With the progress of time, many movie watching sites have emerged. At present, the internet is filled with such sites, some being legal while some are illegal. A few of them even require subscription charges for accessing its contents. 3movierulz is one such movie providing a site that has been operating for years. If you want to know more about it, keep reading this article below.

3movierulz is one of the most preferred movie streaming sites available on the web. People love it for its huge collection of movies and web series. Not only that they loved to browse through its contents because they are well classified. With its huge collection of contents, it’s sure to deliver you your favourite movies and web series. Even people can watch documentaries, thrillers, etc. from this site. People don’t even have to register on this site. The best part above all is that it offers services for free!

What is 3movierulz? 

3movierulz PCis a pirated website famous for delivering the latest films for downloading free of cost. Apart from uploading the latest film releases this site also uploads the newly released web series, documentaries, thrillers, trailers, videos, and whatnot. It’s extremely popular for allowing viewers to stream the latest Punjabi, English, Hindi, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu films in various formats of their choice.

The popularity of this site is rising tremendously with time, especially among the youth. 3movieulz has become their number one go-to option for some quality entertainment. No matter which kind of movie or genre you are looking for, you are sure to get it here. Another interesting thing about this site is that it has very few ads. Hence, while you stream your favourite contents you don’t get deviated and interrupted frequently. All you have to do is visit the site, browse through its collection, and stream any content of your choice.

In short, 3movierulz is a saviour for movie addicts. With its plethora of collections, it would provide you with your much-needed entertainment whenever you want it. It’s a rich collection of contents also makes sure that you get satisfactory entertainment delivered. Unlike other illegal sites, accessing its contents involves zero hassles. You simply have to visit the site and start browsing. However, it’s good to be aware of the fact that the government has banned this site from being used any further. If you want further details in this regard, keep reading this article below.

Features of 3movierulz

Of course, certain features make accessing this site even easier for people. We would look into some of the most important features that have enhanced people’s movie streaming experience

  • User-friendly

The app takes into account the preferences of its users and uploads contents accordingly. Also, the site allows people to request their favourite movies if they are unable to find it in the movie categories.

  • No ads

We have already mentioned that users have to come across very few advertisements while streaming content. Frequent interruptions frustrate people and make them lose their interest. Hence, 3movierulz makes sure people don’t face any kind of inconvenience.

  • No registration

Using this site is extremely hassle-free. Neither do users have to create an account, neither do they have to register themselves as users with all their details. You simply have to visit the site and stream its contents.

  • Simple UI 

The site’s interface is extremely user friendly. 3movierulz is a completely user-oriented site which us why it attracts huge traffic every year. The interface is simple, thus allowing everyone to browse through its collections easily.

Reasons for its popularity

Now that you know the features, we would look into the reasons for its rising popularity.

  • Latest movies available

Starting from Hollywood to regional movies, 3movierulz.vc URL gives a vast and varied collection of contents. Even some of the popular TV shows and functions are also found here.

  • Categories

To make it easier for people to find out their desired content, there are categories available on this site. The movies have been categorised based on several bases like their year of release, language, genre, type, etc.

  • Download Movies

The site lets you stream your favourite contents and download them too. The site has a fast downloading servers even. Besides providing users with good downloading quality, it delivers good audio quality even.

  • Search Icon

If you are too tired to scroll through the categories and find out the movie of your choice, you can simply search for it.

Is 3movierulz safe? 

Though the site brings to you your favourite new releases for free, accessing it can be pretty harmful. When you access piracy sites like 3movierulz, you put your entire device’s information at stake. Not only can your data and information get hacked, but also your device can get infected with malware. Secondly, every time you download films from 3movierulz, the respective film industry faces losses. It has been estimated that the Indian film industries, including the regional ones, have to face more than crores of losses each year owing to this piracy business.

No longer are people willing to visit theatres to watch movies. They prefer sitting back at home and downloading movies from these illegal sites free of cost. Hence, it’s high time we understand the losses that have been occurring due to the rise in this piracy business. Being responsible citizens, we must abide by the law and use the legal 3movierulz alternatives. By doing so, we would enable the film industries to earn their fair shares.

How to install the 3movierulz APK app on android?

If you want to access this site badly, but cannot, because you don’t have my the 3movierulz’s APK file, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Firstly, go to settings and enable third party downloads on your Android or iOS device. In some models, it says downloads from unknown sources enable that.
  • Now, download the 3movierulz APK file from any legitimate site. Once downloaded, it will be saved in my file manager.
  • Now, go to the file manager and search for the APK file. Select the file and tap on the install button provided below.
  • Once the installation process is over, you can now open the app.
  • Now, from this installed version of 3movierulz, users can access its contents conveniently.

Presently, owing to its piracy business, the government of India and Google has blocked this site’s original domain name. However, the site has created other domain names and is operating using them. Downloading the APK file on your phone, you can access this site anytime. But every time you do so, make sure you connect your device to a VPN server.

3movierulz can be accessed by both android and iOS users. 3movierulz iOS makes the links of various contents available to users in several formats. Users can hence watch a movie in 720p, 320p, 480p, or in high definition like 1080p. At present, this is the largest movie providing site that is functioning. In such a short span, it has earned commendable popularity through its quality services so much that despite being illegal, people still prefer to stream its contents. With 3movierulz, you would never experience a shortage of movies for your entertainment. So if you haven’t used this site, do it now!


How can I access the 3movierulz site? 

Accessing the site is quite simple. Users need to download the APK file of the site from a reliable source. Once it’s done, they can visit the site from their devices easily.

Is the app available on Google store? 

No, being an illegal site, 3movierulz isn’t available on any legal platform. One cannot find it in Google store, neither is it available on PlayStation. For downloading the APK file on this site, you can search for a reliable online site.

Are there any precautions users need to take while accessing its contents? 

Firstly, being an illegal piracy site, it’s advised not to use this site at all. Still, millions of users access their content through VPN or proxy servers. So, if you are up to accessing its contents, make sure you have connected your device to a VPN server. This makes your identity and location anonymous.

Does 3movierulz allow downloading of movies? 

Yes, 3movierulz is a movie streaming and downloading site, allowing people to download any of its contents. Not only that, it even allows them to download content in a format of their choice. Every content is available in various formats like 480p, 320p, 1080p, 540p and so on. Also, the site makes sure that the downloading links are fast enough. To make it more convenient for users, the site provides multiple downloading links for every content.

Is this site accessible on desktop devices? 

Yes, 3movierulz can be used from PCs and laptops. All you need to make sure of is that you have a steady source of internet. That’s all. With a strong internet connection, you can browse through its collections fast and stream any content of your choice.