ligma virus

Ligma was a joke that took place when someone on the internet posted that Fortnight video game streamer Ninja is dead with Ligma disease. The reason was funnier than the fictional disease named Ligma is connected with death Hoax claimed by ninja_hater about the passed away with the reason for contracting the disease. The reason behind this joke was to give a hint about “what is Ligma.”

This prompt concerned fan becomes more curious about the Ligma, and they started digging on the internet. This search sends the fans to many different websites where they intact with the malware website. These websites are set up by the hijackers who make the target to millions of internet users through more searchable keywords ranked on Google. It was the joke that turns into the threat where participants in the Hoax are still searching for “Ligma balls.”

Do you know about the Deez Nuts and Updog? This joke setup is similar to “What is Ligma.”  This joke egg also deposited with the fictional nationality Sugondese, fictional diseases Sugam, Bofa, and Indonesian city Grabaham. The true what is Ligma appeared on the public when Galevik, an Instagram user, uploaded a video. In this video, there was a Twitter conversation about the suggestion to boycott Ligma to David Hogg.

The video conversation starts

Galevik: @davidhogg111 you should boycott ligma

David hogg replied: Go away

Galevik: So, are you saying you support ligma?

David Hogg: alright, I’ll bite. But what is ligma anyways?

Galvik: ligma balls bitch.

It was the conversation in twitter video between David Hogg and Galvik.


There was a spoofed record tweeted an image of President Donald Trump spotting alongside a false discussion on June sixth. Trump (@realDonaldTrunp) utilizing the ligma joke on a columnist (demonstrated as follows).

Whereas Cowbelly, the YouTuber, transferred a video title “why I asked everybody to withdraw before 1 million,” opened with a Ligma joke on thirteenth July. Inside about fourteen days, the video collected as much as 333,600 perspectives and 4,900 remarks.

Not exclusively is Ligma nothing to fear; however, it can do bounty for the strength of your web following. Webcomic Supreme Patty posted this video of his own ‘Ligma’ determination, and at the hour of composing, it has been seen over 3.1m occasions.

How Ligma Search get a virus

When Ligma keyword get on trend and people were excited to find out what is Ligma? So they went deep into the internet to find out. In this way, Hijackers who had to publish some links into some website or follow links. People click on it and get intact with the Malware; the system starts getting slow. It is the first step when your computer is hacked; you will also see that your web browser default setting also changes.

Sometimes you get unexpected ads prompt every time you surf on the internet. There is a suspicious extension installed to your web browser or apps shown in the control panel program and features. If you are facing this type of virus issue by searching for Ligma, then follow the instruction to remove it.

How To Remove Ligma virus from Google Web browser

Step #1. Open the Chrome web browser and open the menu setting.

Step #2. In option list, go to more tools and the “Extension.”

Step #3. You get the extension list look for the suspicious extension which you haven’t installed removes it one by one.

Step #4. Now go to Menu > settings > check if the default home page has changed without your permission reset it and clean all the history, cookies, temp, caches.

Step #5. Close the web browser window and restart the PC. Now scan the whole computer with the antivirus for any remaining infected file stores into the system if deducted delete it.

Now your PC is saved with any Malware infection.

How To Remove Ligma Virus From Windows

Step #1. To remove viruses from the system, you need to click on the start button and then go to Control Panel.

Step #2. Open Program and features menu where you see the list of an installed application.

Step #3. Choose option sort by new date and see which recent apps installed without your permission.

Step #4. Once you find the suspicious application, uninstall each one by one and then close all programs to restarts PC.

Step #5. After you restart, scan the whole computer with storm Anti-Virus and, if any threat found, delete it.

In this way, your system gets rid of any virus cause by searching what is Ligma.

Final Words:

We discuss what is Ligma and how it becomes popular. There is some internet surfer who got a virus through hijackers and provided a simple guide to remove the virus from your Google chrome and Control Panel. We hope that you surf on the internet every time with safety by using the secure internet antivirus security. Any questions related to this topic can be asked through the comment box.