XPause or Xpause.com was one of the online streaming websites where users could watch free movies and TV shows. It was not popular as 123movies and pubfilms, but still, it had some loyal visitors that love to prefer HD streaming on the Xpause. This free movie streaming website was created as the resurrection of Cyro.se, which also a popular online streaming website. Xpause was actually Xpau.se initially, but due to saving itself from authorities and the government, it used to change its name very often.

The reason behind the ban of Xpause.com is clear that Google imposed a ban on this site due to DMCA infringement. But viewers don’t have to worry because there are many similar sites like Xpause and Cyro.se, where they can watch free movies in HD. Here, we have presented Xpause alternatives, however, they are even better than Xpause when it comes to offering free movies and TV shows.

Alternatives to Xpause to watch movies online

Here are the best sites like Xpau.se that can be used on the smartphone and the PC to watch films and TV series online free.

Pubfilm – The Top free Websites to Stream Movies Online

Pubfilm is quite the best alternative to Xpause since it has a large catalog of movies and series in HD that we can watch or download for free and without requiring registration. In Pubfilm, we can find any type of genre such as action, drama, horror, comedy, among many more, in addition to that, we can watch series either by season or by episode. So this can be the best Xpause alternative to watch movies online.

Pubfilm Features

Something that is much appreciated is that you will not find any type of misleading advertising or that it only bothers us when browsing a page, similar to Xpause. When entering Pubfilm, the first thing we notice is that it has a navigation bar where we find different sections such as movies, series, genres, premieres, language, and a search bar so that we can search for a movie either by title or genre.

Another good point about this Xpause alternative is that we can search for movies better than Xpause. In its series section, we will find TV series and on the right side the available genres and years of release. In addition, an anime section is also given users can find an extensive collection of anime series.

MovieNinja – Best Similar site to Xpause

MovieNinja is an excellent alternative to Xpause since here we can watch and download movies online, all in HD quality, and even some in 4k, so it is a very good option. Unlike Xpause, the MovieNinja site is simpler and does have an exclusive collection of TV series at the top as well. MovieNinja has a large catalog of films of different genres such as action, children’s, comedy, horror, science fiction, and many more.

MovieNinja Features

When accessing the MovieNinja site, we will notice that it has a navigation bar with different sections separated by categories, we can also see that it has a search bar and a small section with the featured films. In the main section, we will find the most recent movies that were added to the site, similar to Xpause.

123movies – One of the Best Alternatives to Watch Movies Online

123movies is another alternative to Xpause that allows us to watch movies online for free. As shown with Xpause, 123movies has a wide catalog of films of different genres such as drama, horror, action, comedy, animation, etc.

123movies Features

When accessing 123movies, the first thing we see is a search section on the homepage, where users can search for any movie title or series title easily. You can select movies or TV show section and can open the webpage dedicated to each category.

Once we are in there, on the left side, we will find several sections with the beginning, premieres, more views, and trends, below we will find the different genres including action, comedy, horror, science fiction, drama, etc.

SolarMovie – Watch Movies and TV Series Online Free

So far, we have seen three Xpause alternatives and this fourth site is not far behind from any of them. SolarMovie is a website focused on the distribution of movies and series, where in addition to downloading movies we can watch them online with the servers offered by this site. The offerings of this site are very similar to Xpause in many ways, has an immense catalog of films and series. We can also see series and search by genre.

SolarMovie Features

When accessing the SolarMovie, we will notice images and synopsis of the most recent movies, we will also notice several sections at the top of the page such as home, genres, movies, and series as well as a search bar. Among the genres of SolarMovie, we can find similar to Xpause.com: crime, action, comedy, horror, science fiction, and more. In addition, we can search for a movie or series, either by country or by letter.

In the home section, we will find a section of the most recent episodes of the series that SolarMovie has. Below we will find the online movies section where we will find the latest films, the premieres, the rankings, and the most viewed. In the same way, in the series section, we will find a carousel of images with the covers and synopsis of the last series added to the SolarMovie page.

PopcornFlix – Among Top Sites to Watch Movies and TV Series

Last but not the least, we have PopcornFlix which can be one of the best alternatives to Xpause.com. PopcornFlix is a streaming site that offers us a wide catalog of movies, series, and anime in one place, it has different genres such as action, adventure, horror, history, drama, etc.

PopcornFlix Features

In the PopcornFlix navigation bar, we will find different options that we can use to find a movie or series such as the genre, year, country, the section of movies, series, the top, and the next releases. In the main section, we will find a variety of the most recent, recommended, most visited, and best-rated films, in a similar way to Xpause.