ROMWE alternatives app

Online shopping has become a norm these days. Especially with the Corona pandemic set in, the only option for shopping has become online mode. With the kind of graphics being deployed in the shopping sites and the applications, it more or less seems so real. A lot of shopping applications in India have employed umpteen innovative methods to encourage the buying nature of customers. Some of the biggest apparel retail giants in India have developed an application to sell off the stock via an application.

With the ideals of globalization spread all over the world, e-commerce giants have tied up with many small-time sellers. A lot of independent fashion designers have started selling their clothing online via these applications. There are many such websites and applications in mobile play stores and app stores. A lot of applications from many countries across the world are released. One can find many from China. With a recent order from the Government of India, around 59 Chinese applications were banned in India. Romwe shopping application is one of the 59 banned Chinese applications. When you google out, ROMWE Indian alternatives, one can find too many.

One can download shopping applications. There are several shopping applications in the market. Some of the best are jotted down in the list below. Is Romwe banned in India is one of the most asked questions.

What is ROMWE? 

ROMWE is one of the best shopping applications in the market for men and women. The company is based out of China and one of the top online destinations in the fashion world. ROMWE application not just provides the space for hosting 200 plus designs. It serves as a fashion lookbook as well. When one downloads the shopping application, it can avail of many offers. Also, all the clothing designs are updated regularly on the application.

Why is the ROMWE App banned?

ROMWE application is a shopping application from China. It is one of the 59 Chinese applications to be banned in India. This move was promulgated by the Government of India with the incursion of Chinese troops into Indian soil. With the killing of Indian soldiers and jawans, the Government of India took a very strong move to ban about 59 Chinese applications. To protect the sovereignty and to safeguard the integrity of the physical borders in the country, the government took this move.

Alternatives to ROMWE application 

ROMWE application alternatives are provided. They are similar in features to Romwe application.

  1. Koovs

Koovs is one of the best shopping applications from the city of Gurugram, Haryana, India. The application was developed by a very small team of software engineers and they have made it very huge in today’s market. The application updates nearly 150 new designs every week. There are almost 100 brands in the application. One can find exciting designs for both men and women. Apart from hosting clothing and apparel from other brands in the market, Koovs has its private label. All the clothes are manufactured in London, United Kingdom. Some of the hot-selling fashion labels are available in the online shopping application. Name any top-selling brand in the market, you can find it on Koovs.

  1. Vajor 

Vajor is one of the latest brands to hit the market. One can find all the clothing manufactured under the label of Vajor both on the website as well as in the other e-commerce sites like Amazon. One can find the retail outlets of Vajor in some of the top malls in the country. There is something special about shopping with Vajor. One can find that the apparel being sold are made out of natural ingredients. They are extremely eco-friendly and no single trace of chemicals are found in these clothes. Despite using the natural ingredients to make clothes, Vajor never fails to bring in the latest and innovative designs to the table. This is the site you need to check out if you are interested in funky fashion.

  1. Limeroad 

Limeroad is one of the top shopping applications when it comes to the clothing of any age group. It is not an exaggeration to say that Limeroad is one of the most underrated shopping sites for any gender and age group. Apart from the excellent fabric quality and the best designs being sold, there are a lot of other items like home decor being sold in Limeroad as well. If you are very fond of sporting all the Indian type of clothing, then you need to head to Limeroad without any second thought. In websites like Limeroad, you can find any type of apparel. One can find offers and other kinds of discounts on the website and application very often.

  1. Voonik 

Voonik is an application developed by Voonik Technologies based out of Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. Voonik was earlier developed only as an application and only in the later stages, a website was developed. Voonik has tied up with all the international brands and with more than 20,000 sellers. The company aims to provide customers with the best catalog to choose from. It is always good to spoil the customer with choices and Voonik understands the pulse of the customer very well. It is so enthralling to spot the umpteen variety of designs in the application like Voonik. The application and website have one of the best User interface design. Even for kids, one can find a variety of things being sold on the platform.

  1. Ajio 

Ajio is the fashion digital extension of Reliance Limited. There are a lot of brands under Reliance Retail. Reliance Trends, Project Eve, and other Reliance based brands are one of the top-selling brands in the country. Due to its pocket-friendly nature, the brands are most sought after by a lot of customers in the market. Reliance had major plans to venture into the e-commerce space with the success of Jio Telecommunication. The name Ajio is seen as the extension of Jio networks by MukeshAmbani. The Reliance brands are not to be found very easily in the other e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart. The company aims to increase the sales of the company manifold. The company makes sure to take the brand name of Ajio to every nook and corner of the country. This is one of the major reasons why the site announces a lot of offers now and then. The company takes a lot of steps to woo the customers.

  1. Jaypore 

If you wish to sport a look like that of the Maharanis of Jaypore? Then you need to shop from Jaypore. It is one of the best shopping sites for women with an elegant taste towards clothes. The brand takes a lot of pride in bringing the work of artisans to the table. Jaypore also announces a lot of offers and discounts to encourage customers. If you are truly interested in supporting the local arts and craftsmanship, then you need to buy from Jaypore. All the items sold in this site has an elegant touch to it.

  1. Nykaa 

Nykaa is one of the top Indian retailers in the beauty, fashion, and apparel segment. A lot of people confuse Nykaa as a foreign brand. But the site was found by an Indian named FalguniNayyar. The brand apart from hosting a lot of other famous brands in its clothing section has its chain of products under the makeup section. Nykaa has tied up with some of the best selling brands in the country. The company is known for encouraging a lot of Indian brands. A lot of small-time entrepreneurs have gained immensely by registering themselves with Nykaa.

  1. Myntra 

Myntra is one of the top e-commerce giants in India which is of Indian origin. The site is frequented by women who are much interested in any type of clothing. More or less like Nykaa, Myntra focuses more on encouraging the local Indian brands. A lot of budding fashion designers have come up with their brand and they have provided the much-needed boost for online shopping. They have become a household name in the industry and have established themselves in the customer market. Myntra provides offers regularly in the season time and during the festive eve to maintain its customer base.

  1. The Label Life 

Just as the name suggests, the Label life focuses more on the label aspect of selling. Three different categories in the apparel, clothing, and footwear segment are designed by three different stalwarts in the industry. The three main faces behind the brand are Susanne Khan, MalaikaArora Khan, and BipashaBasu. A lot of people wish to buy clothes designed by their favourite film stars. The company functions independently as a small retail store and is headquartered at Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. One can order from the website or the application and get the products delivered at the doorstep.

  1. Urbanic 

Urbanic is the site way too focussed on selling apparel for women. The site embraces women of all sizes and makes them feel very comfortable in any type of clothes they wear. Urbanic is one of the best sites in the country that aims to fulfill the needs of the customer. There are a lot of other brands which doesn’t meet the design standards set by Urbanic. As the name suggests, you indeed look very urban once you wear clothes manufactured under this brand. It is not too pricey and you can find a lot of clothes on the site.

You need not worry about  ROMWE is from which country when you are aware of ROMWE alternatives. Indian alternatives for ROMWE applications are available in plenty. A lot of western wear found in ROMWE is found in Indian applications as well. There is very few to no issue one faces while shopping from the non-Chinese applications. The experience remains the same. One can take the ban on Chinese applications like ROMWE as an excellent opportunity to promote Indian applications.


Why choose Indian alternatives for shopping applications over the rest? 

There are a lot of shopping applications from countries like the USA and various parts of Europe. The websites are alone held by these countries whereas the products are shipped only from here. They tend to charge customers more. But, with Indian applications, they don’t charge more as they are maintained by the Indian companies only. So, the customer doesn’t have to bear the brunt of the heavy cost.

What are the benefits of shopping online? 

One can shop from the comfort of his/her home. Using one application, in a single window, they can have a look at the various designs available in the market. One can save time incurred in travel and also get products delivered at the doorstep.

What makes shopping online interesting? 

One can find a lot of offers in the shopping applications. Moreover, they can compare the prices of products being sold in various sites and then choose to buy.

Is the ban on the ROMWE application permanent? 

One cannot say for now whether the ban is permanent or not on these Chinese applications. However, one can say for sure that these applications aren’t designated to be out in the markets anytime soon. People have started eyeing other shopping applications.

Do Chinese applications face major losses because of the ban? 

India is one of the largest customer bases for Chinese applications. All of a sudden, overnight, the companies lost some of the largest customer bases. This indeed led to a huge loss in businesses. These companies are looking for alternative ways to garner business foothold.

Can one avail offers while shopping using the application? 

Yes, one can avail a lot of offers while shopping using the application. Better offers can be availed while shopping from any of these applications. One can use the scratch cards and other types of offer mechanism provided by these applications to shop online.