Gaming Industry

Experts believe that facial scan is the future of the gaming industry. It will be perfect not only for traditional gaming but also gambling sector. Online operators have issues related to account stealing, identity theft, underage playing, etc. To control those issues mentioned, facial scan would be a perfect fit. Along with the side effect of facial scan platforms, it could lead to the prevention of many problems.

Australia is the first to use facial scan for gambling operators

As you may know, Australians are going to take care of their citizens. Aussies are the biggest spenders on gambling that leads to spending up to 24 billion dollars in 2018. If we take a look at nationwide statistics, Aussies are leaders in spending on gambling platforms.

The facial scan could solve a big issue in Australia

Using facial scans on online gambling sites could prevent few problems. First of all, registered users may have limited time on the platform. It’s a voluntary system, and if you registered user feels that overplaying on casino or pokies could lead to harm, they could limit accounts’ time being online. For example, if Aussies are playing online pokies Australia and want to limit themselves to only a specific game, they will do that with facial scans.

Another achievement from facial scans would be the prevention of identity theft. Many people steal accounts online, or underage persons could use gambling platforms. According to the latest policy of the Australian government, local online casinos have to implement a new system. As the user logged into the account, the platform will ask him/her for a facial scan. The intelligent online machine will take a picture of the face and then compare it to the official image. If the face is not recognized with the help of the official ID image, then the account will be limited.

There will be different options. After a facial scan denial, the account may be limited to a certain point. Users may be able to spend only a few minutes on the platform or prevent him/her playing for specific games. Also, users may not be able to manage funds.

Privacy is the main problem of the facial scan movement

If casino operators decided to use facial scans frequently in the future, then privacy could be a problem. People love online browsing because they feel safe. If gamblers find that their face should be scanned after every login, would they be happy? Experts believe that facial scan instilment may lead to serious movements in gamblers society. Privacy could be the only thing standing in the way of the facial scan.