Vaping Gadgets

For the holidays this year, I would like to get…..  Ah the age old question around the holidays is what you want to receive and what you want to give away.  If you have not found anything and you have some vapers on your list, consider these gadgets to help them out.  You may even find some stuff for yourself as well.  Without further ado, lets dive right in.  You will surely have thought of these and some you will not.

For those that have dirty tanks 

For those that have dirty tanks, may we present the VaporessoEnergystash Ultrasonic Cleaner.  With all the sticky and grimy tanks you have lying around, make sure you recycle and reuse those suckers by sticking them in this device.  The ultrasonic cleaner is designed to clean RTA, metal atomizer parts, screws, glass tanks, drip tips, RDA, and o-rings.  It is super easy to keep all your equipment clean without having to use wipes and water to clean them.  In fact, one of the biggest annoyances of vaping is the dripping of the sticky ejuice that gets transferred everywhere.  With the Energystash Ultrasonic Cleaner, you are in great shape.

For those that need some organization in their lives       

For those that needs some organization in their lives, the Demon Killer acrylic storage box should do the trick.  This storage box is exactly what the doctor ordered with multiple compartments, drawers and various size holder boxes that will keep everything nicely tidy and neat.  You will have everything that you need in one convenient spot so you never have to look for another battery, loser coil, or tool.  And the best part of all this, you will not have your boyfriend or girlfriend nag you for having all your equipment lying around.  That is worth more than words can describe.

For those on the go and always vaping

For those on the go and always vaping, the Energystash Portable Charger may be your best friend.  This portable charger from Vaporesso is an excellent vaping gadget because you cannot have your vape run out of juice.  Just like phone chargers have become the absolute necessary phone accessory, the energystash is your vapers lifeline.  The charger good for charging 2 or 4 18650 batteries at the same time using a USB cable.  You will never run out of battery again wherever you go.  You never want to be leaving home without it.

For those that have just about everything

For those that have just about everything, we have the Pilotvape Coil Magician Tab.  This is perhaps one of the coolest and best gadgets on the list.  The device is the most helpful thing you can get on the market to do it yourself your own coils.  It includes an OHM and voltage meter, a coil building deck, and a dry burning coil device.  Best of all, everything is all in one.  It is powered by the same battery that the energystash charger can charge the 18650 and can help build all types of coils with ease and efficiency.  For those that are really into DIY, this is the gift for you.