Torrenting never went down from the day it has started and people love torrenting as it gives them a huge collection of movies and shows. For this, a lot of websites are available over the web and zooqle is one of them. You may not have heard about it, but you may have heard of UTorrent, LimeTorrents etc. Today in this article, I am going to discuss everything about Zooqle that you should know.

To Begin With…

To dive into actual Torrent and Zooqle in detail, here are a few basic terms related to torrenting that you should know.

T1: What is BitTorrent? From where to get a BitTorrent client?

Bittorrent is a communication protocol that is used for P2P file sharing which is used to distribute data on the internet.

T2: What are seeds and leeches?

Seeds are the clients which have full data of torrent. Leeches are the clients which are connected and already downloading the data of a torrent file and did not complete the full download yet.

T3: What is a magnet link?

Magnet links are a special way of linking Torrent Files. Rather than downloading the torrent from a web server, you download it directly from a seed/leecher. The biggest advantage is that you might be able to download the torrent of clients..

T4: What’s  a Tracker?

Tracker coordinates the action of BitTorrent clients. Your computer connects to a tracker and asks for seeds and leeches.

T5: On which Torrent websites, Books are available?

  • Pirate bay
  • IsoHunt
  • Torrentz

T6: What is P2P?

P2P is a peer-to-peer communication network in which two individuals communicate directly to each other.

T7: Are Torrent websites used illegally?


The spammers upload a magnet or torrent and create many seeders, so the file looks like it was downloaded by many and is safe to download. But this is not the correct scene. The file is actually a malicious file, so when someone downloads the file, it gets infected with malicious software and may be dangerous for you! It may steal your private data or bank details.

T8: Why are the Torrent websites loaded with ads?

To get the revenue or to fill out the cost, it is necessary for Torrent websites to load the ads on the website. Actually ads are their source of income.

Now you’re very well aware of some basic terms of Torrenting and I am heading to Zooqle.


What is Zooqle?

Zooqle is one of the best platforms for Torrenting and that is why it is banned in most of the countries. It is a complete warehouse of movies, shows, books, animes, pdf, games and documentary and has everything you have been looking for years. It is a one stop for all!

The website has a lot of pirated content, this drives a lot of traffic on the website but it is banned in most of the countries. New Torrents have been added everyday on the website and it’s becoming huge everyday.

Additional Information about Zooqle

No of verified Torrents: 4 Million

Data: 7.4 petabytes

Rank: 4075

Traffic: 438931 per day

Estimated worth: $3,791,880

Daily Income: $3511

Threats: NO

The reason for sharing such additional information is to show how the users are responding to the site.

Zooqle Amazing features

Zooqle has many amazing features that you are looking for on other Torrent websites over the web.

  1. High Quality Downloads– Zooqle provides good quality downloads of movies and shows. 720p, 1080p or higher video quality is available on the website. Select a video quality and download desired quality content.
  2. Fast – Zooqle loading speed is very high and its downtime is very very less. Zooqle works well with VPn as well. Generally VPn lowers down the speed but zooqle still works good!
  3. Reliable – Zooqle never let you down with its amazing reliability feature. Though the website gets down but it’s mirror sites and proxies are working always.
  4. All latest content – Abundance of movies, videos, shows, documentaries are available on the website and still it is continuously updating and providing you daily content.
  5. Comics and ebooks- Very limited Torrents website provides comics and ebooks content because they mainly focus on movies and shows. But this is not the case with zooqle. As I have already told you Zooqle is a warehouse of almost everything. Find your favourite comic or any ebook on zooqle and download it.
  6. Register – To bookmark your favourites, Just register yourself on the platform, sign in everytime you use the platform and make your library easy. The content you save can be accessed anytime and you need not to do the same exercise again and again.
  7. Get updates regularly- Subscribe with the website and get updates regularly on your mail. So, in case of any changes or anything new added on the website, you will be notified via mail.

List of Zooqle Mirror sites

I am here sharing my Zooqle Mirror website, there may be a lot more! Out of those I shared , some are working at high speeds while some are a bit slow.

How to Unblock Zooqle?

Zooqle is banned in some regions overseas and is not accessible to users, So in order to unblock Zooqle, I come up here with two working methods:

Method 1: Using VPN

VPN is the best way to access the Torrent websites over the internet. VPN hides your IP and allows you to enter the world of the internet through Public IPs. To Know the detailed working of VPN, move to the next section.

Method 2: Using a Browser

Opera mini Browser works fine with some of the Torrent websites and Zooqle is one of them. Download Opera MINI browser and then access Zooqle.

What people are saying about Zooqle: Zooqle reviews

Review 1:

Posted on: July 27, 2019

“Just found out about this site a couple days ago. It’s like Pirate Bay but a lil bit better. You can almost find anything here.”

Review 2:

Posted on : March 19, 2019

“I really love Zooqle’s layout because it makes finding movies or other content a lot easier. They also have star ratings so that’s a big plus for me”

Zooqle Alternatives

There are many websites like Zooqle, that allows you to access the data and download it as well. Zooqle is amazing, that’s why it’s banned!

1) The Pirate Bay

ThePirateBay is one of the most popular torrenting sites that people have been using for years and haven’t moved somewhere else. This is because the website provides all necessary data a user searches for here and there. ThePiratebay is the best alternative to Zooqle.

Using Pirate bay you can download movies, shows, ebooks, anime and other content as well. Adult content is also available on the website.

The website interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate as well. You would not be stuck anywhere. The website allows you to search, download as well as upload torrent files.

The only disadvantage of this website is “too many ads”.

2) 1337X

A dark themed website with a large number of movies and shows is 1337x. 1337x is a pool of websites, and has many mirror sites as well. Some mirror/proxy sites of 1337x go down while some work well.  It is a website that gives a directory of torrent file, and magnet links used for peer-to-peer file sharing through the BitTorrent protocol.


RARBG provides torrent files and magnet links to facilitate peer-to-peer file sharing using the BitTorrent protocol. The website was founded in 2008. The website is now blocked in many countries and starting to block from 2014. In 16 countries it is blocked.

4) YTS

YTS.mx is a Torrenting platform from where you can download various movies in HD format. YTS or Yify Torrents was a peer-to-peer release group known for giving a huge number of movies through the most famous Torrent platform, Bit Torrents.

Yify was always an attraction to downloaders because it used to download movies in HD format in smaller sizes.IN 2015, the site was shut down but people are still searching for its mirrors that are fortunately available. YTS.am

5) Limetorrents

LimeTorrents is one of the best sites for torrenting. The site does not have its own database but it navigates you to another website. On this site, adult content submission is not allowed. The site contains 1,981,969 torrents. The website is very simple and easy to go with. Simple interface, clean navigation, readable content and easily downloadable torrent files makes the website wonderful. It is one of the greatest alternatives to zooqle.

Before you Go…

What is a VPN?

VPN is Virtual Private Networks. As its name suggests, it is a network that is virtual and Private for you that allows you to browse safely. Mainly, the main goal of the VPN is to keep your private information secretly. In very simple terms now i am going to explain below 3 steps:

  1. VPN transfers your data in encoded form. VPN converts your data into unreadable form.
  2. VPN provides its own IP to you to browse the internet. This VPN hides your IP.

How VPN works?

Suppose you want to access a Torrent site, here I am going to discuss how VPN protects you from Torrenting.

Whenever you request for a Torrenting site, VPN routes your device internet connection through VPN. VPN acts as an intermediary and hides from IP. Then VPN encrypts your data and sends it over the internet. At the receiver side, your data is decrypted. And again the same procedure follows up of encryption and decryption but from the receiver side.


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