Extratorrents is the Bittorrent system website where you can get massive data related to entertainment such as games, movies, music, TV shows, etc. This type of service-connected millions of users to this platform, and still people are searching for extratorrents download free movies. The qualities of videos are always impressive when you watch your favorite movie in 720p or 1080p downloaded from this platform.

Extratorrents is designed as a friendly way where it does not matter that you are a new user as you can easily use this website and find your favorite stuff in this massive website through categories and subcategories that are spread with great contents. Due to the low payload, users are satisfied with the fast finding content. There is so much you can get form extratorrents to search and still, people are looking for the alternatives to Extratorrents which offers thousand of content for free.

Why are people looking for other sites like Extratorrents? Since some production houses and regional governments started banning illegal torrents and website, the Extratorrents stopped working on some areas. Hence, some Extratorrents lovers are searching for Extratorrents alternatives, and here we have got the list of some working Extratorrents like websites.

Alternatives To Extratorrents

1#. rarbg:         

RARBG is a website like extratorrents which is found in 2008. You get the massive magnetic links and torrent files in its system. The peer to peer file sharing system is facilitating because of the BitTorrent protocol. According to the research, this platform was blocked by many countries such as Saudi Arabia, Denmark, India, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Bulgaria, Belgium, Greece, and many more. The technology behind RARBG is an online video platform, XDCC, file hosting services, Usenet, WebRTC, peer to peer, and Web hosting. This platform shares the videos to the following sites daily motion, YouTube, 123Movies, and Putlocker. You can get some exciting contents from RARBG.

2#. Torrentcounter:

Torrentcounter is one of the excellent running websites that provide the copy index from various sites. You will not get any host files or upload feature on this website. You get top genres like Hollywood, Bollywood, Hindi Dubbed, Drama and action. This website also provides movies by year bases which start from 2015 till 2019. If you are Hindi movie lover, then you get whole south Indian movie collection separately. This site is good enough to say sites like extratorrents.

3#. Demonoid:

Demonoid is Extratorrents like a website which includes file sharing magnet links type of features. The platform experienced discontinuous times of stretched out personal time because of the intermittent need to move the server, by and large, brought about by crossing out of ISP administration because of nearby political weight. There are reports of its originator Deimos passing endlessly in September 2018, and the eventual fate of the website is right now uncertain. It followed and showed clients’ transfer/download proportions, in any case, aside from in its initial years, made no move against clients with low balances. Demonoid recently prohibited clients with low proportions, however, quit doing as such because of the proportion framework being erroneous for certain clients, for example, those with dynamic IP addresses.

4#. Seedr:

Seedr is one of the popular websites where you can download and play everywhere you want. It is the freemium platform which seems little like extratorrents alternatives. All you need to login and enjoy the service of seedr. All you need to copy the link form any website and paste to the seedr provided a field in seedr. Then the smart engine will search the original file and allow you to download or stream your data. The system of seedr is compatible with the current technology where you can get efficient and fast method to get your stuff.

5#. Proxy bunker:

Proxy Bunker is listed in extratorrents like sites because this platform is connected with torrents and you know better what torrents provide to its million users from all around the world. Proxy Bunker offers a list of the most common torrent locations working mirror sites. The torrent proxy sites enable torrent sites to be fully unlocked and accessed while ISPs block the initial domains. You get the pirated contents to form this platform, and even those sites are blocked due to some government issue. Those data are also visible because of Proxy Bunker.

6#. Eztv:

Eztv was famous for the distribution of TV torrent after then it becomes EZCLOUD LIMITED. The main concept of this website is it provides magnet links and torrent index, which makes this website alternatives to extratorrents. This online digital media content website faces much trouble but still providing its service to its millions of fans. Many countries band EZTV service because of the content that conflicts their laws. One of the blockades is ISP were Australian, UK and Italy blocked this platform in 2017, but EZTV is still surviving, and due to its fan maybe it comes with a new look.

Final Words:

Extratorrents is a peer to peer website which allows the massive date and easy to find contents. Some digital media streamer thinks that there are better alternatives to Extratorrents website. If you think the same then share with us, “Which streaming website is the best alternative to Extratorrents and why?” You can also select the website beyond the above list.