Club Factory alternatives

As you know the very popular shopping app of Chinese origin, namely Club Factory has been imposed a ban by the Indian government. The Club factory, along with 58 other apps like Shein, UC Browser, TikTok, and many more Chinese apps have been recently banned in India as an immediate step by the Indian government right after the Indo-China clash at the Galwan Valley.

The decision taken by our government to impose a ban on this app has saddened a lot of people who happen to be crazy for online shopping since the club factory was a very famous app known for its wide range of super affordable products including merchandise, footwear, accessories, etc. But as every Indian citizen must stick to the rules laid by our government people are bound to remove the club factory app from their phones. However, there are many alternatives to the Club Factory app and we will be talking about some of them in this article. So, read it till the end.

What is the Club Factory app?

Club Factory is an app that retails products related to beauty, lifestyle, and fashion. Its headquarter is located in Hangzhou, in the city of Zhejiang, China. It was developed in 2014 by a company of the Chinese origin named Jiayun Data Technology.

It was released for the first time by Vincent Lou and Jialun Li in the year 2014. Both of them are graduates from the renowned University of Stanford in California. As stated by its developers, the software of the club factory app makes use of an exclusive knowledge graph and algorithm for making a comparison between the varied prices offered by different manufacturers.

Club factory has secured a good market across countries such as the United States, Asia, the Middle East, India, and Europe. India turned out to be the most successful market Club Factory could have with almost 40 million customers out of the 70 million spread worldwide. However, the sudden ban on this app has startled the users and they have started looking for a similar app like Club Factory in India. 

 Why is the Club Factory App banned?

The Club factory app was lately banned by the Indian government due to the tension going on between the two countries at the LAC or Line of Actual Control. There was a clash between both the nations at the Galwan Valley as an outcome of which, the government had to take the measure of banning 58 other apps of Chinese origin along with Club factory. It was noticed by the government that all of these apps possess a serious threat to the privacy and administration of the country and that it was very hazardous for the users to share their details on any such apps. The ban was put on these apps recently in June 2021 because of which the users have started their search for club factory alternative Indian app.

 Alternatives to Club Factory App 2021

The lovers of Club Factory need not worry about their online shopping anymore since we here with 10 websites like Club factory in India which are mentioned as follows:

  1. Koovs

Koovs is an online shopping app that has become quite popular in India. It is known to comprise a wide range of apparel as well as accessories. The best part is that it tags each of its products at a reasonable price. One can discover the most latest designs of clothing as well as some older designed clothes on this website too. Apart from clothing, one can find here footwear, jewellery, glasses, watches and so much more. This e-store retails products of 100 plus brands and all of them are labelled separatelyIt can be undoubtedly a great alternative app to the Club Factory.

  1. Jabong 

The next best alternative to Club Factory that we are going to talk about is Jabong. Jabong was once upon a time known to be the strongest competitor to Myntra. But, it was procured by Flipkart through the Myntra segment In the year 2016. This e-commerce website deals with footwear, clothing, fashion accessories, jewellery, fragrances, home decor, and so many other products related to lifestyle and fashion. It is to be noted that this website was co-founded by Manu Kumar Jain, who is presently working as an Indian leader for the brand Xiaomi.

  1. LimeRoad 

The next name we have in this series of Club Factory alternatives is LimeRoad.  The LimeRoad shopping app was released towards the end of the year 2012 but it has not been very popular amongst the customers ever since. However, it offers good quality and a wide variety of footwear, accessories as well as clothing. It also has a built-in feature of a scrapbook that allows the users to create stylish appearances with the help of their self-made style ideas and share the looks amongst other users on the app. It is a Gurugram based e-commerce company of Indian origin and is governed by A.M Marketplaces Pvt Ltd.

  1. Ajio

Undeniably, one of the most suitable club factory alternatives is the Ajio app. Ajio is a very popular brand known for both lifestyles as well as fashion. It is owned and governed by the Reliance industries who launched this website back in the year 2016. This shopping portal aims at providing a brand new and unique collection of fashion to its consumers. This website has undoubtedly turned up to become one amongst the very well known online shopping websites in India, preferred mostly for clothing. It is packed with a large variety of kids’ clothing, men’s clothing, women’s clothing. The users can also find a good range of sophisticated gadgets and other technical accessories similar to the club factory electronics.

  1. Myntra 

A perfect substitute to the club factory app here is Myntra. Regulated by Flipkart, Myntra is a famous online fashion store which is based outside India. It offers a great range of footwear, accessories, and clothing for people of various age groups and body structure. One is sure to find numerous popular brands on Myntra out of which H&M is one of its recent big inclusions. It follows a standard pricing policy and sells good quality products.

  1. Boohoo 

Boohoo is a UK based e-commerce platform that sells good quality and reasonably priced women’s apparel. Boohoo is a great website that offers women the most trending fashion pieces in different sizes and shapes. As stated by them, their aim is not to consider fashion very seriously, but they want to increase the funk in fashion. They have more than 54 million fans all over the world. Thus, for the ones who are in search of affordable fashion, this website can be the most ideal and the appropriate alternative that can be used as a replacement for the club factory app.

  1. Asos 

Asos is a well known online shopping website that has its origin in the UK. They are online dealers of cosmetic products and fashion for more than 19 years now. They have their cosmetic as well as a fashion brand and they also merge with 850 plus brands from throughout the world to offer you the best possible designer products. They keep offering attractive discounts regularly on their goods which doesn’t make you wait for a suitable deal for buying your desired product. They can deliver products to almost all the countries, so you can order anything you want to without having to worry much.

  1. Everything 5 pound 

As the name itself suggests, every product on this website comes at the price of 5 pounds. They have high-quality fashion products and keep stocking themselves with recent trends in fashion. The customers can choose from a large variety of goods offered on this site. Over time, they have acquired a lot of fame and as of now, they have recorded almost a million customers. The website keeps connected to their customers and never fails to update them about their latest add-on.

  1. Flipkart 

Flipkart is an e-commerce website based in Bangalore, which is in the state of Karnataka, India. The founders of this website were Binny Bansal and Sachin Bansal in the year 2007. At the initial stage, this company aimed at booking sales before enlarging its product categories like consumer goods, homeware, lifestyle goods, fashion goods, grocery items, etc. One can avail of different kinds of product discounts on this website. However, it provides good quality and original goods.

  1. Amazon 

Amazon is another US-based e-commerce company that offers a great platform for online shopping. You can find all the desirable products on this website, such as homeware, furniture, clothing, footwear, beauty products, accessories, etc. The customers can avail of their desired products at lower prices because of the different attractive offers going regularly. Amazon also offers various other benefits such as video and song streaming other than the online shopping part.

So, here we discussed nearly all the topmost similar apps like club factory in India and each one of them are very secure to be used and can offer you a much better user interface than the club factory. These apps can be claimed to be better than the club factory app in terms of every parameter. Most importantly, they don’t leak your data to any kind of outward source. Many such apps have readily acquired a lot of popularity in the app market. If you want to know more about these apps, you can search for them on the internet. Hence, as we all are responsible citizens of our country, all of us must stick to the decision taken by our government. So, we highly recommend you all to uninstall all the prohibited apps that are there on your phone and install only the India based apps.


Can I use Club Factory on my phone even after the ban?

Even if you are having the club factory app on your phone before it got banned, it won’t function anymore. The app may get displayed on your smartphone, but you will have no access to the app anymore.

Why was the Club Factory app banned?

Club factory was stopped from functioning on 29th June 2021 by the government of India In between the continuing tension going on amidst China and India near the LAC or Line of Actual Control. Apart from Club Factory, the Indian government has also prohibited 58 more China-based apps. As stated by the Indian government, the apps that have been banned were noted to expose the privacy and data of the Indian people to other outer sources. Considering the need to safeguard the security of the citizens of India, the government took legal action against these Chinese apps.

What is the Indian alternative to the club factory app?

Flipkart can be referred to as the topmost alternative app to the club factory app. Manufactured in India, this app offers a wide variety of products at attractive prices.

Are all the above mentioned alternative apps free to use?

Yes, each one of the alternative apps mentioned above is free to use. You just need to download the desired app from Google play store or app store, install it on your smartphone and start with your online shopping.

Are these alternative apps available for both android and IOS? 

Yes. All of the above-mentioned alternatives of Club Factory app can be availed by both androids as well as IOS users. However, it is to be noted that the file size for IOS is likely to be bigger than the android file size.

Do any of the apps mentioned above have the chance of getting banned?

The majority of the apps mentioned above are developed in the United States. Thus, there are negligible or no chances for these apps to get banned.