss how to register the Jio Giga Fiber, and what are the plans of it, now go register, get your Jio connection and enjoy the facilities of Jio Giga Fiber.