Mydesk Morgan Stanley login

The Scenario…

Amid pandemic, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management has provided remote computing access to all members of the firm, including analysts and junior associates. Advisors can access the platform through RSA Security LLC’s SecurID tokens that generate an authentication code authenticating users with unique and changing identifiers each time they log in to a remote server. To stop the spread of highly contagious coronavirus, the firm has taken a decision of giving remote access to users and thus reducing density in offices.

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However, the offices are open for client meetings and visits but advisors are now allowed to work remotely. If they need to come office, they should not move from one office to another.

About Morgan Stanley….

Morgan Stanley is a very well known Financial Services firm that works on five basic principles:

  • Do the right thing
  • Put clients first
  • Lead with exceptional ideas
  • Commit to diversity and inclusion
  • Give back

Founded in 1935, Morgan Stanley has consistently delivered first-class business in a first-class way. With over 60,000 employees worldwide, morgan is serving the world for more than 85 years.

Morgan Stanley provides the following services:

  1. Wealth management to people Business and institution builds.
  2. Investment banking and Capital markets with precise market analysis and in advisory and capital-raising assistance for corporations, institutions, and governments.
  3. Sales and Trading to Global institutions, leading hedge funds, and industry innovators.
  4. Research with timely and integrated analysis of companies and markets.
  5. Investment management by delivering active Investment strategies.
  6. Sustainable Investment by providing scalable investment products, innovative solutions, and actionable insights across sustainability issues.
  7. Inclusive innovation worldwide over the years.

Mydesk Morgan Stanley login

To login to Mydesk morgan Stanley Account, follow the steps below:

login to Mydesk morgan Stanley Account

  1. Enter the username, password, and PIN+Secure ID.
  2. Then choose an option given below the page and press the Go button.

login to Mydesk morgan Stanley Account

Now you can access your Mydesk morgan account remotely without any hassle. I case you face any issues, contact Customer Care.

Morgan Stanley Client Login

Morgan Stanley Client login opens in four ways. Different needs/options have different login ways to access the portal.

Different Options are:

  • Morgan Stanley Online
  • Stock plan Connect
  • Research Portal
  • Matrix

Morgan Stanley Online

The login portal looks like the below-shown image.

Here, you have to enter the username and password.

And then click Login button below.

You have now access to the Morgan Stanley Online portal of your account.

In Case if you forget username or password, click the links below the login window and follow the instructions properly,

Stock plan connect

If you want to access the Stock plan connect portal, you have to choose the second option in the Client Login tab of the home page of the main Stanley website.

Enter Username and password and press the Go button.

In case if you forget the password, follow the links given below log in window.

If you are new to the Stock connect plan, you can register as a new user. This registration option is available at the same login window.

You can refer to the above image.

Research Portal

The research access portal will look like the below-given image.

In this, you have to enter a registered email address and then press the button Verify button.


And finally, this is how Morgan Stanley matrix will look like.

In this, you have to enter the username and press the continue button.

Then you have to enter the password and press the Login button. You can opt for Switch user from the same login window and also access Forget your password link.

Final Words

Well, readers, this is all about Morgan Stanley and mydesk Morgan Stanley login.

I hope you would like this brief piece of information.

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