Major Arcana cards stand for life’s lessons and their meanings are complex and deep. These cards reflect the human consciousness, holding the keys to various life lessons. The Fool is the most vulnerable and the first card in this type. He is yet to go through life’s ups and downs; so, he does not know the strength he has or how big life’s challenges can be.

  1. The Magician reminds you that you are unique and own gifts others do not have. This makes you different from the rest and can help you overcome opposition.
  2. The High Priestess is an intuitive card because it is aware of sub-consciousness. It will make you listen to your innermost thoughts and you will be forced to look outside for answers.
  3. The Empress is the Tarot deck’s most feminist major arcana tarot card which encourages love, compassion, and beauty.
  4. The Emperor stands for power and leadership; an authoritative force who has been though many experiences. He tells you that you have enough strength and power in you to control your life.
  5. The Hierophant is heaven’s messenger and experienced in guidance and spirituality.
  6. The Lovers stands for close relationships and this shows up to tell you that your love life needs more attention.
  7. The Chariot is linked to your determination and natural drive, reminding you of the fact that success does not come with limited thinking.
  8. Strength obviously stands for courage and fortitude of the heart, your power to resist anything that life puts you through.
  9. The Hermit represents solitary existence and knows that the way to understand fully whatever is happening is by staying far away from the noise around you.
  10. Wheel of Fortune means that this is revolving at all times, signifying that you will sometimes hit rock bottom while at other times you will be right at the top.
  11. Justice tells you karma is real and every action has a consequence; whatever you face is because of decisions in your past.
  12. The Hanged Man shows that you have to make small sacrifices to benefit in the long run. You have to learn to let go to release yourself.
  13. Death does not imply physical death but the ending of cycles. Hanging onto fears, situations, and feelings can stop you from embracing new things.
  14. Temperance encourages peace and moderation, reminding you to accept the flow of life instead of striving to change its direction or pace.
  15. The Devil shows restraint and powerlessness; if it shows up; you may feel like you have zero control, but you are actually trapped by your own limitations and not by outside forces.
  16. The Tower is a dreaded card because it stands for destruction when everything starts to fall apart in your life. You have to tear down the weakest parts to build something strong.
  17. The Star reflects hops and healing; it ushers in messages of optimism, renewal, and inspiration.
  18. The Moon is connected to the subconscious and stands for doubts, feelings, thoughts, and fears.
  19. The Sun is an uplifting and powerful card which represents happiness optimism and vitality. It means things are on track and you are progressing in the right direction.
  20. Judgment represents a coming together of past and future; you have to review you decisions till date to make sure these align with your goals.
  21. The World is the last card and stands for success, completion, and fulfillment.