Cat6 Vs Cat7

As the whole world is connected through the internet, you need network cables like cat5, cat6, cat7 or more to connect to the internet. Weather is building a new home or need the best connection to enjoy a better internet connection; you should get the best cable from cat6 and cat7. Well, we know that cat6 and cat7 both are future of data. But, which one you should get now? Henceforth, check out this full difference between cat6 vs cat7!

In this era tech, there are lots of products available that you can connect with your home internet. Well, you can even use wireless internet connection, but as wires connection gives better and stable connection, most the people prefer to use cat6 or cat7 connectors instead of Wi-Fi connection. But which cable is better from cat6 vs cat7? Do you have any idea? If no, then let’s see the complete difference between cat7 vs cat6!

What is the difference between Cat 6 and Cat 7?

Cat6 Vs Cat7 Specification

Let start the Cat6 Vs Cat7 comparison with the specification of both cables. Compare to cat6, the cat has better specifications for crosstalk and system noise. There also has been shield added on the wired pair of cat7 connectors. While talking about the backward compatibility, cat7 also can support previous cat6 as well as cat six cables.

Cat6 Vs Cat7 Gigabit Ethernet

Cat6 cable is optimal for extra margin and higher performance. Cat6 cable will support Gigabit Ethernet, but will only support 10 Gigabit Ethernet if the total length and loss are low enough. If a project requires a 10 Gigabit Ethernet connection, then we suggest Cat6A or higher. While Cat7 and Cat7A support speed up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet with distance up to 100 meters. Cat7 has the pair-sharing capability, making it possible to use one cable to power several different devices at the same time utilising each pair as needed. For the best and most versatile infrastructure Cat7 provides the solution.

Cat6 Vs Cat7 Transmission Frequency & Cabling Length

If you want to know the transmission frequency from cat6 vs cat7, then let me tell you that cat7 has the best up to 600 MHz. While talking about the cabling length then cat7 especially is specially designed for Gigabit Ethernet more than 100 m of copper cabling and the cat6 network cable for $100 m. So, if you choose the higher category, you will get better speed. Check the speed below between cat6 vs cat6A vs cat7 vs cat5E:

  • Cat5e – Has speed to 1.000 Mbit/s, 100mhz
  • Cat6 – Has speed to 1.000 Mbit/s, 250mhz
  • Cat6a – Has speed to 10.000 Mbit/s, 500mhz
  • Cat7 – Has speed to 10.000 Mbit/s, 1.000mhz

Cat7 Vs. Cat6: How to Choose?

  • If you need the cable with extra margin and higher performance with the support gigabit Ethernet, then go with the cat6. But, keep in mind that it will only support 10 Gigabit Ethernet if the total length and loss is low enough.
  • If you are looking for the best and most versatile infrastructure, then you can choose cat7 which is capable of 10 Gigabit Ethernet with a lot of margin spare. You can also use it to various power devices simultaneously utilising each pair according to your requirement.

Final Words

Well, cat6 and cat7 both have the same speed, but cat7 has a higher frequency compared to cat6. So, you can get cat7 if you want data faster transfer than cat6 cable. After reading this post, we want to which wire you are going to buy from cat7 vs cat6!