Likee Alternatives

Do you love creating small videos and expressing your creativity? Maybe you like lip-syncing or singing your original music? Whatever your reason to express yourself was you could do it with Likee. This app was fun and free. All you had to do is get on it and create what you want to share with your followers. But that’s not the case anymore since the app has been blocked in India. As such, the aim is not to look for alternatives that can satisfactorily take its place. But before we do that, it’s important to know more about Likee itself.

What is Likee?

Likee is a video creation platform that is based in Singapore. But its parent company is a Chinese one and called JOYY. You can download the app on your Android and iOS phones. The app allows you to create videos and then edit them using tonnes of effects. You will get music-magic filters, beauty cameras, fave morphs, stickers, and more to use. With this, you will be able to make a video that is magical and that too without much of an effort. All the posts that are made on the app are public, but users will be able to control who messages them.

Why was Likee banned?

Likee is among the other 59 apps which were banned by the Indian Government. It was banned because it was found that it was engaging in data theft from users without their consent. Along with that, it was said that the apps are a threat to the security of the country. This is why it was banned.

Alternatives to Likee

Now that Likee has been banned, it’s time to look for other alternatives for it which are enjoyable. It’s also always better when the alternative comes with a bonus that improves on the app itself. So keeping all that in mind, here are the best Indian and non-Chinese alternatives for Likee:

  • Chingari

Chingari has become quite popular after the ban has been put into effect. This is an Indian based alternative Likee app. It has pretty much become the go-to app to make videos and express oneself. Developed by an IT professional based in Chhattisgarh, the app is certainly very popular with Indians. This can be seen by the fact that it has around 2.5 million total downloads till now. In this app, you can make videos and edit them to get the desired effect. But what separates Chingari from others is the fact that content creators can earn here based on how viral their video is. Users are aware points for every view which a singular video gets. These points can later be redeemed into real money. So you can have fun and earn as well. That’s not all. You will be able to play quizzes in here too and earn money from that as well. Apart from that, you will be able to choose between News, Videos, and Games Tab to watch from.

  • Roposo

This is another Indian alternative to Likee and has huge potential to replace it in the market. This is another platform where you can share your videos. Roposo has an office in Gurugram. Roposo auto-pulls OTPs without even getting any kind of clearance from the said users for getting access. But Roposo is an all which has a very clean interface. This means that you won’t have any problems navigating it. To access Roposo you will have to sign up and the only way to do it with is your phone number. Before you upload your videos you will be able to edit them and add in effects and filters as well. This will help make your video stunning. A feat additional feature of this app is that users can collaborate with others when it comes to making videos. But do keep in mind that there have been complaints of bugs and excessive buffering time by users as well.

  • Trell

Trell is a great and fun app that comes with a user-friendly interface. You won’t find any issues when it comes to accessing or navigating it. Unlike Roposo you will be able to sign up for this non-Chinese Likee alternative app in various ways. It can be by using Facebook, phone number, Google ID, or even WhatsApp. There are a lot of tabs to explore here. You will find food, travel, reaction videos, and more to choose from and get entertained with. When it comes to uploading your clips then you can choose to make something new or just choose a pre-recorded clip on your phone. The problem is that you won’t be able to add any kind of special effects to your video or edit in any way in the app. As such you will have to edit any video you want in another video editing app if the need arises and then post it here. Also, it’s not a very short-video app singe you will be able to upload videos as long as 5 minutes.

  • Vande

Vande isn’t an app that many might have heard of. It is a new entry in this kind of short video apps, but it is quite similar to Likee in how it functions. Users will indeed be able to create and upload short videos. This app is Indian based as well and was created by three Rajasthani professionals. You will be able to edit your videos and then upload them. This will certainly give you more freedom when it comes to designing your videos.

  • Moj

Moj is another Indian based Likee alternative app that is flourishing in this ban era. It has ten-million downloads as well, which means that people are having fun with it. If you are fearful of security issues after the ban then know that this app will allay some of your fears. To enforce security measures this app doesn’t let users take any kind of screenshots. But that’s not all when it comes to security features. The app comes with a one-time password or OTP as well, but does know that there’s no way to clearance from the real users when it comes to accessing the app. If you don’t want to upload your videos then you certainly can but do know that you won’t add any special effects in here or any music tracks as such. Editing won’t be possible at all. But developers have said that there are plans to add in filters, video editing features, more stickers and such. Keep an eye on it if you like it.

  • Cheez

Cheez is another great Likee alternative Indian app. This one will let you have fun to your fullest extent with your videos. Get to lip-syncing with the latest music videos or show everyone how great you are with fashion. That’s not all, if you are a comedian then you will find a great community here. Don’t know which specific genre you fit in? Try out vlogging here as well. The options are endless. A beneficial feature of this app is that if your videos get tonnes of shares, likes, and comments then you will be getting rewards for it. That’s not all, if you comment on other videos and watch them then you will get rewards as well. Don’t worry about editing, this app has your back. You will be able to edit your videos using filters, stickers, and other visual effects here before you upload the.

  • Smule

If you love singing your songs, then Smule is just the perfect app for your needs. With this, you will be able to create your very own music. Don’t want to sing along all the time? You will be able to sing with the singers you admire a lot. Nor satisfied with the audio clip of the video clip? No worries. Here you will be able to use audio effects as well as video filters to enhance your performance and give a more professional quality finish to your work. There is also a live option where you will be able to sing with your friends on live. This is an app that is just perfect for true singers who want to try out their music and have fun with it.

  • Mitron

With the Mitron app, you will be able to post the short videos you want. You will need to sign up using your personal information. But you will be able to edit your videos using a variety of filters, stickers, and such before uploading them. The app is quite popular as well with more than 50 lakh downloads. You must have heard that the app was in quite a bit of controversy about its origin and also regarding its terms and conditions. Some sources tell that those have been resolved, but others are saying that it hasn’t. In such a situation if you do want to use this app, then it’s advised that you conduct your research before proceeding with if.

  • Triller

Triller is another app which you can use to share your short videos. This entertainment platform will help you if you want to express your creativity, but also gain popularity and teach. Know that Triller will help you make interesting videos since it has editing features in it. But there are not just some editing features, but a whole bountiful of it. You will find more than a hundred filters in here as well the option to put in emojis, drawings, and more in here. If there are some trending challenges that you take part in then you can use that is an app to create those music videos. Not ready to put your song out into the world? No worries. You will be able to access the very top tracks which are the hottest hits right now.

  • Funimate

Funimate is a delightful combo of a music video editor as well as a social platform. This non-Chinese Likee alternative can be your next home. Using this app you will be able to make your music videos and then edit it using great and cool effects. You will be able to get all this done with just one tap of your finger. Once that’s done, just share it and gain followers. You will be able to check out content from other users by using hashtags and even talk with them. This app can be used on both iOS and Android. Do know that there are advertisements and in-app purchases for it as well.

Overall, now that there’s Likee for the time being you should begin trying to use the alternatives. Check out the ones you like and have fun with them. Edit your videos, sing songs, get to vlogging, earn money, and resume your Likee life, just on a new platform.


Can these apps be used as an alternative to TikTok as well?

TikTok is another one of the 59 apps which have been banned in India. Both TikTok and Likee are short video sharing apps that editing features. So at its core, both are pretty much the same. As such the alternative non-Chinese apps for Likee can indeed work for TikTok as well.

What if you already have the app installed?

If that’s the case, then do remove it as soon as you can. Don’t keep it for nostalgia’s sake. This is because for the time being there won’t be any maintenance or security updates on the app so it will be at a risk for possible cyber attacks. Keep yourself safe and get rid of it. Try out these non-Chinese alternatives and have fun instead.

Can you use Likee via a VPN?

The truth is that you can VPNs to try dodging this ban. But it’s highly advised that you don’t go this route. Likee and other such apps have been banned because they were a security threat so you should keep yourself out of harm’s way and uninstall it. Also, not everyone will be using VPNs so you might lose a tonne of your original audience and have to make content for foreign audiences right from the start.

Will this ban affect the alternatives?

Probably not. This is because many of the apps in this list are Indian based so it’s highly unlikely that the government will ban them. Also, there has been no security threat brought about for these apps, so you can safely use them.