Casino Minigames in GTA
Casino Minigames in GTA

GTA Online is one of the most popular games around, particularly on Twitch. Xbox One (and other consoles) users frequently set up an account to show the world their GTA skills and online mods. And within GTA Online, the Diamond Casino & Resort has become one of the most popular add-ons for players looking to stream their adventures.

True enough, since the Diamond Casino & Resort’s much-anticipated grand opening in 2019, it has become one of the most popular sites in the GTA Online world. Adding another layer of immersion and excitement to the already high-stakes gameplay of GTA, the Diamond Casino & Resort is a fan favorite for the minigames and the exclusive perks that players can enjoy. In fact, since the casino’s opening, GTA Online’s revenue has skyrocketed to $911 million annually. So, in this article, we’re laying down all the features you can enjoy in the famed casino.

How To Play at The Diamond Casino

First-time visitors to the Diamond Casino are given a free tour. But to play the casino minigames, you need a membership. You can either purchase a basic Diamond Casino membership for just $500 in-game, unlocking basic casino games and a single parking slot in the casino’s secure garage. Or you can either get a VIP membership that comes with every Master Penthouse purchase. This grants players full access to the casino’s limo service, aircraft concierge, valet parking, VIP lounges, exclusive missions, and high-limit gambling tables. Take note, the cheapest penthouse is worth $1,500,000 in-game.

After you’ve acquired your membership, you’ll be given 5,000 casino chips. Much like a real-life casino, you need to convert your GTA$ into casino chips before every transaction. This can be done at the cashier booth on the ground floor. And there is a daily purchase limit of about 20,000 chips for standard members.

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Casino Minigames and How To Play Them


A casino staple that Rockstar patterned after real-life games, the Diamond Casino’s blackjack has the player betting against the house. Anyone who gets 21 or the closest to it wins. Sounds easy enough, but it’s hard to create a strategy for blackjack unless you can detect patterns, otherwise known as counting cards. If you can keep track of the cards, you’ve got a big chance of winning. Otherwise, stick to lower bets for more casual gaming.

Three Card Poker

The casino’s three-card poker is one of the most challenging but lucrative games. Carefully designed to follow real-life three-card poker, newbies may benefit from reviewing a beginner’s guide to poker first. This way, you’ll understand what it means when terms like ante, table stakes, and pot limit rise. Once you’re familiar with the foundation of poker, you can better gauge a table’s potential. If it’s looking to be in your favor, then proceed to play with the high card queen as your anchor. If any high card queen-six-four pops up, you can bet on it. Otherwise, fold on anything lower than that.


It’s definitely not a game for those looking to earn or win back GTA$. Just like its real-life counterpart, in-game roulette is mostly just going to cost you money. Winning is completely up to chance, so you’re better off playing this only when you have money and time to burn. Still, if you’re feeling lucky, you can throw in a few bets. But don’t say we didn’t warn you because Rockstar did a good job of replicating real-life roulette.


The slot machines in GTA Online can seem deceptively promising. With a payout of 98.7%, it seems pretty lucrative, but that’s not guaranteed. Should you try the slots, though, look for one with the highest payout, like Deity of the Sun or Diamond Miner. Opting for them gives you greater chances of earning money. But other than that, there’s no real trick to winning big at slots. Much like roulette, it’s all up to chance.

Lucky Wheel

You literally can’t lose with the Lucky Wheel. Located in the middle of the lobby, this wheel is free to play every 24 hours. The Lucky Wheel doesn’t require much strategy, but there are basic gameplay tactics that can improve your chances of landing on a big prize. To do this, in each session’s first casino visit, check to make sure the “clothing” prize is at the top of the wheel. Then position your avatar as if you’re ready to spin, but wait exactly four seconds before gently spinning the wheel. This method practically guarantees that you’ll win the grand prize.

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What You Can Win at The Diamond Casino

Those who win in the Diamond Casino & Resort can earn chips that are convertible to GTA$. Aside from this, players can also earn clothing and vehicles. If you’ve won enough in the games, you can eventually use these winnings to purchase a stake in the casino business, which unlocks a special award and string of missions.

As one of the most content-rich areas of GTA Online, the Diamond Casino & Resort is a great place to spend your game time. Designed with immaculate attention to detail, the casino’s minigames and activities are some of the most enjoyable features to come out of the GTA franchise yet.